November 11, 2021

3 Major Business Problems That GPS Tracking Devices Can Solve

In modern life, the demand for GPS tracking devices has grown large because many companyowners try to solve common problems which can be detrimental to their businesses such astracking drivers…
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December 7, 2020

GPS Tracking Increases Customer Satisfaction

Today's customers have high expectations, and meeting them can be challenging. These challenges range from employees not finishing the job correctly, providing frustratingly long arrival window times, to not providing…
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December 7, 2020

GPS Tracking Increases Back-Office Efficiency

You can break down inefficient technological silos with real-time tracking solutions because of its ability to seamlessly integrate into other fleet management and back-office software. You can waste a significant…
December 7, 2020

GPS Tracking Increases Driver Accountability

Driver accountability isn't about implicating drivers or monitoring their every move. However, football coaches use game film to review with their players. Sales managers review phone calls with sales representatives…
Tracking your fleet from the Fleetr AppData
December 7, 2020

GPS Tracking Reduces Risk and Liability

Real-time GPS tracking helps monitor aggressive and unsafe driving behavior. The result is reducing risk and the likelihood of a collision, saving maintenance and downtime costs. The average cost of…
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November 29, 2020

GPS Tracking Reduces Fuel Costs

High fuel costs are always top of mind for those that manage a mobile workforce. It consistently ranks at the top of the list as to why many invest in…
Tracking your fleet from the Fleetr AppData
November 9, 2020

Recover Stolen Vehicles Fast with Fleetr

Every 45 seconds, a vehicle is stolen in the United States. Recovering a stolen vehicle can be difficult and expensive – but if you own a fleet, recovering a stolen…
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November 9, 2020

Why Tracking is Key to Your Fleets’ Safety

Anytime your drivers are on the road, they are representing your business. For the safety of both your drivers and the other cars around them, is imperative that you require…
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November 3, 2020

4 Tips To Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Fuel is one of the largest expenditures your fleet will incur – a tremendous 60% of your operating costs! If you want to minimize wasteful spending in your business, you…
Fleetr as an AppGPS
October 27, 2020

Jooycar US Announces the Launch of Fleetr, a GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution For Small Fleets

San Francisco, CA – Jooycar US is excited to announce the initial launch of Fleetr, the IOT based vehicle tracking solution for small fleets. Fleetr is the first vehicle tracking…
September 8, 2020

Fleetr Tip #3: Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

How many times has one of your company’s vehicles broken down during company hours? If you have experienced this, you know the cost your business endured – both to the…
September 8, 2020

Fleetr Tip #2: Promoting Fleet Safety

A high priority for any business owner, no matter the industry, is safety. Not only do you want your drivers to be safe, but you want them to create safe…