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The Advantages Fleetr Provides Over Other Tracker Companies

If you’re looking for a fleet tracking system for your small business fleet, you’ve probably brushed through endless Google entries by now, and if not, lucky you. There are many options for GPS tracking systems in the market, but as you may have already noticed, most of them have not been created for smaller fleets. Some people may hesitate in this regard, unsure whether they’re about to make a smart choice, i.e. if there is a better option.

In this article, we’ll address some of the most common concerns of potential customers when they first begin exploring the market for a reliable, affordable, and highly flexible GPS tracking system. We won’t be discussing GPS tracking systems in general but will shed light on the said concerns and what Fleetr has to offer, and there is much to discuss here, so hang tight and read till the end!

Some Exclusive Perks & Benefits That Only Fleetr Offers To Your Business

When it comes to GPS tracking, Fleetr is one of the most versatile and flexible options in the market. Not only do you get access to a ton of features, but also a tracking system that works well with both small and big fleets. Based on customer reviews posted online on both our website and independent review sites, it should be clear that our product is vastly superior to many others in several aspects.

In the following sections, we’ll uncover our magical GPS tracking recipe:

Flawless Live Location Tracking

The first thing you need to check in any fleet GPS tracking system is whether or not it supports live location tracking; Fleetr does. Put simply, live location is the representation of the movements of the vehicle in the field, on your screen, as they happen in reality. When the vehicle moves, the tracker installed within emits data signals that are then picked by the GPS satellites and then forwarded to your service provider’s server.

From there, you’ll get the signal on your mobile phone or PC and be able to see the movements on your screen. This is like having an instantaneous or near-instantaneous refresh rate for your application screen. In contrast, some low-end applications will refresh their screens after a couple of seconds or minutes, and there is no way to know what happened in between until the new location is updated.

For Fleetr, live location tracking with impressive accuracy is not the end but the beginning. You’ll notice the displacement of your fleet assets through markers displayed on your map screen, and this way, you’ll be in a much better position to give out orders, reroute your drivers, and more. Of course, if you miss the live location updates at a given time, you can always review the location history of your drivers to see how well they performed.

Simple Plug-and-Play Tracker Device

Our tracker is a simple plug-and-play device that works as you plug it into the OBD panel of your car. Plug-and-play devices are usually sought for their simplicity of use, you just plug them into the related port, and that’s it. This means that you don’t have to call in a technician to set up your fleet GPS tracking system, and there is no need to pay extra for the installation either.

Of course, some might prefer hardwired trackers because they remain away from view and offer a greater security assurance for cars that travel long distances, but such is usually the case with large fleets. Small fleets work perfectly fine with plug-and-play devices, and in fact, simplicity is a major convincing factor for customers.

Both types have their advantages and limitations, but we offer the former because it is simpler and works well for all types of vehicles, plus since it is powered by the car itself, you don’t have to bother about replacing the batteries (which is the case with some trackers).

You Don’t Have To Pay For Our Tracker

On top of no installation charges, since installation is not necessary, you don’t even have to pay for your fleet tracking device! Yes, you read that correctly. At Fleetr, our top priority is to make fleet tracking as simple and easy for our customers as we can. This also includes eliminating any barriers in the way of acquiring the hardware for this purpose.

Usually, fleet GPS tracking systems can set you back a lot, and companies will insist that you buy their trackers, but that’s not the case here. You’ll only have to sign up for our deal of $9.99 per vehicle per month, which will also cover the fleet tracking device. Once you’ve subscribed to our services, we’ll ship you your tracker so that you can get started.

To summarize: no cost for the tracker. The rent covers everything!

No Extra/Hidden Fees

Initiation fees, installation charges, device dues, and so on – there are many different names for hidden or extra fees that fleet GPS tracking system providers extract from their customers. According to the services provider, if the said amount was not discussed beforehand, you’re being charged an extra or hidden sum for the services that cost a particular amount of money.

Not only is it highly annoying, but it is an outright insult to the agreement you had with the said services provider. This is why we make a point to disclose all the information that our customers need to know beforehand, the full deal, no facts left undiscussed. When you sign up for our subscription, it is going to cost you $9.99 per month for one vehicle, and that will be all.

This is the total sum you need to pay to us, and nothing else – goodbye extra fees!

Bye-Bye Binding Contracts

Contractual obligations are there to ensure that both parties keep their end of the agreement, but sometimes, the contents of a contract may be a bit too binding for the customer. For instance, you might’ve come across products with terms that dictate a period of commitment, i.e., the minimum time frame you must commit to using the service once you subscribe.

