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$12.99 Per Vehicle Per Month.

That’s It. We Don’t Believe in Contracts or Activation Fees.

Priced Right For The Small Business Owner.

No Contracts:

You can cancel at any time. If you are dissatisfied with the service in any way we will send you a device return label.

Device Included:

The device price is included in the monthly fee of $12.99.

For single and 2 device purchases, there will be an initial fee of $79.99. Refund available upon upgrade or cancellation when the device is returned. 

$0 Activation Fee:

$0 activation or initiation fee, and free shipping!

Multi Vehicle Discounts

10 to 19 Vehicles


off your subscription

20+ Vehicles


off your subscription

Buying and Installing Takes Less than 5 Minutes to Get The Complete Fleetr Solution


The tracking device plugs into the OBD II port in the vehicle, located under the steering wheel
(see diagram for example)


The app can be downloaded from the website, from the App Store or Google Play. Compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems. Completely mobile with fast load times.


Data plan is paid for by Fleetr with coverage across the US.


US based, English speaking support across chat, voice and email.

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