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Fleetr Tip #2: Promoting Fleet Safety

By September 8, 2020February 2nd, 2021No Comments

A high priority for any business owner, no matter the industry, is safety. Not only do you want your drivers to be safe, but you want them to create safe environments for anyone around them. The Fleetr safety score allows you to monitor your drivers’ behaviors and provide them appropriate feedback.

Fleetr looks for the following risky behaviors when your driver is operating the vehicle:

  • Speeding – speeding reduces the amount of time a driver has to react in situations, putting them and others in unneeded danger
  • Hard braking – sudden braking can create dangerous situations for your driver and others. It can also be an indication of distracted driving
  • Rapid acceleration – rapidly increasing speed can indicate aggression or unsafe habits
  • Sharp turns – executing sharp turns, especially to the left, creates risks for pedestrians, motorists, and even those inside the vehicle


Each of these incidents is taken into consideration when compiling the safety score for each driver in the Fleetr tracking system. The score is determined by the severity and duration of the incident committed by the driver.

The overall score is influenced by the amount of time a driver is on the road. Those fleet drivers who driver more than the recommended hours will have a lower safety score overall. Driving for many hours at a time creates numerous risks.

A score above 67 is considered safe driving. If a score falls below 33, it is risky and requires immediate intervention on your part. The scores are calculated based on a full week of driving data, Monday through Sunday.

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