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Integrating Fleet Tracking Into Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you know the rough impact the pandemic has had, not even on just small but nearly all businesses. Money lost, employees furloughed, customers not returning, and so on. It’s been a very hard year, however, in this year of hardships, there’s also been tons of outpouring support from all over, in ways you might even least expect it.

Businesses are teaming up to help others out, money raised to keep businesses open, and people on social media reaching out to others to support local small businesses. Fleetr is here to make a difference as well, we are hoping to help out fleet companies on the smaller side with our fleet tracking app. Not only will it save your small business money and time, it’ll help in ways you don’t even realize, and we’re here to explain that.

What Is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is an ideal move for small or large fleet companies to use. You already have a lot invested in your businesses as an owner or manager. Fleet tracking helps you keep track of where your fleets are located using GPS, how a driver is performing on the roads, and it advises you when vehicle maintenance is needed.

Investing in fleet tracking software is essential to maximizing your profit for your company, and in a time of unanswered questions and constant stress surrounding businesses and people in this new world, this is something you won’t have to have any additional stress about. It can also be a major decision as a small business owner, so understanding what’s the best out there and which one saves you the most money and time is important. We aren’t here to trick you, we’re here to guide you.

How Fleet Tracking Works:

Fleetr uses GPS tracking to pinpoint exact locations in real-time, meaning you always know where your drivers are. Here’s how GPS signaling works.  GPS satellites orbit the Earth, sending down signals to receivers where it will calculate the distance and pinpoint location in real-time. You may already be familiar with GPS systems as they’re in our phones and conveniently located on most cars’ dashboards nowadays.

For Fleetr it works nearly the same, except this isn’t just your typical GPS; it uses an OBD II Port to retrieve necessary data for tracking vehicles within your fleet.

OBD II Port explanation:

An on-board diagnostics, or OBD, is the port used when reading a vehicle’s computer information. By plugging in a GPS fleet tracking unit into the port, it retrieves diagnostic information from that vehicle.

Through the port, the fleet tracking solution will transmit data back to your dashboard, which is accessed through a smart device. By adding one into each vehicle to cover your entire fleet, you will receive vital information that is also easily accessible.

Here’s what OBD II Ports will give you data for:

  • Diagnostics: When a car’s sensors notices a fault, it will send an error message (for example: oil change needed soon/check engine light comes on)
  • Speed: Provide accuracte vehicle speed readings
  • Location: Like a GPS, it will send data detailing where each vehicle within a fleet is exactly located

With Fleetr, there’s also no need for professional installation, the OBD II device is a portable unit that plugs into the port by the driver or maintenance personnel. The device comes free of charge, and you just pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription!

How Fleetr Works

Now that you know the basic operating system that Fleetr uses, it’s time to learn the features of the app. Fleetr is a user/business friendly app that’s available to download straight from their website or on the Apple App and Google Playstore. It’s compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems.

The app takes only 20 minutes install once it is purchased by following these three steps:

  • Plug in the Fleetr device (this comes free with your monthly subscription fee)
  • Download the app (available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems)
  • Start tracking! (data will be sent to your device in real-time immediately)

Fleetr provides its own data plan that gives complete coverage across the entire U.S. with GPS fleet tracking services available through a provider in most locations. The provider sends you the tracking equipment, and you pay a monthly fee to access the information. However, Fleetr makes it possible to see your fleet without a long-term commitment, costing only $9.99 per month per vehicle. There’s no contract, so you can decide to end your service anytime you want.

An Easy Solution For A Small Fleet Business

Fleetr works best for small business owners. While other solutions are meant for larger fleet companies, Fleetr is made for companies that have a maximum of 100 vehicles in their fleet. This is designed to be more cost effective so you are not paying for a service for vehicles you don’t currently own.

But the Fleetr app also saves you money on:

  • Fuel savings of up to $200: When working with a fleet that has only a few or 100 vehicles, it costs a lot to fill those tanks up! And did you know one of the most common causes of high fuel costs is idling, which fleets tend to do often. Aggressive driving and wasting fuel at the pump are two other major reasons for high fuel costs. But this can be avoided, all you have to do is use the Fleetr service! Alerts from the data tracking system will tell drivers to shut off their engine after a specified amount of idle time passes. The system also will send alerts about aggressive driving behaviors, so you as a manager will know who’s wasting gas and causing danger on the roads. The GPS tracking system will also allow you to monitor how much fuel a driver uses through reports, so you will know instantly if they’re using the right amount, cutting down your costs overall in gas.
  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs can be a pain, especially for vehicles that are constantly on the road. Fleetr helps keep this cost down by alerting you when issues arise in your fleet so you can perform maintenance proactively. The service allows you to see the status of each vehicle’s battery life, miles left until maintenance should be done, when an oil change is required, and if brake pads are wearing out.
  • Administrative expenses: Cut down on the paperwork and step into the 21st century with Fleetr. Think of all that paper you’re wasting, and how much you could save on expensive ink. Have all the information you need in the palm of your hand with the Fleetr software! As a small business, you can’t waste money or time, so let the app handle this part for you.

Keeping Your Drivers Safe

Another great thing about Fleetr is how much it’ll ensure driver safety. Small businesses usually mean a smaller number of employees, and those employees that risk their lives on the road are safer with Fleetr by their side.

The real-time GPS tracking data monitors any aggressive or unsafe driving behaviors. Majority of the time, if employees know they are being watched, they’ll perform better and follow the rules of the road. This once again saves your small business money on maintenance and any accident costs. Another great thing about a GPS tracking software like Fleetr is that the majority of insurance companies already note the value of GPS fleet tracking and will offer discounts to businesses that utilize them. That’s more savings in your pocket as an owner!

Fleetr will provide you weekly with reports and scoring for efficiency and driver performance. Scores that are 67 and higher are considered efficient while scores that are 33 or under are problems you may want to address amongst your drivers. When drivers know they are being watched, their efficiency is known to improve.

Small Business, Large Savings

Again, in a world right now of many unknowns, Fleetr knows this, it’s here to help you thrive as a business. Especially small businesses as Fleetr specializes in smaller fleets (remember 100 vehicles max). The low monthly fee of $9.99 gives you a free device and, most importantly, support in your business endeavors. We are here to make you feel confident in your business, your fleet vehicles, and your fleet drivers. So, here’s your next step to maximize your savings!

  1. Head to
  2. Double-check how much you’ll save by conveniently using the Fleetr ROI Calculator
  3. Buy the subscription and receive the device for free
  4. Set up device, and start monitoring data from your fleet
  5. Start saving!

It’s that simple with Fleetr! And if you decide to cancel, we ask you to just send your device back, and that’s all, no hidden fees whatsoever! If you have any questions or would like to inquire more before buying, we are U.S.-based and offer customer support services at your convenience, whether that be chat, voice, or email. We look forward to integrating fleet tracking into your small business.

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