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The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Adding vehicle tracking to your fleet is more than just knowing where your drivers are at any given moment during the workday. When you add vehicle tracking to your fleet, you unlock the ability to strengthen driver efficiency, fleet safety, and cost-effective savings. We know that your business is important to you. That is why we want to highlight all the benefits that exist when you incorporate a vehicle tracking system into your current fleet management operations.

How a Vehicle Tracking System Benefits Your Fleet

When you decide that the time has come to integrate your fleet with a GPS tracking system, you will find that your business begins to thrive more than it did before. As a small fleet owner/manager, you spend a large part of your time monitoring your fleet. When you install Fleetr into your vehicle, it reduces the amount of time you spend monitoring and allows you to spend more time focused on the business.

Real-Time Fleet Visibility

Using GPS fleet monitoring gives you the real-time status and location of your fleet vehicles. This vital data can allow you to make changes in real-time to improve and enhance fleet performance. If you dispatch drivers to emergency calls, the real-time location can help you determine which vehicle is closest to the call location.

Encourage Driver Safety

Managing your fleet is not just about the vehicle but also about your drivers. When drivers use risky driving behavior, they are putting themselves in danger and everyone around them. Fleetr monitors the driving behaviors and sends push notification alerts when serious infractions occur, letting you handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is something every fleet owner struggles with. Fleetr gives small fleet owners and managers, like yourself, the tips they need to make necessary changes for better fuel efficiency. Weekly reports provide insight into what changes can be made to enhance performance. These tips can save your fleet hundreds of dollars per year on fuel.

Keep Up on Maintenance

Depending on the size of your fleet, keeping up with the maintenance might be a headache. Keeping track of mileage so that oil changes and tire rotations are done at the right time can be a job in itself. Vehicle tracking can help you manage the miles your fleet drives, notifying you when it is time for a vehicle service call. Vehicles that are properly maintained have a longer lifespan than those that miss crucial tuneups.

Improved Reporting

Using vehicle tracking creates better reporting by using data-driven information from the units themselves. Real-time information is translated into real-time reporting, which is more efficient than using hand-written mileages and driver accounts. Fleetr produces weekly reports for small fleet owners, giving them the insight they need on fuel savings, productivity, driver safety, and overall fleet efficiency. The information is compiled from a week’s worth of driving information (Sunday through Saturday). It assigns a score rating to each category. A score of 67 or higher means that the fleet/driver is efficient. However, any score below 33 needs immediate attention.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Increase Accountability

Accountability doesn’t always just pertain to the drivers of your fleet. Your accountability is also important. It is easy to overlook areas in our business when we are overwhelmed with others. Sometimes issues that should be addressed early on aren’t tended to because your focus is elsewhere.

The data doesn’t lie when you use a GPS tracking system for fleet management. Not only are your drivers required to pay more attention to their actions, but reporting makes you responsible for addressing the behaviors that could ultimately cost your business.

You Need GPS Tracking For Your Fleet

It may seem presumptuous for us to tell you that you need GPS tracking for your fleet, but is it? It is likely that you have thought about integrating a tracking system within your fleet before but wasn’t sure if the cost was worth it. As a general rule, most of the companies that provide fleet tracking provide larger discounts for higher fleet numbers, which doesn’t help you and your small fleet.

What if I told you that there was a way for you to monitor your fleet effectively, and it practically pays for itself?

The Fleetr Difference

Fleetr was designed for YOU and other small fleet owners and managers. For a low monthly payment amount per fleet vehicle, Fleetr can provide you with all the information you need to run your fleet efficiently.

Fleetr is a month-to-month style contract, meaning you don’t have to agree to a lengthy subscription just to get a fair price. When you sign up for Fleetr, you get the following:

  • Fleet monitoring device(s) that plug into the OBD II port on your fleet vehicle, shipped to you through the mail
  • An app for your smart device, allowing you access to real-time driver information, fleet location, maintenance schedules, and reporting, among other features
  • Weekly reports outlining efficiency and tips on how to improve areas that are a cause for concern

With all the savings you can find by using Fleetr, the vehicle monitoring system pays for itself. You could be saving up to $200 per month per vehicle just by using the efficiency tips provided with your Fleetr reporting. Don’t you think it is time to start using a vehicle tracking system for your fleet?

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Benefits YOU

When it comes to a vehicle tracking system for your fleet, the common denominator is how it benefits you and your business. The purpose of having a fleet tracking system is to maximize efficiency and have real-time information on your fleet, keeping your business running at a high-performance level. The better your business, the happier customers will be.

Through the use of vehicle tracking, you can ensure a higher client retention rate. The more efficient your fleet becomes, the more your clients will notice – making them want to continue calling you for services instead of your competitor. They are also more likely to recommend your services when you are professional and efficient. Your savings from using fleet monitoring can even allow you to offer better deals and customers like a good deal.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of using a vehicle tracking system firsthand, Fleetr can have you on your way with three easy steps. When you sign up for Fleetr using the ‘BUY NOW’ page, you enter the number of devices you need and set up your payment. Fleetr will send your devices through the mail, and most receive them within three to five days! Plugin the devices and set up your app, then you are ready to begin your Fleetr experience!

Make your fleet the most efficient fleet in the industry by using vehicle monitoring systems today!

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