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Who Uses Fleetr?
We Service a Host of Different Industries:

With the help of Fleetr I can see directly what is happening to the trucks and how they are used by our workers. Everything happens in real-time which is a plus and even a necessity for any business. I recommend this app, it is really efficient and good value for the money!

— Moving company, GA

fleet delivery van open back

“I have a landscaping business with 5 trucks. Knowing where my drivers are is really important. I was looking for a long time for an app that was simple and I can use on the road to see the trucks. I really like how easy it is to use Fleetr.”

— Landscape company, FL

Fleetr has been great for our business. I appreciate the peace of mind that comes knowing where the vehicles are all the time. The detailed safety reports show me whether or not the employees are driving safely. Great product!.”

— HVAC company, NY

My company only has a few drivers who deliver for us, so I was looking for something not so expensive and month to month. Fleetr is great. The notifications are super helpful, I can see where the drivers are on the map. It’s good that’s its easy to use.

— Cannabis company, CA

Great product. I love how easy it was to install. I love the price point and no big set up fee. It has helped us add a ton of efficiency to the business knowing what’s going on in the field.

— Pest control company, TX

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