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Product Release Notes

December Release

By December 20, 2021June 6th, 2022No Comments


In what has been an exciting year over at Fleetr and with the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to update you one last time before we are off to track Santa’s sleigh (I’m sure he has an OBD port somewhere on that thing). At Fleetr we have been working hard to ensure that you are getting everything you need to track your fleet efficiently. Today we will be going over some of the new features we added that are going to make your life ten times easier.

User Management Functionality

You may be asking what that even means, well, now you will be able to add additional users to your Fleetr account with a different set of permissions based on their roles. This allows for more flexibility on how you manage your fleet without having everyone logged into one user. There are 3 levels: Super Admin, Admin, and View Only. You the Super Admin will be able to add and assign new users by simply entering their email and assigning their role. Finally, if you ever need to remove a user or edit their settings you can do so by going to the admin module to make those changes. This gives you full autonomy on who gets to see what when it comes to managing your fleet and you don’t have to share those passwords, I can already feel the stress leaving your body. We are always striving to make your life easier and we know that this new feature will do that for you! 

Trip Reports

Tired of not being able to look up the trips you were looking for? We know how frustrating that can be so with that in mind, we have introduced our trip reports feature. With this, you will be able to export the trips for your entire fleet and view any of the incidents that happened on these trips and more importantly, you won’t have to sort through the trip history module anymore to figure that stuff out on your own. We will be using this feature to make sure the big man in the red suit made the routes he said he was making. Keeping it simple and efficient, notice a pattern here?

That’s all from us hope you are having a great end to the year and wish you nothing but the best over this holiday season. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us at We will be back in the new year to add more features and continue to make your life easier when it comes to managing your fleet!

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