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Why Fleetr Is The Better GPS Tracking Product For Small Businesses

Fleet tracking is only as fruitful a practice for small businesses as thoughtful a choice you make when picking the perfect fleet management system that deals with your specific case. We know that fleet GPS tracking is a rising trend among fleet owners, big and small both, but the essence of the practice lies in your choice of the best deal in the lot.

You can’t overspend because, that way, your GPS tracking efforts will be a drag, but you can’t underspend as well because an inadequate product will simply be a waste of money and time. For small fleets, you need a product that has been designed to meet your specific needs (as a small business fleet owner) and has a proven record of success for its customers.

We are talking about our own product, of course, but don’t just take our word for it. In this article, we’ll break down the whole picture for you and present the facts you need to know to understand how Fleetr is a superior choice for small businesses.

Fleet Monitoring Features Which Make Fleetr A Favorable Choice

Our deal is the most favorable of the lot, but we’ll get to that later. Let’s discuss the product itself first – Fleetr is a premium product with a ton of amazing features that make it a perfect fit for our target customers. Besides tracking and monitoring, Fleetr offers detailed data reports, stats, and logs that help fleet managers make informed decisions.

Here’s how the magic happens:

Live Location Tracking

The ability to see the movements of your vehicles as they happen in real-time, without delays or only with minimal delays is called live location tracking. This is the most important feature to look for when browsing through a collection of fleet tracking systems. Nothing beats the ability to monitor the precise location of your vehicles and making informed decisions.

If a product simply says “location tracking,” you need to be a bit careful before making a final decision about its effectiveness. The term location tracking in the context of GPS fleet tracking is very vague. It leaves room for doubt as to whether the tracking is instantaneous, as is the case with live location tracking or punctuated with intervals.

In the latter case, you will see the location of your fleet vehicles after set intervals. Essentially, you’ll be looking at a static screen, waiting for it to refresh either after 30 seconds, a minute, or a couple of minutes. The screen will refresh, and the updated location of the vehicle will be shared on the screen. There is no way for you to know what happened in between. After all, the location updates are spaced apart from each other.

You only get to see the before and after pictures, nothing in between.

To make informed decisions such as rerouting your fleet vehicles or sending out last-minute orders, it is best to go with a live location tracking ability. This is not a luxury but a bare necessity for the practicality of such fleet tracking systems. Unless you have this one feature, the rest is more or less a moot point. Fleetr, for instance, offers live location GPS tracking for your vehicles, allowing you to observe the real-time movements of your fleet cars.

This is, of course, the first of the many features that make Fleetr a worthy choice for small businesses, especially with the given price tag.

Driver Behavior Monitoring & On-Road Safety Assurance

The idea behind fleet GPS tracking is to minimize the gap between the road workers and the office’s fleet manager. One area where this comes in handy is assuring road safety, which is a matter of safety for your workers and other people on the road and a legal risk on your part. Commercial accident lawsuits can drain thousands of dollars from your business if you’re not careful, and once the damage is done, there is no way to reverse it.

The best you can do is to preempt such a catastrophe by ensuring that your drivers are more careful on the road. However, this is not possible in the conventional sense, considering that your drivers are on the road and you have no way to see what they are doing or not. But with the features of fleet GPS tracking systems like Fleetr, you can monitor your driver’s behavior on the road. This is on top of seeing their live location and their overall progress.

Driver behavior monitoring is another quintessential feature where a high-end product sets itself apart from the low-end ones. Fleet management is not all about improving the productivity of your team. Although that is the basic idea, it also includes things like safety assurance for your workers on the road. By exercising control over how they drive, i.e., being strict about unsafe driving practices like speeding, rough handling, hard pressing of the brakes, and so on, you will be in a much better position to avoid legal trouble that comes with accidents.

Plus, the data provided by your Fleetr application will allow you to escape liability charges in case your driver is wrongly accused of causing an accident which they did not. If you can prove that your driver at that time was being as responsible as possible, then that will save you from losing a whole lot of money in a lawsuit or insurance settlement.

Location History

You can’t stay glued to the screen of your computer all the time because there’s lots and lots of work to do on other fronts as well. But you don’t have to miss out on the highlights and be able to see how well your drivers did simply because you couldn’t monitor the progress at that time. This is why premium fleet GPS tracking products have this feature onboard so that you can assess the performance of your team even if you missed out on the said details early on.

No one will escape accountability this way, and you will be better able to judge the effectiveness of your current protocol, all the while suggesting a better one to replace it. Whatever your goals are in this regard, it is impossible to make any landmark improvements unless you can review every aspect of your fleet’s performance. With location history, this is possible, so be sure that this feature is part of any deal you sign up for.

The Fleetr app will not only let you see the locational history for all of your cars but also other important records and stats so that you get the full picture of the performance of your workers. By better assessing individual performance, you will be able to improve your overall business protocol as well. Plus, you can also see if someone used your company vehicle for any side gigs of their own, which is a major concern and a productivity killer for the fleet business.

There is no reason for you to suspect your workers but being vigilant is a must if you want the best results from your endeavors.

Daily Automated Records

Automated records and stats eliminate any need for manual logs. We’re not saying that you ditch them altogether, but your dependence on them will be eliminated, and this is for sure. At the end of the day, manual register entrees are highly misleading, even if your drivers are very honest. The simple fact is that it is hard to remember the details of work after a rough day. Thus there is room for error, even if your workers are responsible in general.

