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GPS Fleet Tracking Device


gps fleet tracking deviceTrying to manage one fleet vehicle can be just as complicated as handling the management of fifty fleet vehicles. Keeping track of each driver, each vehicle, and the maintenance to keep them running can be more than one person can handle. Lucky for you, using GPS fleet tracking devices in each vehicle can help you stay on top of all your fleet factors.


Understanding GPS Fleet Tracking Devices


GPS fleet tracking devices are hardware that uses telematics technology, collecting data from a fleet vehicle and its driver. The collection of information is then made available to the fleet owner, allowing them to look at trends and reporting collected from the GPS vehicle tracking systems.


How GPS Tracking Devices Work


GPS is a system of satellites that circle the Earth that continuously sends signals. When a receiver is located by four or more of these signals, the receiver’s location can be pinpointed with almost absolute accuracy. Fleet tracking works in the same way – through a GPS receiver that is installed in the vehicle.


GPS Tracking Hardware Installation


When you receive GPS tracking devices for your fleet from Fleetr, these are installed in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port of each vehicle. These ports are easily found in most vehicles that were produced after 1997.

Once installed, these fleet management solutions use cellular networks to transmit information. Fleet managers can review their driver and vehicle information on their Fleetr smartphone app. This resource helps them keep track of driver and vehicle location, driving pattern, and provide them with cost-effective strategies.


How GPS Tracking Devices Are Beneficial


Choosing to use GPS tracking devices in your business fleet can help save money and help the fleet become more efficient overall. In most circumstances, when a fleet vehicle leaves for the day, you only know that the jobs were done, and the driver returned with the vehicle. You may require that the driver keep a log of the mileage to keep watch for maintenance reasons.

Fleet Driver Management


Telematics software provides fleet owners with a direct link to the fleet on their smartphones. The vehicle tracking can tell you if a driver is driving unsafely – with alerts about potentially dangerous situations.

You can keep track of:

  • Hard accelerations
  • Hard braking
  • Unsafe turning
  • Idle times
  • Speeding

Fleetr’s device and application alert fleet owners of the potential problems on the road with their driver and rate the drivers and rank them in terms of good habits or bad habits. Owners can then use the weekly driving reports to learn where they need to have their drivers improve.

Better driving can lead to less fuel consumption – saving the business money overall.


Fleet Maintenance Management


Part of keeping a fleet on the road is proper maintenance. When you have a large fleet, keeping track of maintenance schedules for each vehicle may be complicated. The older the truck, the more critical upkeep is. What if maintenance could be as simple as checking your smartphone for your entire fleet?

Keep all of your vehicle maintenance reminders on your phone, not on post-its attached to your desk. Set up reminders for oil changes, tire rotation, and other critical maintenance at whatever intervals you need. Let the device compute the mileage and apply it to the app, letting you know when a vehicle is due for necessary maintenance procedures.


Lower Fuel Costs


The fuel costs fluctuate based on current pricing, which is something fleet owners have no control over. What an owner does have control over is the way their fleet consumes the fuel. For example, poor driving habits by a driver can increase fuel consumption and require more frequent fill-ups. Using good driving habits reduce the amount of excess fuel used, saving owners money with every trip.

Fleetr provides weekly reports that tell these owners how they could save money based on the drivers’ driving patterns and habits.


The Cost of Implementing GPS Tracking Devices


There are many different fleet application management companies on the market that can provide you with a means of GPS tracking. The problem often comes with pricing. Many of these companies require you to have a subscription or contract to use their product. You may even be required to pay for the hardware on top of the subscription.


The Fleetr Fleet Tracking Price Difference


Fleetr has a different approach when it comes to the pricing for fleet management devices. For $12.99 per month, you get the hardware, software, and access to the Fleetr application and all the perks of using it. It is that simple – no long term contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time. Just notify Fleetr of your intent to cancel within three days before the end of the month and send back the device(s).

On the first of each month, you are billed for the number of units you have requested to use. These units use the same networks that major cellular carriers use, but without additional cost to you – Fleetr takes care of that for you.

Fleetr was created to help small fleet managers handle their operations. The maximum number of GPS tracking devices that can be requested by any customer is 100. You are free to remove or add hardware to your Fleetr account at any time, but billing will not be reflected until the beginning of the next billing cycle.


Why GPS Vehicle Tracking Has Become Popular


In the days before the GPS vehicle tracking hardware and software existed, fleet owners had no idea what happened when the driver left for the day. The only real information gathered was if the employee made it to the job site on time. That was based on the interaction with the customer and the manager.


Management Integration


There is a high likelihood that a fleet manager was once a fleet driver in some capacity. Just because they were promoted or created their own company doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be a part of the action. Sadly, most fleet owners find themselves stuck behind a desk during the day with little interaction on job sites or with customers other than over the phone.

Implementing GPS vehicle tracking hardware and software creates more opportunities for these managers to interact with customers, drivers, and the general public. They may even be able to promote marketing the company more than they could from behind the desk. How is this even possible?

Most desk work is made from paperwork. The Fleetr solution decreases the amount of paperwork for fleet management. Each week, reports are available to help managers find savings within their fleet operations. The worry about maintenance is taken care of within the app, keeping track of exactly what needs to be done and how close each vehicle is reaching the interval.


Keeps Fleet Tracking Costs Down


Part of managing or owning a business is keeping costs low, whether you have a fleet of vehicles or not. Using GPS tracking devices in a fleet can help find ways to become more cost-efficient as a company. When money is saved internally, it can then be passed on to customers. Fleetr’s system more than pays for itself with the cost savings found within the fleet with use.


Three Easy Steps To Get Fleetr Today


If you are a small fleet owner and have 20 minutes to spare, you can get Fleetr in as little as three easy steps. Simply go online to the Fleetr website to start the process.

  1. SELECT AND BUY – When you click the “buy now” button, all you have to do is follow the directions. Your OBD II devices will be sent directly to the address you specify.
  2. PLUG IT IN – Once you receive the devices in three to five business days, you can plug them directly into the OBD ports of your fleet. There is no unique activation required. They are ready to go from the box.
  3. CUSTOMIZE – Fleetr provides you with the app. You can choose how you use it. You get to customize what you see and when you see it. Download on a smartphone or tablet, where ever you want to be able to access the information. Input the driver and vehicle information for each hardware piece and begin tracking data with confidence.


Fleetr – Small Fleet Solutions


When you bring Fleetr onboard, you open up your business to a world of new opportunities that were not available during your daily operations. You will be able to keep track of your investment while on the road and the drivers behind the wheel.

Weekly reporting helps you to keep your expenses down and find new areas of improvement. For only $12.99 per month per GPS tracking device, Fleetr brings peace of mind to the small fleet manager.

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