Who Is Fleetr?

Fleetr is the leader in GPS tracking solutions. We have built an AI powered platform that provides actionable insights to fleet owners. In partnership with our partner in Latin America, we are proud to serve 20,000 connected vehicles as of 2020.

We are located in Los Altos, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. We are a 30+ people team that believes in data driven, safe mobility. We believe that our diverse, passionate team combined with our hunger for improving our client’s operations is the way we generate value.

Fleetr is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jooycar. Jooycar is a global leader in IoT based automotive telematics. Jooycar currently has offices in four countries and is expanding rapidly.

Fleetr is backed by venture capital, led by HCS Capital Partners https://www.hcscapital.com/.

Rodrigo Labbe, is the Corporate CEO of Jooycar. He has built an extensive career in multinational companies such as Proctor and Gamble. Prior to Jooycar, he acted as head of marketing for DIRECTV Chile.

Contact Sales:

1-415- 651-7575