Who Uses Fleetr?
We Service A Host Of Different Industries:

“I have a landscaping business with 5 trucks. Knowing where my drivers are is really important. I was looking for a long time for an app that was simple and I can use on the road to see the trucks. I really like how easy it is to use Fleetr.”

— Ca****na Landscaping, CA

“I started with Fleetr recently. I own a small plumbing company, and safety and tracking are really important. I looked for a long time for an easy to use app to manage my fleet. My old one was really hard to figure out and was not good on the iPhone. Fleetr is much easier to use.”

— AME**N Cooling and Plumbing, CA

My company only has a few drivers who deliver for us, so I was looking for something not so expensive and month to month. Fleetr is great. The notifications are super helpful, I can see where the drivers are on the map. It’s good that’s its easy to use.

— Sh*** Canna R**e, CT

“At first my drivers and I were hesitant at using this service. But at the low monthly subscription price I decided to try it out. It worked very well. I was saving money in places I never expected and all in one interface that made it seamless.”

— Di*** De**** Movers, TX

“I got this app for my pest control business. I have 6 vans. The app is very easy to use. I can see where the drivers are and I can tell when they will get to the customer. I like that its is less expensive than the other options and that support is in the US.”

— Be*** Vi****, NC