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Jooycar US Announces the Launch of Fleetr, a GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution For Small Fleets

By October 27, 2020January 12th, 2021No Comments

San Francisco, CA – Jooycar US is excited to announce the initial launch of Fleetr, the IOT based vehicle tracking solution for small fleets. Fleetr is the first vehicle tracking solution on the market that fulfills the unique needs of the small fleet owner.

Fleetr is available for $12.99 per month per vehicle for the features that a small business owner needs to efficiently manage their fleet. These include real-time GPS tracking, weekly driver scores, maintenance schedules, tips to improve efficiency, and much more. In contrast to most competitors, Fleetr’s solution does not require a contract, there is no charge for the device, and there are no hidden fees.

The software is designed with the needs of the small business owner in mind: real-time data, scores and dashboards are easily found on a mobile app or with a few clicks on an intuitive web interface. Unlike other solutions in the market, the user experience is friendly and seamless, to best leverage the time of the small fleet owner.

Getting started with Fleetr is also simple. Buying and installing Fleetr takes 10 minutes or less. Fleetr’s easy-to-use device is plugged into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. Once connected, the device transmits data over wireless networks

“We have built Fleetr specifically for the small fleet owner, who is on the road, and wearing multiple hats,” said Rachel Corn, CEO at Fleetr. “We know our customer is busy and doesn’t have time to click through multiple screens and reports. The app is designed for fleet owners to easily keep track of drivers, promote safety, save money, and ensure proper vehicle maintenance. In short, for less money than competitors, we deliver a solution that brings peace of mind and cost savings to the small fleet owner.”

Rodrigo Labbe, Corporate CEO of Jooycar, Fleetr’s parent company, said: “With over 25,000 connected vehicles to date, we have amassed knowledge and technical expertise to build the next generation vehicle tracking solution. Fleetr is a game-changer in the US market.”

About Fleetr

Fleetr is a leader in GPS tracking solutions. Built upon an AI platform that provides tracking and actionable insights to small fleet owners, Fleetr technology is used in over 25,000 vehicles. Fleetr believes that combining a diverse and passionate team with technology and innovation is the way to generate value for their clients. Fleetr is the sister company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Jooycar, LLC., a prominent international automotive IoT company.

For more information about how Fleetr can help small fleet owners, visit the website at

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