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Easy Fleet Tracking $9.99 Per Vehicle

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Tailor-Made For Small Fleets

Track Your Fleet:

Real-time Location And Driving Status. 60-second Updates. View Maps And Satellite On Desktop Or Mobile. See Trip History For Every Vehicle With Our GPS Tracker.

Keep Drivers Safe:

Alerts For Aggressive Driving Such As Speeding And Hard Braking. View Drivers’ Safety Scores And Trends Over Time With Our GPS Tracker. 

Save Money:

Fuel Savings From Idling And Aggressive Behavior. Track Maintenance Schedule. **

** Coming Soon!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“With the help of Fleetr I can see directly what is happening to the trucks and how they are used by our workers. Everything happens in real-time which is a plus and even a necessity for any business. I recommend this app, it is really efficient and good value for the money!”
– Michele Terrell

“Being able to track and locate a truck in real-time allows me to reduce fuel costs, check the time spent off the job, and increase our productivity. Of course, my drivers save time and can report faster and more accurately than before. Thank you, Fleetr!!!”
– Tracy Deanda

“Fleetr is a professional company. We can check our company fuel usage and identify cost savings. It also helped us to increase our business productivity. This app is super helpful. I encourage you to buy it for your peace of mind and for cost savings.”
– Angela Cady

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