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GPS Vehicle Tracking Made Simple With Fleetr

Fleet management and telematics have long been seen as being overly complicated and out of the way for most people. This can’t be far from the truth. In fact, the whole enterprise stands on the foundation of simplicity. GPS tracking is meant to be simple for all. People with minimal technical expertise (or even those who are completely alien to it) can operate vehicle tracking software without hassle. This does not mean that the features being offered are limited in any way; but instead, they’ve been presented in such a simplified manner that anyone can use the technology.

This article specifically explains how Fleetr has made GPS tracking simpler, more accessible, and highly fruitful. Our product has been designed specifically for delivering high performance, flexibility, and versatility, all for a $9.99 per vehicle monthly rent minus any hidden charges or extra fees. But how does it all work? How will you acquire the Fleetr GPS tracking system, how will you set it up, and what comes after that? Fret not because, in this article, we will discuss just that and more. Read on to find out what Fleetr holds for you!

GPS tracking systems are far from being surveillance tools. They are management assets to help bridge the gap between both ends of the operation. With more information, fleet managers will be able to make better decisions for rerouting drivers, assigning tasks, etc. Overall, your team’s performance is bound to improve because fleet tracking helps you eliminate doubt and replace it with factual data. This way, you’ll be able to see where the problems lie with your business and what you can do to make things better.

You’ll be able to get the best from your fleet management staff when you offer them all the information they need via vehicle tracking. Plus, optimizing communication between fleet managers and the drivers they manage will lead to more efficient business performance. But these are all claims, and people tend to be skeptical about the validity of such claims. Moreover, there are usually many questions on the minds of potential clients when deciding to buy a fleet tracking solution. In this article, we aim to answer the most important ones.

Hopefully, you’ll have a much clearer idea about what GPS tracking can do for your business and how GPS technology fits into a small business model after reading through our answers to the top, most frequently asked questions in this regard.

How To Get Your Hands On Fleetr

The best part about Fleetr GPS tracking and telematics is that the acquisition process is rather simple. Usually, you have to commit to strict contract terms such as tracking a specific number of vehicles or using the vehicle tracking system for a set period. This is not the case with Fleetr. You walk in and out of the deal at will. The first part about how Fleetr makes fleet management simpler and more accessible for all is the process of acquiring your very own fleet tracking system. The whole process is as easy as things get, and once you get your hands on the system, it only gets smoother from thereon.

Here’s how the whole deal works:

Buying The Subscription

Our telematics subscription plan is rather simple and minimalistic – it is a per vehicle per month deal which means that you only have to pay for our services, nothing else. In contrast, package deals often have you pay for stuff you’re not even using, i.e., if you buy a fleet tracking package for six vehicles when you have just five, you’ll still be paying for one extra car. This is not how our deal works. Instead, we have a personalized subscription plan for all.

You won’t have to commit to any terms you think are unreasonable – in fact, we have tailored our experience to suit the needs of all of our clients. Just remember that when you subscribe to our services, the only thing you’ll have to deal with is the monthly rent. Even the tracker is free, and we’ll ship you yours when you signup for the fleet tracking system. Call us today, and we’ll set you up with our subscription right away; the rest is also pretty simple!

Installing The Tracker

You’ll get your very own Fleetr telematics tracking device shipped to your address for free, and then you can start tracking your fleet cars right away. Note that our fleet tracking equipment is plug-and-play which means that as soon as you plug the device into the OBD panel of the fleet vehicle, it will get powered up and start emitting locational updates. You can then track your vehicle without trouble. Just set up the device with your mobile app, which will be it.

The telematics tracker is capable of sending location updates live, in addition to other things like maintenance alerts, idling notifications, driver behavior alerts, location history, and so on. Thus the data received on your end will be complex. However, our simplistic UI will make it all easy to understand. There will be no installation charges or any other hidden dues for the tracker – the rent will cover the device’s cost.

Setting Up The Fleetr Application

The most important part of setting up your telematics fleet tracking system is installing and configuring the app. The Fleetr application is compatible with both PCs and mobile phones. We highly recommend that you get our smartphone app as well because it will keep you notified even when you’re not signed into the computer app or unavailable otherwise.

The application UI is pretty simple. You should not have trouble navigating through the various screens and options. Once you try it out, it will all come to you like riding a bike – it’s that simple! Just click and tap a bit until you explore the whole set of functions, otherwise, just check out our guide for reference.

You also have the option of configuring some aspects of the app to your liking. For instance, you can choose to get notified about certain events and not about others. This way, the Fleetr application works precisely as you would want it to.

Why Use Fleet Tracking Equipment?

Now that we’ve discussed how Fleetr makes things so simple and efficient for all business owners let’s dive a bit into the perks afforded by fleet tracking in general. It is not all about tracking your fleet cars to stay aware of your workers’ performance, but to devise strategies to make things even better! Why is it that more and more people from all business backgrounds with a transportation component, see fleet management as a solid investment opportunity. The answer, we believe, lies not in the utility of the system alone, but also, in how it changes things – fleet tracking makes the business protocol more productive overall.

Better Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, it is not merely the utility of fleet tracking that makes it worth your investment but the fact that fleet management improves the overall business setup proficiency for any setup. The first area where fleet tracking makes an impact is the efficiency of operations. By optimizing communication and reducing the need to stay in touch (through the display of the data), fleet tracking allows operators on both ends – the drivers and the fleet managers – to do their work unabated by the worries that would otherwise keep them from working at peak productivity.

Enhanced Teamwork

There are many ways people describe fleet tracking, and one of the paramount features that it presents is teamwork. By its very nature, Fleet tracking helps workers and managers better cooperate on the business at hand and thus work more efficiently as a team. The essence of teamwork is knowing when to reach out to one another for assistance, and this fleet management makes it easier by introducing complete transparency in the equation. When fleet managers can see things for themselves, they won’t bother their drivers with unnecessary calls or texts and only communicate optimally.

