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Why GPS Vehicle Tracking Is Easier Than You Think

The idea that GPS vehicle tracking is something beyond the understanding of people who are unaware of the intricacies of computer and mobile-based software is completely false. Lately, many companies have tried hard to make GPS tracking devices and telematics software as accessible and simple as possible for all types of people, even those who don’t understand complex software that well.

With Fleetr in the picture, GPS fleet tracking has never been simpler or more productive in history, and we say this because of the features that our app offers without any complications. The app is only one aspect of the whole picture. At Fleetr, we’ve made every part of the process, from acquisition to operation, overly simple for maximum productivity.

After reading through this article, you will no longer feel that GPS tracking is beyond the scope of your small business but see instead that it is meant exactly for that.

Fleetr Has Made GPS Tracking Much Easier Than Competing Products

The thing with Fleetr is that we have based our product on two solid principles: simplicity and freedom. This article is more about the former, but they both go hand in hand to make Fleetr a highly sought after and investment-worthy product. There is no learning curve for new users. Once you tap into the app screen, it will all come very naturally to you.

Here are some of the areas where Fleetr makes GPS tracking as simple as it can be:

No Device Installation Necessary

The first area where Fleetr introduces a ton of simplicity and ease for the users is that the devices don’t demand any installation whatsoever. Ours is a plug-and-play device which means that you simply plug it into the OBD panel, and it will start working, allowing you to use the GPS fleet tracking app from day one for vehicle tracking. Plug-and-play devices are comparatively much simpler to use, and there is no need to get a technician involved to install them.

On the other hand, if you go for a hardwired device, you’ll need to have it installed by a technician, and of course, pay an installation fee as well. This is both financially inconvenient and time-consuming, much to the dismay of a small business owner. Plus, the only reason you’d want a hardwired device is if your service area stretches for hundreds of miles away from your office, i.e., across the states, and you want a foolproof anti-theft deterrent.

However, bear in mind that since the cars being tracked carry a warning on them showing that they are being monitored via GPS tracking, a crook is not likely to look at your vehicle twice. Plus, plug-and-play devices work just fine for small business fleets as per our experience and deliver nicely in the GPS fleet tracking arena. Just a PS, our Fleetr tracker won’t cost you anything. Once you buy our subscription, the device is free, and we’ll ship it to your address without any delay.

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Application Is Meant For All

Next comes the Fleetr application, the place where all the GPS fleet tracking magic happens, and as you might’ve already guessed, this application works with perfect smoothness and does not demand much on the user’s end. There is no learning curve whatsoever. You can simply dive into it and start working; sooner than you know, you’ll be using it like a pro. That is not to say that there aren’t any high-end features in there, you’ve got the whole package, but the interface is minimalistic and simple.

With just a couple of taps and clicks (the app is available for both computers and mobile phones), you’ll know how to monitor the live location of your fleet, check out the location history, see how much every driver idled, check if there were any instances of unsafe driving, be alerted of any impending maintenance trouble, and more. There is no learning curve involved, and you don’t have to be an expert in using the application. It is meant for the everyday user.

You can also adjust the notification settings to your liking so that you’ll know if something worthy of your attention happens. Since it is impossible to be in front of the app screen at all times, timely notifications will help keep you in the loop of all that is happening in your case. Some situations demand immediate action, such as when your drivers are speeding or rough-driving (which can cause an accident and lead to troublesome lawsuits) or maintenance troubles.

You have the choice to be notified about things that matter the most to you and block excessive alerts so that you’re not disturbed.

Lastly, using the data provided by the app is also ultra-simple, and you can easily replace manual logs with this data, allowing you to better assess the work performance of all of your drivers. This merit-based system will likely create a sense of healthy competition among your drivers, compelling everyone to outperform the other. Of course, none of this can be possible without implementing our GPS fleet tracking solution to help you tackle such serious issues.

The Acquisition Process Is Very Simple

You also don’t have to sweat much about how to get your hands on a decent GPS tracking system because Fleetr is the easiest product to acquire for your business. We are already helping over 20,000 customers track their vehicles and helping them get the best out of their team. You can be next. All you have to do is to log into the Fleetr website, read the product description once so that you can rest your mind at ease about what sort of product you’re about to get.

At the same time, you’ll know about the whole acquisition process in no time, and it is as easy as things get. There will be no binding contracts or any hidden fees whatsoever. All you’ll have to agree upon will be a $9.99 per vehicle per month rent, which will cover everything. This includes the cost of the tracker itself, i.e., you won’t have to pay anything for that, and you’ll also be free from any initiation fees, installation charges, and so on.

Just subscribe to our services, get your free tracker shipped to your place, plug the tracker into your vehicle’s OBD panel, install our GPS fleet tracking app on your mobile phone and PC, configure the app to work with the tracker, and adjust the settings to your liking, and get started with fleet tracking. Once you’re done here, the rest will be quite simple: pay the monthly rent and keep on using our services for as long as you want, and we won’t overcharge you ever. This is how Fleetr works.

