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GPS Tracking Increases Back-Office Efficiency

By December 7, 2020January 12th, 2021No Comments

You can break down inefficient technological silos with real-time tracking solutions because of its ability to seamlessly integrate into other fleet management and back-office software. You can waste a significant amount of time either going through mounds of paperwork or switching back and forth between multiple software platforms.

Anyone who communicates with drivers daily can also face the challenge of wasting time trying to find out where a vehicle is. It can take many phone calls to provide location updates to customers or who is closest to an urgent job.

Most vehicle tracking providers also have robust application program interfaces (APIs) that allow them to communicate with other business platforms. This functionality will enable you to manage and monitor all of your data in one convenient location effectively. These types of integrations include vehicle maintenance software, parts management, timecard management, and many more. 

The results are better visibility into business operations, having a complete picture of vehicle total cost of ownership, and increased revenue and control over personnel costs.

You will also be able to better manage vehicle spec’ing, pricing, and salaries to ensure that the company remains profitable. Location tracking also inherently solves the communication issue. You can quickly reference the location of all your vehicles and assets through the real-time map. All of those calls to drivers will become unnecessary and allow you and your staff to focus on your primary responsibilities.

Source: Staff, AF. “5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Business.” Telematics – Automotive Fleet, 19 June 2019, (MLA citation)

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