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Reasons To Use GPS Trackers For Fleet Management

It takes much more than a preplanned schedule to get things done in the transportation industry. GPS tracking and fleet management are not recent concepts but have evolved rapidly over the years, so much so that their current form bears only nominal resemblance with what they were a decade back.

With the rise of the internet and modern technology, the power of GPS tracking has also increased by many folds. At the same time, fleet vehicle tracking has become easier and more affordable than ever before. But is it all about keeping a track of where your fleet vehicles are, or is there more to it?

For someone who has either never heard of GPS tracking for fleet vehicles or is trying to decide whether or not it will benefit their business, this article has listed some of the most significant merits of fleet GPS tracking to show you the full picture:

1) Increases Team Efficiency

GPS tracking systems are often mistaken as surveillance tools which is a highly misleading picture. In reality, GPS fleet tracking is all about bridging the gap between the center and the workers on the road. Instead of having to call the drivers again and again for updates, a fleet manager can simply observe their progress remotely.

This means that fleet managers, aided by this technology, are better positioned to pass orders for the fleet. Knowing where every driver is at a given point, they can easily redirect the vehicles if need be and squeeze in emergency orders or reschedule existing ones on the behest of the clients.

Thus overall, the team’s working efficiency is bound to go up due to GPS fleet tracking systems.

2) Live GPS Tracking

The single most important feature of all GPS tracking systems is their ability to track the movements of fleet vehicles as they happen in real-time. This means that you’ll be able to see their progress as it actually happens, at that very moment.

In contrast, some low-end GPS tracking systems will periodically refresh their app screens to give you locational updates. You want the former because that will improve the efficiency of your fleet management endeavors through informed decisions on your end.

3) Improves Overall Business Performance

Any business investment is only as good as the return it offers; fleet tracking is fruitful because it increases the overall business performance and takes the bar up for your workers. In short, you’ll get more work done in the same amount of time, and not by exerting your drivers harder, but through better management.

This means that the business performance will also go up. More profits mean that there will be more money for investing into your business, for offering raises, and so on. You’ll successfully boost the morale of your workers through perks and thus continue to drive up business success.

All made possible by how effectively a fleet manager can direct their fleet via GPS tracking systems.

4) Delivers On-Road Behavior Data

Your drivers represent your company on the road, and whatever they do will reflect on your company’s policy to exercise control over your workers. Since you are legally responsible for their actions while driving on the roadways, wouldn’t it be better if you could assess them in this regard?

This is another area where fleet tracking comes to the rescue. You will be notified within an instant if any of your drivers are speeding, driving aggressively, hard pressing brakes, taking swift turns, and so on. This way, you’ll be able to communicate with them in time and ensure that safe driving practices are followed, preempting a major disaster.

5) Timely Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance is one of the most important segments of running a fleet but one that is almost always ignored due to tight schedules or work stress. No more worries here as well because a fleet tracking system will also notify you about maintenance schedules and any emergency maintenance needs.

Once again, this is an area where fleet management helps improve business efficiency and preempts a bigger problem down the road. We know that maintenance costs can shoot up, and if left unchecked, these problems can lead to accidents as well, but no more with a GPS tracking system on board!

6) Fleet Performance Data/Record Available At All Times

Fleet management is not all about what happens during work hours. Instead, you can assess the performance of your workers afterward using the data recorded every day. Based on the fleet data provided by a GPS tracking system, the performance assessment will be completely fair and unchallengeable.

Plus, you won’t have to contend with manual log entries, which are usually inaccurate and hard to verify. This way, your drivers will be better motivated to work harder and genuinely put in their level best so that they stand at the top every month.

You can sweeten the deal further with perks for best performers.

When dealing with those who appear to be constantly underperforming, you’ll have a much better position when asking them to improve their work performance.

7) Better Team Management

Fleet GPS tracking is ultimately a teamwork tool.

A fleet manager needs to be concerned about a ton of things on their end, and a lot of challenges exist for the drivers. Thus to better bring the two ends together, fleet management systems allow fleet managers to observe progress on their end, report it to the client if they ask for it, and communicate with the drivers whenever needed.

Fleet managers are more likely to get better performance from their drivers when they can see their progress and adjust the schedule according to the clients’ demands. All the while, the drivers will stay in the loop of any changes due to uninterrupted communication and thus will never fail to adapt to any new strategy that their fleet manager comes up with.

All of this is impossible without a GPS tracking system.

8) Route Optimization

Time, fuel, and effort are the three things that every fleet owner wishes to conserve as much as possible. However, even with the best efforts on the part of the drivers, it is impossible to minimize losses in this area. Sometimes, a usually smooth road may become congested all of a sudden, causing a drain in all three aspects.

Fleet tracking systems can assess the performance of different routes, compare them, and then show you the optimal route for your travel. It is impossible to deliver one’s best here, only relying on instincts and experience. Instead, you need eyes in the sky and an algorithm with swift computational capabilities.

This calculation is based on distance, number of turns, traffic density, number of stops, whether or not there is any unexpected congestion, and so on.

Thus the road traveled for each delivery will be the best one out there.

9) Better Customer Service

Not only will a fleet manager be better able to give accurate ETAs to the clients to keep them informed, but also, on the driver’s end, timeliness is sure to impress them. Better communication and better performance, both enabled by fleet tracking, will ensure that your customers leave glowing reviews for you and thus increase the prospects of growth for your business!

Fleetr Is Your Go-To Choice For GPS Vehicle Tracking

We are already serving over 20,000 fleet vehicles, and our customers are steadily growing in number. Fleetr does not ask you to commit to any contractual obligations, neither does it hide any additional fees under the cover. It’s all out there for you to see.

Fleetr is all about GPS tracking, nothing else. It is a fleet management tool that lets you enjoy all the perks and features of a sophisticated vehicle management system without requiring any technical knowledge on your part. You can look at all the data and stats with just a tap at your smartphone app or a click for the desktop application.

There are no installation fees, no charges for the device, no initiation dues, and no binding contracts – that’s Fleetr, pure fleet tracking.

Call us today for more information on how our system can help you get the best out of your fleet.

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