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In the past couple of weeks, we have rolled out some key new features to help you track your fleet and drivers more effectively and efficiently. Not only have we created some intuitive new features, but we also added some updates to help your experience with the app be more seamless than ever. Shall we dive in and take a further look into what we have in store for you? Well, let’s get to it!


That’s right, you read that correctly we have launched our Geofence feature! With this feature, you can create a radius or a polygonal shape around specific locations and receive alerts on when your drivers have entered or exited that geofenced area. Not only are you able to configure if they have entered or left, but you can specify which drivers the geofence should affect. If Joe is supposed to be at the warehouse between 10 am to 12 pm Monday to Friday, you can create a geofence for that specific reason. How wonderful is that?

Our geofence feature is easily customizable and allows you to create multiple geofenced locations, all with their customized settings. When you no longer require that geofenced location, you can deactivate it or simply delete it if it is no longer needed.

Keep in mind that all of this is done through our desktop app because who trusts their thumbs to create the geofences in the right location? I certainly don’t. 

Asset Trackers

As people who are consistently on the go, we know how easy it can be to forget to bring equipment from one site to another. Not only is it important to know where your drivers and vehicles are but we know it is equally as important to know where all of your assets are. We have integrated Trak4’s asset trackers into our application so that you can view everything on our live-view map. A one-stop shop, giving you peace of mind as you always know where your equipment, vehicles, and drivers are.

Seamless App Experience

 We have updated the way you interact with our application to create a more seamless experience. Tired of passwords? So are we and now all you have to do is enter in your email or phone number associated with your account and boom a link is sent to your email that lets you enter the app. You no longer have to worry about special characters ever again! 

Lastly, on the agenda, let’s get rid of some clutter! Notifications are super important when tracking your fleet but sometimes they can get a bit overwhelming especially when they are notifications that you are expecting to come in. You read them and know what’s going on but that number over the bell keeps on increasing, want to get rid of it? Just hit the “mark as read” button in the notifications module to show that you are up to date and have your application looking nice and clean. 

We hope you enjoyed this quick little insight into what we have been up to at Fleetr. As always click this link to get more details on each feature and keep an eye on this space as we continue to innovate to help you track your fleet.

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