However, with such flawed data, you’ll be unable to assess the performance of your workers as effectively as otherwise. Plus, there will be no way for you to find room for improvement since you won’t be able to point out any weak spots. After all, it all looks so perfect from your perspective, even if you know that is not the case. This is where your fleet GPS software will make a difference; the Fleetr app uses first-hand, non-altered data to create these daily reports for your use.

This data is reliable because it has not been subject to any manipulation. When you confront one of your workers about their performance using the data, they will have no way to deny their shortcomings. Plus, if you judge your drivers on a purely meritocratic basis, which is only possible with unaltered data, you’ll create a healthy competition among them, compelling each worker to outperform the other, thus driving up your success.

Maintenance Alerts

As a fleet manager, you can’t ignore the maintenance needs of your fleet vehicles, but it is near impossible to stay streamlined in this regard, considering how tight the schedules usually are. This is no excuse for forgetting your maintenance schedules, but it happens, and you should be ready for it. Daily inspection of your vehicles before going on the move is important, but that will not cover everything related to maintenance trouble.

Luckily, this is another area where Fleetr comes to the rescue. Since our tracker goes straight into the OBD panel of the car, it reads data directly from there and thus detects maintenance trouble, even impending ones, and then alerts you of them. This is not a complete replacement of your maintenance schedule but will keep your fleet vehicles running optimally for longer than otherwise. Maintenance needs only magnify if ignored, but you won’t have to worry about increased fleet running costs since you’ll promptly address the issues.

Thus timely maintenance alerts will help you save up lots of money and preempt any major trouble on the road.

Timely Notifications

It is impossible to stay in front of the app screen all day because it is stressful, and there’s other work to be done as well. This is where the notifications of the mobile app come in handy. Fleetr, as you may already know, allows you to pursue your fleet GPS tracking activities on both computers and mobile phones. In the latter case, you get on-time notifications and alerts to warn of any trouble or alert you of anything worthy of your attention.

These notifications will cover stuff like unsafe driving practices, idling, violation of the geo-fence, maintenance trouble, and so on. You can configure what sort of notifications you want to receive, but it is best to have them all since this way, you won’t stay out of the loop of anything even if you’re not looking at the app screen. Just a PS, Fleer works best to install the fleet GPS tracking app on both your PC and mobile.

Fleetr Subscription Policies Suit Small Business Owners

The product itself is quite impressive, but the deal is nothing to be ignored either, and this is another area where Fleetr stands out. Apart from the glowing features we’ve discussed above, Fleetr is also very flexible and otherwise perfect for small business owners. When signing up for our subscription, you’ll see how easier and simpler it is in comparison to other products in the market and why it is the best GPS vehicle tracking system for small businesses:

No Hidden Fees

When you explore the market for a fleet management system, the first thing you’ll notice is that many products come with a fixed rate listed in their description, but the actual payable is much more than what is advertised. The hidden charges can take many forms, such as initiation fees, tax, installation charges, and so on, but all of them are unfair.

Fleet GPS tracking does not have to be overly complicated in the payments department. Fleetr ensures this by demanding no more than the monthly rent for our services, not a penny more than that. There are no extra fees of any kind that you won’t know of when sighing up for our subscription.

No Installation Required

Fleetr will ship you a simple plug-and-play tracker that goes directly with the OBD panel, so no installation is needed whatsoever. Plug-and-play devices don’t need to be installed, which is preferable for small businesses since the extra installation costs and hiring a technician can be a drag.

In contrast, hardwired devices need to be installed into the hardware of your vehicle by an expert, and you’ll have to pay extra for the installation. The former is more suitable for small business fleets, as per our experience, and since our tracker is ready to use from day one, you don’t have to worry about much.

Free Tracker

Trackers can cost you serious money if you buy them on your own, but that is not the case with Fleetr, another major plus for the product: you don’t have to pay a dime for the tracker. We won’t ask you for anything in return for shipping you your tracker, and the monthly rent covers everything.

Imagine the sum you save up by not having to pay for your tracker.

For small business owners, every cent saved is money that goes into making the business better than what it is.

No Binding Contracts

Unlike most of the products out there, Fleetr comes without any binding contractual commitments that will keep you from leaving if you wanted to – the only thing keeping you back will be our service quality. We won’t ask you to agree to a minimum commitment period or having to track a fixed number of vehicles with our product.

You can use Fleetr will full freedom of choice, and since the payment is per vehicle per month, you won’t be overcharged for the services either.

Affordable Rent

The services, as good as they are, cost only $9.99 per vehicle per month. This is where Fleetr once again sets itself apart from the crowd because you don’t get this level of service for such an affordable rent; the features afforded by this price tag are simply impressive by any measure, and we’ve had thousands of positive reviews on this account as well.

Call Us Today To Get Started

Now that you’ve seen all that Fleetr has to offer and perhaps even compared the services and subscription deal with competing products, you understand how better off you are with this product. As noted earlier, we offer our services without binding commitments, hidden fees, a weary installation process, or any charges for the tracker.

We’ll only ask for a $9.99 per vehicle, per month rent for our services, which will cover everything. You don’t have to worry about any hidden details or contractual twists and traps because we believe in putting everything out there for our clients. Plus, you can contact us anytime for assistance and clarification whenever needed.

Our services have already helped over 20,000 vehicle owners make a difference for their business, and if you want to be a part of this successful group, call us now to get started!

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