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Fleetr Can Help Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Fleetr notifies you when one of your employees is driving aggressively and will give you insights on how to coach them to be safer on the road. This helps you save on gas and additional operational costs that come with maintaining your vehicles. 

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Studies show that aggressive driving and idling lowers a vehicle’s gas mileage

Driving Behavior


Monthly Cost for a 10 Vehicle Fleet




Harsh Braking






Stay up to date on how your employees are driving

A fleet of ten vehicles idling for an hour a day can cost a fleet owner up to $900 a month (view table above) in unnecessary fuel waste. Fleetr’s car tracking device notifies you immediately when one of your drivers is idling for too long, allowing you to inform them and save on gas.

Fleetrs tracking GPS drills down on the drivers who are driving aggressively, allowing you to coach them on how to be better drivers. A safe driver helps you save money on maintenance fees and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicles.

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