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How Much Money Can You Save With Fleet Tracking?

As a small fleet owner, you often find yourself concerned with its fuel, maintenance, employee overtime, and employee productivity. If you don’t have a fleet tracking device installed in your vehicles, your concern may be amplified even more. This concern exists because without viewing real-time information about your fleet, you hold on to blind faith that everything is running safely and smoothly.

What if there was a way that you could satisfy this concern and remain within your fleet’s budget?

How Fleet Tracking Works To Save You Money

Fleet tracking is a form of GPS tracking used by business owners to ensure their fleet is as efficient as possible. GPS uses satellites that are positioned around the Earth, communicating with receivers. When three or more of these satellites communicate with a receiver, they can pinpoint almost 100% accuracy the receiver’s exact location.

But how can following your fleet’s every move help save your business money?

GPS Tracking Shows Real-Time Information

The concern that you have over your fleet can be addressed by being able to see real-time locations for each vehicle. When you use a fleet tracking system, you can see the location and the speed and current state of the vehicle. You can tell if the vehicle is idling, speeding, or is just parked. The real-time information shows you if your fleet is being efficient or if productivity is a concern.

Fleet Management Software Tracks Maintenance

If you have ever tried to handle all the maintenance paperwork and track mileage, you know it can be exhausting. There are always vehicles that fall through the cracks, receiving their required tune-ups too late. Part of keeping your fleet healthy is regular maintenance.

Fleet management software provides you with a platform for keeping all your maintenance together in one place. The mileage of each vehicle is recorded with the tracking device. You receive notifications when it is time for each vehicle to receive services.

A properly maintained vehicle is less likely to require major and expensive repairs. In worst-case scenarios, ignoring maintenance may even require you to replace a fleet vehicle prematurely. Fleet vehicles are expensive, but properly maintaining your current fleet is affordable in comparison.

Fleet Tracking Equals Fuel Saving

One of the most expensive and consistent expenditures you make as a fleet owner is fuel cost. You can’t operate without it, so it is an expense you have grown to accept. But do you really have to accept these high fuel bills?

Part of using a fleet tracking system is pinpointing where most of your fuel is wasted and correcting those bad habits. Bad driving habits are not only a safety hazard but also drain the fuel in your fleet vehicles.

With the right tips, you could be saving over a hundred dollars per month per vehicle by utilizing a vehicle tracking system.

Why You Should Use a Fleet Management System

Besides the fact that you could be saving hundreds per month and thousands per year by using a fleet management system, let’s back up to the basics. Safety is something that every fleet owner or manager, driver, and customer should expect. Not only is using fleet management about saving money, but it is also about safety.

Driver’s habits can create potentially hazardous situations. These risky behaviors not only put lives at risk but also cost you money. Your fleet has your business logo on it, so if you have an aggressive driver on the roadway with your logo, it may be you associated with that aggression.

How Much Money Could Be Saved?

It is hard to put a definitive dollar amount on what you could save using a vehicle tracking service for your fleet. We can go through the different areas we have discussed and provide you with an estimate. Every telematics provider will be different in terms of monthly rates and how it translates into savings.

  • Fuel savings – with the right changes made to driving behaviors, such as speeding, idling, and hard braking, potential fuel savings could be up to $200 per month per vehicle.
  • Employee overtime and productivity – if you are concerned that your employees are milking the overtime because they aren’t productive, you can verify with the device to see where they are and what they are doing during regular working hours. You can track extra breaks, unwarranted stops, and so much more. Knowing what your employees are doing could save you from paying out unapproved overtime.
  • Maintenance or repair – it is cheaper, in the long run, to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance, which may cost you out of pocket $50 to $100. These costs, compared to replacing a fleet vehicle that could cost you more than $20,000, seems like a fair trade.

You might be wondering how paying a monthly fee for a fleet management system still provides savings. Let’s look at just how a monthly fee for these types of resources can still translate to big savings.

Fleetr Pricing Versus Savings

Fleetr is a fleet vehicle tracking provider that charges $12.99 per month per vehicle – with no long-term contract required. Fleetr also saves the average small fleet owner or manager up to $200 per month per vehicle in fuel savings alone. Without factoring in any of the other areas, after paying the monthly fee, you are still looking at a savings of $187.01 per month per vehicle.

If you have ten fleet vehicles, that’s over a thousand dollars worth of savings in just fuel. What could you do with that extra money each month?

Why You Need Fleetr For Your Vehicle Tracking Solution

Fleetr was created with the purpose of helping the small fleet owner and their business succeed. Many fleet tracking companies on the market have minimum numbers of fleet vehicles to be eligible for affordable pricing. We know that it isn’t feasible for a smaller fleet to meet these requirements. That is why we don’t require a minimum, only set a limit of 100 vehicles maximum for tracking.

When you are looking for the right solution to save you money with your fleet, Fleetr offers an affordable and easy-to-use fleet tracking service. Using the specially prepared reports compiled by Fleetr, you can make changes within your fleet to ensure you are running it with maximum efficiency.

If you are looking for a logical solution to save your small fleet money, allowing it to thrive, Fleetr may be the solution you need to save more money each month. If you have questions about Fleetr or want to sign up, you can go to the website and click on ‘BUY NOW’ to be directed to the payment portal. From here, you will get your account set up, and once your payment has been submitted, you will receive your devices in the mail. Simply plugin and watch the magic happen through the app on your smart device!

Fleetr has what small fleet owners and managers need to run an efficient business.

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