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FLEETR Helps Commercial Business Owners Prolong Vehicle Lifespan

By October 17, 2022No Comments

Fleetr, a fast-growing startup in the fleet management and commercial insurance industry, is turning a few heads with its easy-to-use applications and the competitively low subscription price of only $9.99 per vehicle a month. However, this is not the only feature that made customers take notice. The service also includes a system for managing vehicle maintenance, engaging managers with their drivers’ safety records, and a recently launched insurance product to help commercial business owners get the best deal and save money on all fronts.

In 2020, Fleetr launched its products aimed at helping small services companies such as plumbers and electricians track their vehicles and encourage driver safety. As of April 2022, over 1600 companies have chosen Fleetr as their primary fleet tracking provider, and they manage over 5,000 connected vehicles.

Most companies today realize the significance of GPS tracking services for managing vehicle maintenance. One thing every fleet manager knows is that the lifespan of vehicles is directly impacted by maintenance. Overlooking things like checking oil filters, tire pressures, and fluids could result in expensive repairs. Different vehicles have different problems and one of the major economic problems that small businesses suffer today is paying for excessive damages and repairs due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Companies that invest in Fleetr’s GPS fleet tracking system for their vehicles can create a regular maintenance schedule for their vehicles and this helps keep fleets in service. Additionally, making use of this system can prolong the life span and productivity of vehicles by years. With the help of an OBD tracking device, the fleet GPS tracking system can notify managers of service issues and help them to take appropriate measures at resolving them.

With Fleetr, fleet managers can begin to take preventative measures to ensure the essential functions of their vehicles such as oil levels, brake pad wear, and overall health are being monitored and addressed before they escalate into a costly issue. There is even a function dedicated to monitoring the vehicle’s odometer readings which is also helpful when keeping track of when the next service is due. Fleet managers also have the advantage of using the odometer readings within Fleetr to maintain the overall value of the vehicle. Knowing this information helps fleet managers make informed decisions on if it is time to sell or trade-in their vehicle or if they still can leverage a few more months and/or years of use from it.

As a loyal customer, Arlene Truesdale, couldn’t be happier with the maintenance features provided by Fleetr. In her words, “Fleetr is a professional company. We can check our company fuel usage and identify cost savings. It also helped us to increase our business productivity. This app is super helpful. I encourage you to buy it for your peace of mind and for cost savings.”

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