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Discovering Solutions for GPS Fleet Tracking

A fleet is a valuable asset to any business. Whether you have one vehicle or 100 vehicles, they are essential to daily business. Maintaining your fleet and keeping up with your drivers is the only way to ensure that your company’s assets are protected. How are you supposed to do this each day?

You are busy in your role, and you can’t be in more than one place at a time. Or can you? GPS fleet tracking is like you are next to each one of your drivers. You see all of the stats for each of your vehicles in one place, allowing you to be in more than one place while carrying out your duties.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

Like the GPS you use to find your way around, the same satellites can be used to keep track of your fleet. GPS satellites can be found orbiting the Earth, communicating with receivers and pinpointing locations with almost 100% accuracy. Fleet managers and owners can then see where their vehicles are with real-time data.

GPS fleet tracking is a service that is often available through a provider. The provider sends you the tracking equipment, and you pay a monthly fee to access the information. Companies like Fleetr make it possible to see your fleet without a long-term commitment, costing only $12.99 per month per vehicle.

How does GPS fleet tracking work?


Most of the GPS tracking solutions utilize the OBD II port within the vehicle. OBD is short for “on-board diagnostics” and is the port used when reading the vehicle computer’s information. For example, if your check engine light comes on, the code reader is plugged into this port to find out the problem.

The GPS fleet tracking unit is plugged into this port to gather diagnostic information from the vehicle. It also doubles as a receiver for the GPS satellites. Through the port, the fleet tracking solution can transmit the data back to your dashboard, which is often accessed through a smart device.

Fleet Monitoring

Using GPS fleet tracking helps you keep track of more than just where your vehicles are. You can learn a lot about your fleet’s day-to-day operations and get reports on what you can do to be better efficient.

Fleet Tracking Increases Safety

You want your fleet to be seen as synonymous with safety. Looking at irrefutable data about your driver’s habits can help you determine who is safe on the roadway and who is not. Fleetr looks at the potentially dangerous behaviors, including:

  • Speeding – Driving at high rates of speed reduces the amount of time that a driver has to react in certain situations. This action puts the driver, the vehicle, and other people in unnecessary danger.
  • Hard Braking – Sudden instances of braking can create dangerous situations on the roadways. The occurrence of hard braking can also indicate that a driver may have been distracted.
  • Rapid Acceleration – Instances of rapid acceleration can be indications of driver aggression or unsafe habits.
  • Sharp Turns – Turns done that are sharp or at higher rates of speed can create unnecessary danger for pedestrians and other people on the road.

Fleetr uses the information gathered from these areas to create a safety score. The overall safety score is calculated on a full week of driving, Monday through Sunday. A Fleetr score above 67 is considered safe driving. Anything that falls under 33 is considered unsafe and needs to be addressed.

Driver safety is also converted into a score with Fleetr. You can see who on your fleet has the best driving habits and which of the drivers you should be paying closer attention to. Not only is a driver handling your asset, but they are also representing your company’s brand—their driving matters.

Real-time alerts are sent when driving is considered to be dangerous, allowing you to reach out to the driver to address the situation. With Fleetr, you don’t only get the tools to improve safety, but you get alerts to help you maintain safety.

Fleet Tracking Saves on Fuel Costs

Driving habits can influence the amount you spend on fuel in your fleet vehicles. With the right fleet tracking solution, you could save your business up to $200 per month per vehicle just in fuel efficiency. Factors such as the amount of time idling, speed, and hard braking can influence your vehicle’s fuel performance.

Fleetr knows that fuel economy is important. With an efficiency score, you can keep track of where you are losing money and what you can do to make your fleet more efficient. By becoming aware of the behaviors that are causing efficiency problems, you can correct them before they get too out of hand.

An efficiency score of 67 or better is considered efficient driving. If scores fall 33 or under, driving is inefficient and should be addressed immediately.