Thus, apart from the ease of operation, a simple tracker device requiring no installation, and an easy-to-use application, Fleetr is also ultra-easy to acquire for your business.

Why Do You Need GPS Fleet Tracking In The First Place?

Now that we better understand all that Fleetr brings to the table and how it has made GPS tracking much simpler than it used to be let’s take some time to consider why we need GPS vehicle tracking in the first place. This section especially targets small business owners who feel intimidated by the idea of teaching a GPS fleet tracking solution in their operations model.

But we know, from the collective experiences of over 20,000 clients whom we’ve served, that GPS fleet tracking is one of the best things that will ever happen to your business.

Here’s why:

Increased Productivity

The basic premise of GPS tracking is boosting the productivity of your business which encompasses all things ranging from overhauling the efficiency of your daily routine to creating a sense of being monitored which is a fair productivity booster for your employees. Plus, knowing where your workers are at a given point in time, you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions.

You can also skip the constant phone calling for location updates too, and on the driver’s end, they’ll know the optimal routes for their next stop. Overall, the framework for GPS fleet tracking promotes hardworking behavior in all parties involved because it simply eliminates any excuses.

Thus, you’ll get more done with the same resources and people.

Road Safety Ensured

Another area where GPS fleet tracking comes to the rescue is ensuring road safety for all of your drivers and the people around them. This is not only important for preserving the lives of all people involved but also ensuring that you stay out of any legal trouble which comes with commercial accidents.

False accusations are also a problem which this technology can help you counter effectively.

By monitoring your drivers’ behavior on the road, you’ll be able to give them concise and clear instructions about how you expect them to drive, i.e., no speeding, no hard pressing the brakes, no swift turns, and so on. This way, you’ll preempt major accidents and also escape liability in case your driver is falsely accused of causing an accident by using the GPS fleet tracking logs as evidence.

Fuel Costs Minimized

Fuel wastage is another major concern for fleet owners, and while the cost may not seem like much at a given instance, it can magnify over time, and you’ll have lost a great deal without gaining anything from it. Idling and poor route planning can inflate fuel costs for your operation.

GPS fleet tracking technology can help you counter this waste via idling alerts which will notify you whenever your driver is idling the vehicle so that you can ask them not to do so. Plus, the route optimization feature also helps cut downtime and fuel consumption for each road trip.

The sum saved by such handy features over a year will be enough to out to some positive use for growing your business or boosting productivity even further.

Maintenance Trouble Avoided

If ignored for long, your vehicle’s maintenance trouble will only become worse, and you’ll have to pay more for it than otherwise. However, with such a crammed schedule for deliveries and stops every day, it is near impossible to keep track of your car’s maintenance needs, or it would’ve been without GPS fleet tracking.

The software allows you to keep alerts for scheduled maintenance checks and alerts you of any maintenance emergency that you need to address immediately. This way, you’ll stay one step ahead of any maintenance trouble, all made possible by GPS fleet tracking.

Better Communication

The essence of effective communication in the transportation business is knowing when to communicate and when not to bother your drivers because constant calling will kill their working productivity. However, you can’t be completely distant from all that is happening on the road.

Thus to find the correct balance, you need to eliminate the need for compulsively calling your drivers for location updates which is pretty simple since you get a GPS fleet tracking system since you’ll be able to track your vehicles with it. And with that data, you’ll be able to communicate in a more concise and informed manner, thus improving the management link between the manager and the drivers.

Route Optimization

Lastly, you need to know that not all routes from point A to B are the same. Some may be a bit too crowded, others too long, others too complicated, and yet others with troubled driving experience. Experience and intuition can only help you so much in this regard, and you need to make a decision based on concrete data, nothing else.

This is where route optimization comes into the picture. Using a sophisticated algorithm, your fleet tracking system will find the perfect route for you to use for your travel based on all the concerns we discussed and more. This way, you’ll never fail to be on time for your stops, and the overall work efficiency will also improve significantly.

Get Fleetr For Your GPS Fleet Tracking Endeavors

We’ve already gone through how Fleetr offers the most freedom to its clients and how our GPS fleet tracking system is simple and effective at the same time. Not only are we poised to radically overhaul the business models of thousands of customers in the future, but we are also constantly adapting as service providers. The only thing that has remained constant over the years is our commitment to customer service and ensuring that we deliver the best results through our product.

Sign up for our subscription today without any binding contractual obligations, hidden fees, initiation charges, or complications of any sort. We’ll ship you your very own plug-and-play tracker, and you can start with your GPS fleet tracking from day one without any need to install the device. All of this comes with a price tag of $9.99 per vehicle per month.

Call us today so that we can guide you through the rest of the process!

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