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Product Release Notes

Leaderboard Update

By November 12, 2021June 3rd, 2022No Comments

Scoring and Leaderboard 

Safety and efficiency are two terms that you hear all the time. We all want our employees to be safe and efficient when on the road, but how can we know if they are, and what can we do to help coach them if they aren’t? That is where our Scores Module come into play. This new intuitive module allows you to view and compare the behavioral performance of your drivers over specific date ranges. Giving you insight into their driving time, distance traveled, and both safety and efficiency scores. Each driver is rated through a five-star system for each metric. You can drill down on the safety and efficiency metrics to see where they can improve, or just see all those five stars and know that you have some of the best drivers in the land! 

Check out our article to learn more about how we help you ensure your drivers are safe and efficient. 

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