Fleet Tracking Keeps Vehicles Maintained

Maintenance is essential to your fleet and your business. You keep your fleet healthy by making sure that it is properly maintained. Most maintenance intervals are done by the mileage put on the vehicle. Manually keeping track requires your drivers to report accurate mileages when they turn in their paperwork. You don’t have time to keep track of all this information and go home at night!

Solutions like Fleetr can keep track of these intervals and alert you when maintenance needs to be completed. Use Fleetr’s app to help you keep track of:

  • Remaining battery life
  • Number of miles until routine maintenance needs to be done
  • Miles remaining before an oil change is needed
  • The amount of wear on your brake pads

You can adjust your maintenance intervals to suit your fleet needs. If a check engine light comes on, you can be alerted that service is needed. Fleet tracking solutions make it possible to keep your fleet efficient, safe, and properly maintained, increasing your vehicles’ longevity.

What To Look For in a Fleet Tracking Solution

When you are looking for the right fleet tracking solution for your company, you have to look at their product offering. Not every fleet tracking solution will be right for you and your business. You have to do a little bit of investigation to ensure you are getting the right company as your tracking solution.

What should you look for in a fleet tracking solution?

  • Real-Time Capabilities – You want to be able to see your fleet in real-time. If you question where a driver is or how far they are from a location, you can pull out your app and see their location. Real-time information regarding speed and driving lets you see who is following the road rules and who is not.
  • Driver Dispatching – If you have a business that makes emergency calls, you will likely dispatch drivers where you need them to go. Vehicle tracking with a two-way driver communication feature and real-time location can let you dispatch the driver closest to the area your call was received for.
  • Maintenance Alerts – Proper maintenance is important for the health and longevity of a fleet. A fleet tracking solution should offer you the ability to keep track of maintenance intervals. You should receive alerts when necessary maintenance is needed.
  • Reports and Analytics – The data you compile about your fleet needs to go somewhere. What better way is there than to use the data you compile to change the way your fleet operates? Reporting and analytics show you where you need improvement and where your fleet shines. Use the information to make necessary changes and become more efficient.
  • Compatible Device Use – Part of using a fleet tracking solution is finding one you can use no matter where you are. Compatibility with your smartphone or other device makes it easy to step away from your desk when you need to. If you have multiple shifts of fleet vehicles running, seeing what is going on after you go home without being in the office makes all the difference.

How Fleetr Can Change Fleet Tracking Solutions

There is a possibility that you have looked at other fleet tracking solutions in the past for your company. Maybe they just weren’t right for you at the time, or there was something about the companies you looked at that didn’t fulfill your needs.

Fleetr’s fleet tracking solutions change all of that.

Fleetr is a new kind of fleet tracking solution, one that lets you decide your terms. Most fleet tracking solutions require you to commit to a contract, but not Fleetr. The subscription service is $12.99 a month per vehicle, with no long contractual obligation. When you are done with the vehicle tracker, send it back to Fleetr.

Benefits of Using Fleetr

Fleetr is made for the small fleet owner. While other solutions are meant for larger fleet companies, Fleetr is made for 100 fleet vehicles per company maximum. Now there is a solution that caters to you and your fleet without paying more because you don’t have a high number of vehicles.

Fleetr offers you everything you need to make sure your drivers are safe, your fleet is maintained, and you drive to a higher efficiency level. Weekly reports show you how your drivers measure up against one another. Just plug in the device and use the mobile application. There are no hidden fees or device charges monthly. Everything Fleetr does is with you and your fleet in mind.

Why You Need Fleetr

Fleetr will help your fleet become more efficient, safer, and your drivers will become more accountable. Don’t you think that it might be worth spending the $12.99 per vehicle per month? Weekly reporting and insight on your fleet without feeling like you have to be in a hundred different places at once because you can be with Fleetr. The Fleetr application does it all and leaves it right at your fingertips.

Don’t you think it is time for you to find a fleet tracking solution to simplify things and make your fleet more efficient?

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