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Fleetr Tip #1: Saving Money On Gas

By September 8, 2020February 2nd, 2021No Comments

As a business owner, we know you are always looking for ways to improve your business. At Fleetr, we want to help you with that. Fuel efficiency is the area where your fleet has the potential to save the most money. A fleet practicing fuel-efficient practices could save your business $100 to $200 per month on each vehicle.

Did you know that on average, drivers spend an hour a day idling?

To help you save money, Fleetr gives you an efficiency score. This score is based on several factors that are indicative of efficient fuel usage.

These factors include:

  • Amount of time idling – studies show that for every hour a vehicle spends idling, they are wasting between half to one gallon of gas
  • Speed – Not only does going over speed limits hurt your fleet’s gas mileage, but it also puts drivers at risk for accidents or getting a speeding ticket
  • Incidents of hard braking – hard braking is dangerous, and it also wears down your brakes more quickly and hurts your fleet’s fuel efficiency

Fleetr’s efficiency score helps you pinpoint what areas your fleet can improve on operationally to add to your bottom line. For example, if the score is below 33, it probably means your drivers are spending too much time idling, speeding, or accelerating.

Being aware of the behaviors that impact fuel costs gives you the opportunity to address them. Fleetr gives you the information about each driver, allowing you to have a conversation with them. Your drivers can use this feedback to improve their driving patterns and improve fuel efficiency.

A score above 67 is considered efficient driving. A score below 33 is inefficient and requires your immediate attention. The data used to calculate the scores are based on a full week of data, Monday through Sunday.

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