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If You Care About Driver Safety, You Need To Track Your Fleet

Looking for ways to increase driver awareness and efficiency within your fleet? Look no further than fleet tracking.

Driver safety is an important part of any trucking business, especially since lives, reputation, and company money are on the line. If you manage a fleet of a wide range of vehicles, it may seem difficult to keep tabs on all of your drivers while they take equipment out on the road.Fleet has made it possible to tackle that task. We have created a tracking tool to manage all your vehicles and drivers at once. Here’s how to do it.

Why Driver Safety Is Important For Your Company

Driver safety plays more into the day-to-day functions of a business than you may think. If any of your drivers have an accident on the road, you will face accident insurance, repair costs, loss of downtime, and court fees (if you are sued).

Accidents can occur with driver’s on the road in your fleet vehicles for one of the following reasons:

  • Speeding
  • Not paying attention
  • Other drivers
  • Road conditions
  • Faulty parts on the vehicle

While you probably hold some driver safety training for all of your employees, you never know how your drivers use company equipment when they head out on their routes. To monitor your drivers and use the vehicles, vehicle tracking can help hold them accountable.

Fleet safety should always be a priority for managers and trucking companies. Using a data tool to see the efficiency of each vehicle and driver is a great way to boost morale around the shop and implement the safety of your equipment and drivers out on the road.

Driver safety can save your company a lot of money and time spent on repairs or having a vehicle down.

How To Track Employee Driving With Vehicle Data

A vehicle data tool can do wonders for your business than show if your driver is speeding or not. Your drivers know you are watching their use of the vehicle, but you are also monitoring the performance of your equipment.

Most fleet tracking software helps keep up with necessary maintenance requests for each of your vehicles and allows you to have all of the documents that show past and upcoming repairs. These tools can hold all your information, such as insurance, upcoming routes, and driving records for your entire fleet.

Tracking this data is really simple. The company you choose to install your GPS tracking devices will have a hardware and software component that will work together to track your data. Thanks to modern technology, you can see real-time updates of all of your vehicles.

See Real-Time Metrics Of Your Fleet

Most fleet managers love being able to see real, live data of the entire fleet that GPS tracking systems can bring. It helps fleet managers stay on top of their vehicles for maintenance and give peace of mind of where their vehicles are at during all times.

Gone are the days when information was stored in filing cabinets, and there was no way of knowing how your drivers were treating vehicles once they left your shop. In the older days, without modern technology, damages to vehicles or lower fuel consumption came from the guess that either something was wrong with the truck or one of your drivers made a mistake they wouldn’t confess to.

Now fleet managers can rest and know that all of the information they need is easily at their fingertips. Companies like Fleetr have now made it easy for you to store all of your information outside of your desk and in a much more convenient location like an app on your phone or tablet or your desktop.

Once you’re logged in to your Fleetr account, you can locate your company vehicles and see information such as speed, location, driving habits, and who’s operating the vehicle. By seeing real-time metrics, you can get a better sense of how your company operates daily.

GPS Tracking Mean More Driving Accountability

Let’s be honest, in this field of work, your trucks and company vehicles are not the only things a fleet manager is responsible for. They are also responsible for managing the drivers.

While you would like to think your drivers are doing their job on the road, taking care of company equipment, and going where they are supposed to be going, you never truly know how an employee is performing until you can track them.

GPS tracking devices can severely increase accountability around the shop since you will be able to manage and locate them as they leave for their route. Depending on the GPS tracking software you choose, you could be able to locate exactly where they are on the map, how fast they are going, and see if they are doing anything damaging.

Another great thing about GPS tracking is that you can set up geofences around certain areas that your employees should not cross. If any employee of yours happens to cross the geofence area, you can see who the driver is and where they’re going.

There’s a lot more to driver accountability than making sure they are going where they’re supposed to go. There is also making sure your vehicles are staying safe and intact. With real-time metrics, drivers will be held more accountable for their actions on the road, and you will have a history log to prove to them their driving habits if there’s a conference that needs to be held.

Maintain Truck Maintenance

In a business, you can’t afford to have company vehicles face any downtime for long periods of time. You also can’t have drivers using the vehicles in an inappropriate manner that will cause more parts to need repairs, like harsh braking or fast driving and causing accidents.

Your vehicles are a part of what makes you money and bring you customer satisfaction. With GPS tracking, you can make sure the maintenance of all your vehicles is constantly up-to-date, and you can see how your drivers are treating your equipment as they are in use.

Every fleet manager knows there are a lot of repairs or updates that need to be made to company vehicles that can be more extensive than repairing an everyday personal car. Shops that have turned to use GPS tracking devices have come to love the notifications these modern systems bring by giving information on what is being worn out and how often things are happening outside of the shop.

There are a lot of repairs that need to be made that can come from harsh driving, like idling or hitting the brakes too hard. Thanks to our GPS, you can receive notifications for any time a driver of yours is caught using your company vehicles like this on the road.

GPS tracking systems can help increase the maintenance of your trucks by reporting consistent driver behavior. If you start to notice a similar pattern with a couple of your drivers, you can make better decisions for your company since a lot of these negative habits have an impact on your business, whether it’s significant, like getting into an accident or not.

Trucking companies frequently spend a lot of their money on fuel, thanks to constant fuel consumption. With a GPS tracking system like Fleetr, you can decrease the amount you spend on fuel by 30% since you will receive the metrics that show you where most of your fuel is going.

If a driver is caught speeding or taking a longer route than normal, you can track where your fuel is going and find a way to stop it immediately. Once you can have this information at your fingertips, you should hopefully see an increase overall in your shop between driver behavior and accountability and the longevity of your vehicles.

How Fleetr Driver Tracking Works

You can begin tracking your drivers and vehicles today with the Fleetr tracking system. We have come up with the best fleet management system that helps you track more information than where your drivers are and how fast they’re going in your vehicles.

Here’s what you will get with our fleet tracking devices:


  • Repair and maintenance scheduling
  • Flexibility of using on smartphone, tablet, or desktop with our app
  • US-based support through chat, voice, and email
  • Real-time updates refreshed every 60 seconds
  • GPS tracking systems for every vehicle (up to 100)
  • An improved sense of driver safety overall

The best part about Fleetr is that there are no contracts. You are free to cancel anytime but will be responsible for returning all of the hardware devices.

Once you agree to start working with Fleetr, your GPS tracking systems will be mailed to you within four to five days, and you will be given a tracking number within one to two days. You can easily install the GPS yourself by hooking it up to the OBDII that’s just below the steering wheel.

To know if your device is working once it’s installed, you should see a green light appear. You can then start monitoring the use of your vehicles on the day of installation once you log onto the Fleetr app with the login information Fleetr has sent you through email.

Our history will keep track of the last 120 days of company vehicle use.

Implement Driver Safety In Your Fleet Today

With our 60-second updates, you can be well on your way to managing your entire fleet and employees as they are out on the job. Our data tracking tool works best for those companies with smaller fleets and is just getting started building their business.

Our data alerts will help you keep drivers safe and your vehicles intact as they are out on the road. Safety for your drivers and vehicles also means safety for every passenger near your company vehicles.

You can get started with your fleet tracking software today by visiting us online or calling Fleetr at +1 (415) 651-7575. Our GPS tracking software starts at $9.99 per vehicle and comes with a software system you can use on your phone, tablet, or desktop and GPS hardware that will be installed in all of the vehicles.

Once the hardware systems are installed, you can instantly track your vehicles!

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