Similarly, it may be a minimum on the number of vehicles that you have to track with the product in some cases. In both of these cases, you are being restricted, and your freedom is compromised. If you fall for such a trap, it’s going to be very hard to find your way out. Luckily, that will never be the case with you if you choose Fleetr.

We have zero binding commitments, absolutely zero. You can review every detail of your future customer experience in advance and see how much freedom we offer. This is because we trust the excellence of our services and our top-tier customer support.

Widespread Compatibility For Application

The mobile application for Fleetr is compatible not only with PC but also with both iOS and Android smartphones. This widespread compatibility is important, almost compulsory in the modern business world since you can’t always be in front of your computer screen.

Plus, with the rise of better processing abilities in smartphones, it is about time that such apps made good use of the enhanced computational capabilities that mobile phones give us. This is also helpful because alerts and notifications via phone applications will constantly keep you in the loop of all that is happening on the road.

For the best results, get the Fleetr app on both your mobile phone and computer.

Tons Of Features For An Affordable Fee

This goes without saying, but all that Fleetr brings to the table for merely $9.99 per month is impressive by any measure. Besides live location tracking, you get features like location history, automatic logs for each driver, alerts of unsafe driving, maintenance reminders, notifications for imminent maintenance trouble, route optimization, and more.

With all of these features at your disposal, you can easily manage your fleet of vehicles with minimal effort. Plus, the abundant data will allow you to make better decisions regarding your workforce. A merit-based system is bound to create a sense of competition among your drivers, compelling everyone to give it their level best and thus contribute to improving your business.

But to think that all of this comes in such an affordable package is simply amazing!

No Learning Curve Whatsoever

The best part about the Fleetr GPS tracking system is that it is meant for managers with only nominal technical awareness. The UI is simple and minimalistic, perfect for someone who has only minimal information about such software, and this is what makes the app as effective as it is.

As soon as you open the app, explore its features, swipe, and tap a couple of times, you’ll start getting the hang of stuff. There is no learning curve, no need for complex tutorials, nothing. You can start tracking your vehicles from day one.

Ultra-Simple Signup Process

The best part about Fleetr is the simplicity of everything, including the signup process. There is not much to it, all you have to do is to get in touch, buy our subscription, and that is it. Once you subscribe to our services, we’ll send you your free tracker device. You’ll be billed per vehicle per month, and you’ll be free to track your cars as much as you need to.

All you have to do is plug it into the car to be tracked, then download our application on both your PC and mobile, set up the app, and get started.

It’s that easy!

How To Pick The Perfect Fleet GPS Tracking System For Your Small Business Fleet

Small business fleet owners feel that fleet tracking and GPS monitoring is beyond them, i.e., it is a large fleet’s asset. This could not have been far from the truth. Since the base idea behind GPS tracking systems is to boost business efficiency and drive up profits, there is no reason why small fleets can’t benefit just as much, or perhaps even more from such tracking systems than a larger fleet. But there’s the product selection nuisance to deal with too.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself before you commit to anything:

  • What features do I need besides live location tracking?
  • Am I okay with a minimum commitment period and a minimum number of cars to track? (Probably no)
  • What is the fee/rent structure for the fleet tracking services in question?
  • Is the said GPS tracking system designed specifically for small fleets?
  • Will the overall business costs increase or decrease, and how (in either case)?
  • Are the customer reviews about the product from independent sites largely positive?
  • Are the terms and conditions for the product understandable or a bit too strict and binding?
  • Do I have to pay per vehicle, or is it a bundle deal (and do I even have that many cars to make sense out of the bundle deal)?
  • How much does the device cost, and can I install it by myself?
  • Will the subscription cover only one car if I have just the one to track?

You’ll notice that in the case of Fleetr, the answer to all of the aforementioned questions will be more than positive, and this is exactly what makes our product worth investing in.

Fleetr Is The Best Deal You’re Ever Going To Get

All the features and perks that we’ve mentioned above are what make Fleetr so unique. Our base concept is freedom for our customers in how they want to use the GPS tracking system, fleet size, etc. We don’t bother our clients with binding contractual obligations, neither do we try to trap them in the deal if they don’t want to be a part of it.

The fact that we’ve got nothing but the excellence of our service to keep you on the hook shows how much we’re confident that ours is a highly advanced and versatile product. Plus, you get a tracker for free with no installation whatsoever, and you’ll be free to track your fleet cars for $9.99 per vehicle per month. If that does not say “the best deal ever,” then we don’t know what does.

It is okay to be intimidated and confused at this stage. Rest assured that we’re always here to help you. Feel free to contact us to explore our product in more detail before you sign up for the subscription.

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