This will let the drivers do their work and create a sense of security for them in that their manager will contact them if something important happens. Plus, they’ll also rest their minds knowing that their efforts and hard work are being monitored, and they will be rewarded for them.

No Need For Manual Logs

Perhaps the best part about fleet tracking is that it automates the whole record-keeping process. Creating and maintaining manual logs to record the amount of work done every day is highly inefficient and very impractical. You don’t have eyes on the road. As a fleet manager sitting in the office, there is no way for you to ensure that the amount of work reported on the logs is equal to the amount of work done on the road. Can you be sure that one of your drivers is not busy running side gigs with the company vehicle?

There is no reason for you to doubt your workers. We are simply suggesting that you stop relying on their ability to remember the amount of work done. Even an honest worker can misreport the numbers, and without verification, this will all come haunting you later on. Thus, your best bet would be to automate the daily records, which is precisely what fleet tracking helps you do.

Detailed Performance Information Available

The information delivered by fleet tracking systems is highly detailed. This allows fleet managers to better assess their workers on a meritocratic basis and eliminate any sense of favorites. It is normal for drivers to feel that there are particular favorites and that their efforts will never be validated no matter how hard they work. You need to end this atmosphere – if you want your drivers to work their best, thinking that you will judge them based on their performance alone, fleet tracking can help. The data delivered by fleet management systems will let you make impartial, fact-based decisions, and these details will also help you defend your decisions if they are ever challenged.

Lower Business Costs

Business costs, especially for fuel and maintenance, are the biggest factor involved in deciding the ability of a business to grow beyond its current frontier. You need to come up with more and more ways to reduce business costs so that you can create room for growth. Consider it like this: the more you save up, the more you have to spend on your business. The lower the costs, the more room for business growth, and you need to expand constantly to excel in the market competition.

Just know that there are always ways to make your business cost less than what it does at the moment. Transportation involves a lot of fuel wastage in the form of idling, improper route management, poor maintenance, etc. If you can avoid such drains, it will help your business prosper like never before, but you need detailed data about where the problem lies so you can fix it. This is where fleet tracking comes into the picture.

Features To Look For In A Fleet Tracking System

Lastly, you need to understand what makes a fleet tracking system worth your investment – not all systems are the same. Some are better suited for larger fleets. Others have been designed specifically to tackle the issues faced by smaller ones. It is all a matter of design and framework, but there is another factor to consider: quality. Not all systems offer the same level of features, and you need to know what features distinguish an average product from a sophisticated choice.

Here’s what an ideal fleet tracking system should look like:

Live Location Tracking

The first and most important feature to look for in any fleet tracking system is live location tracking. This is the ability to track the movements of your fleet vehicles as they happen at that very moment in time. In short, the movements of your fleet vehicles in real life will be represented by a moving dot on the screen of your fleet management application. You can contrast this with seeing locational changes after fixed intervals: either half a minute, a minute, or two. The latter, of course, is inefficient and does not compare with the former.

When buying a fleet tracking product, make sure that it says “live” location tracking or “real-time” or something else to that effect. If unsure, make sure you communicate your concerns so that you don’t end up buying an inadequate product with only limited features and superficial location tracking abilities.

Location History Feature

The live location tracking feature is there to help fleet managers keep track of the locational displacements as they happen. But what if you’re not in front of the screen at the time those movements happened? You can’t always be signed into the PC application, and there are going to be times when you’re away from the screen. If you want to review the performance of your workers in the meantime, you can always check the location history of your fleet vehicles.

This feature lets you see where all of your cars have been on a given day. Even if you miss the live updates, you can simply review the location history later, which will help you ensure that company assets are not used for private business.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

It is also important to know how your drivers are performing on the road. Fleet management puts you in the seat with every driver you have on the road without you ever leaving the office. Your drivers will be more responsible when they learn that their driving patterns are being monitored and that you receive updates about any rough or unsafe driving. An ideal fleet management system should give you updates about speeding, swift turns, and other indicators of poor driving so you can discourage such unsafe behavior before it becomes troublesome. This way, you’ll be able to protect your company from lawsuits associated with car crashes and also save up on the money lost on repairs and whatnot because of such occurrences.

Route Optimization

Selecting the best possible route for each travel is also one of the perks that a decent fleet management system will afford you. Route optimization is not simply meant to cut down the distance being traveled. Instead, it uses a complex algorithm to find the most optimal route based on several factors to help your vehicles navigate through their stops in the most efficient way possible.

Idling & Other Important Notifications

Lastly, important notifications are a must-have feature for the mobile application of any fleet management system. You can’t ignore this feature because it is impossible to stay glued to the screen all the time. With timely notifications, you’ll be alerted about stuff like idling, unsafe driving, maintenance trouble, and so on.

You’ll thus be able to act in time to correct these issues!

Bottom Line: Fleetr Is The Perfect Tracking Solution For All Fleet Sizes

Hopefully, by now, you understand just how big a deal fleet tracking is and what you have to gain by incorporating GPS tracking technology in your fleet business. Fleetr itself is very simple to acquire – there are no binding contracts, hidden fees, complex signups, and other problematic stuff. Everything has been simplified to the core so that you can acquire our fleet management system without breaking a sweat about rent, contractual agreements, and stuff like that. In short, Fleetr will not bind you in any way, and you will instead be allowed to use our hardware and software to your liking, for as many vehicles you need to, and for whatever duration you see fit.

Contact us today to get started with the acquisition process, join the thousands of other fleet owners who have benefited from Fleetr, and continue to do so!

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