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Start Tracking Today!

Easy Fleet Tracking $12.99 Per Vehicle

Zero Contracts
No Initiation Fees
Free Shipping
4G GPS Tracker Included with Subscription*
Full lifetime hardware warranty.

Sales: (415)-651-7575Buy NowBook A Meeting

Fleetr improves the safety and efficiency of your fleet, saving you time and money.

See how.

Start Tracking Today!

Easy Fleet Tracking

$12.99 Per Vehicle

See how Fleetr saves you time and money

Zero Contracts
No Initiation Fees
Free Shipping
4G GPS Tracker Included*

Sales: (415)-651-7575Buy NowBook A Meeting


Track Your Fleet:

Real-time Location Tracking GPS and Driving Status. 60-second Updates. View Maps and Satellite on Desktop or Mobile. See Trip History for Every Vehicle With our GPS Tracker.

Keep Drivers Safe:

Alerts for Aggressive Driving Such as Speeding and Hard Braking. View Drivers’ Safety Scores and Trends Over Time With Our GPS Tracker. 

Maintain Your Fleet:

Set Mileage Parameters to Receive Updates on When You Should Check Your Vehicles’ Oil, Brake Pads, and General Maintenance.


Vehicle Tracking on Our Live-View Map

Create Geofences and Receive Alerts for When Your Drivers Exit or Enter Those Areas

Receive Alerts on Driver Behavior Such as Speeding, Harsh Braking, Idling, and Geofence Alerts

View How Your Drivers are Doing with our Leaderboard, Giving You More Insight Into Their Safety and Efficiency

View Vehicle Activity, Trip Reports, Route History, and Driver Locations

Keep Up to Date with Your Fleets Performance

View Vehicle Health and Know When Your Vehicle Requires Attention

Know When to Take Your Vehicles to the Shop for Oil, Brake Pads, and General Maintenance Services


OBD II Car Tracking Device Takes Less Than 5 minutes to Install. Online Activation and App Download to Get You Up and Running in Minutes!

Our App is Easily Downloadable by Going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Compatible on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.


Our Current Partners Who Trust Fleetr As a Solution For Their Members

*For single or two device purchases, there will be an initial fee of $79.99. Refund available upon upgrade or cancellation when the device is returned.  For three device purchases and above, the device is included with your subscription and must be returned upon cancellation. 

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