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Fleet Tracking Companies


fleet tracking companiesWhat if managing your small fleet was as simple as plugging a device into your on-board diagnostics (OBD) port? Fleet tracking companies provide managers access to the tools they need to track their fleet and become more efficient as a business. Fleet tracking companies charge monthly rates for unlimited access to the fleet tracking software.


What is Fleet Tracking?


When you incorporate fleet tracking software into your business operations, you become a more empowered small fleet manager. The software allows you to track vehicles, driver behavior, and other factors that can influence your fleet’s efficiency. How do fleet tracking companies do it?

How Our Tracking Solutions Work


Fleet tracking devices transmit data over satellite and cellular networks, providing fleet managers with GPS location and real-time data on each fleet vehicle and driver. GPS is the acronym used for Global Positioning System.

GPS uses satellites positioned above the Earth, and they communicate with receivers found in the devices on the ground level. To provide an accurate location, at least four of these satellites must interact with the receiver.

The information is then relayed over the network and to your fleet management app. You can even receive push notifications with some tracking companies to inform you of unsafe driving behaviors.


Monitor Driver Safety


Your fleet is a significant investment that you expect a driver to take care of when they are behind the wheel. With a fleet monitoring device installed, the driving habits of your driver are monitored. If unsafe behavior occurs, you can get push notification alerts allowing you to rectify the situation before an incident occurs.

Alerts of unsafe behaviors can be instantly sent to the fleet manager as they occur. This measure allows fleet managers to be able to contact their drivers to put a stop to risky behaviors.

Common risky behavior includes:

  • Speeding
  • Hard braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Sharp turns

Not only can these behaviors put your driver and others on the road at risk, but it can also decrease the fuel efficiency of a vehicle.


Decrease Fuel Costs


When you increase your fleet systems fuel economy, you increase the amount of money you save in fuel alone. Each month, fleet managers could save $100 to $200 in fuel costs by utilizing fleet tracking company software.

The software addresses issues that can decrease fuel efficiencies, such as idling, speeding, and hard braking incidents. Using the data collected from the tracking device, which can be reported to you, you are able to correct minor details that could create savings across the board.


Keep Maintenance Up-to-Date


When a fleet vehicle breaks down, you are forced to change schedules, cancel appointments, try to get into the garage, and other disruptions to the flow of business. How many times could these situations have been avoided?

Sure, not all vehicle break downs are avoidable, but some can be prevented with the proper maintenance schedule. Before GPS tracking software, you were forced to keep track of vehicle maintenance using paperwork and driver logs. With vehicle diagnostic data delivered through the fleet tracking devices, you can keep up with the mileage on all your fleet vehicles on your smartphone screen.


Fleetr – Your Fleet Tracking Company


Fleetr is a fleet tracking solution for small fleet managers. Built on the premise that the fleet manager shouldn’t have to miss out on their business, Fleetr brings the data collected directly to the manager via smartphone or tablet application. The fleet tracking software solution is easy to install and operate, saving time from the requirement of lengthy training.


Installing Fleetr


Fleetr installation is quick and easy. After purchase, your devices arrive in the mail within three to five business days. All you have to do is take them out of the box and insert the systems into the vehicle’s OBD port. These are ready out of the box, with no activation required.

Download the Fleetr app on your Android or iOS device. You can customize your experience to fit the needs of your fleet. Enter your driver and vehicle information for each of the devices you install, creating your personal approach to fleet monitoring.


Fleetr Increases Driver Accountability


As a small fleet manager, Fleetr knows that you want to protect your investment – your fleet. Part of the included features includes push notification alerts when drivers are not safe. This feature allows you to contact the driver immediately to prevent further problematic behaviors from occurring.

Historical data can show you the trip information from a specific fleet vehicle, allowing you to note habits like speeding, hard braking, or rapid acceleration on a route. Weekly reports provide you with insight on who the best driver is and who you need to pay attention to. Drivers will be assessed a weekly score of 1 to 100, with 67 being efficient and below 33 requiring attention.


Fleetr Increases Fleet Cost Savings


Not only can using Fleetr to track driving patterns increase fleet safety, but it can also improve the amount you could save overall. Fleetr provides you with weekly efficiency tips as a part of your subscription.

Fleetr can provide you with savings that pay for the subscription each month. You can save $100 or more per month per vehicle with Fleetr’s software in fuel savings alone. We provide you with the tips and tools that you need to reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency by tracking the driving habits that create the most fuel waste and help you eliminate them.

You can also use the app to help you dispatch emergency calls easier by knowing exactly where each vehicle is at any given moment. You can increase your client portfolio by saving time and money using better scheduling techniques.


Fleetr Makes Maintenance Easy


As a fleet tracking company, Fleetr knows that keeping your fleet vehicles up-to-date with maintenance check-ups and service is how you keep it healthy. Filing through papers, double-checking each vehicle’s mileage, and making sure that you make the service appointments when necessary can be time-consuming. Thus, taking you away from what matters most – your business.

Fleetr provides you with the tools to keep track of your maintenance schedules, including the increments of service you want to set. Be on your way to making sure your oil changes are on time, and your battery is still holding a sufficient charge when you use Fleetr for your fleet maintenance solution.


Fleetr – The Affordable GPS Tracking Solution


If you need an affordable solution for your fleet tracking, Fleetr makes it easy with one monthly price per vehicle and no annual contract or commitment. For $12.99 per month per vehicle, Fleetr’s hardware connects you over wireless networks, allowing you to track your fleet from the ease of your smartphone or Android/iOS platform device.

You won’t be required to pay extra for the network because Fleetr absorbs the wireless network cost without adding charges to your subscription. You are free to cancel at any time, making Fleetr a solution that is affordable and trustworthy. As a small fleet management company, Fleetr brings you the tools you need to maintain and efficiently run your fleet without additional costs or obligations. One price, one device, total coverage.

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