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Cutting Costs With Simple Fleet Tracking

The importance of fleet tracking in the modern business world cannot be overstated.

Thousands of businesses are implementing GPS tracking solutions to their fleet vehicles, even if there are only one or two of them to monitor. The prospects of enhanced transparency, efficiency, and more streamlined communication are too tempting to overlook.

However, the real motivation behind such advances is pretty obvious: money.

All businesses work on an efficiency principle, you need to get more money out of things than you put in. But how does an investment in fleet management systems ensure this, we’ll discuss just that in this article as we explore some of the ways through which fleet tracking helps reduce cost for operating vehicles.

How Fleet Tracking Helps Reduce Vehicle Operations Costs

Here’s how a fleet tracking solution like Fleetr can help reduce operations costs for vehicles and save time:

Slashing Fuel Wastage

One of the prime advantages of fleet tracking is that it allows you to keep a better look at fuel usage and thus prevent its wastage however possible. Fuel wastage is among the biggest momentary drains for any business involving a transportation component.

From small fleets to large ones, monitoring fuel usage is very important as it helps you slash down the operations costs. Vehicles are bound to use fuel, however, you can avoid things like idling, poor route selection, and maintenance trouble which can cause monetary drains in the form of waste fuel.

The sum saved may not seem like a big deal immediately, but it will matter a lot over the period of a year.

Better Route Planning & Time Conservation

Time is money in the transportation business, quite literally.

Even a single hour saved in operations throughout the day will allow you to get more done in the same time limit.

Thus when fleet tracking helps you select the optimal routes (less distance and simple driving) for every travel, you not only save lots of time and effort, you also save money by getting more work done in the day which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Timely Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance trouble only gets worse over time, and while you should be extra vigilant about such matters, there is really no way of knowing when these issues will come knocking at your door. However, fleet tracking systems give you timely alerts of any impending trouble.

Fleet management software also set up reminders to help you get maintenance work done regularly to avoid bigger troubles and thus bigger monetary drains.

Avoiding Traffic Crashes

A serious traffic crash involving a company car can cost the company thousands of dollars in compensation payouts. It is a nightmare, to say the least, however, you can avoid such a catastrophe through better monitoring and by exerting more control over the drivers.

Fleet management systems do much more than GPS tracking, they allow you to monitor the vehicles closely and see if anything out of the ordinary is happening that demands your attention. Deviations like speeding, aggressive driving, hard break presses, rapid acceleration and deceleration, and so on will not go by unnoticed.

If you can control driver behavior, then the odds of a traffic accident and the possibility of losing thousands of dollars will be vastly diminished.

Automated Records

Manual logs are easy to manipulate and don’t reflect the work done in the field.

Perhaps some of your drivers are involved in side-gigs during business hours and use your company assets to do so. You can avoid all the confusion through automated records generated by a fleet management system for all fleet vehicles.

This does not mean that you should be skeptical about the honesty of your drivers. Instead, you should tell your drivers that automated records simply make things easier for everyone involved.

Through better records, you’ll know that the company time is not being misused, and as we mentioned earlier, the adage applies literally to the transportation business.

Fleetr Is The Perfect Cost-Efficient GPS Tracking Solution For Small Fleets

The problem with most fleet tracking solutions is that they’re meant for large enterprise-level businesses with dozens of vehicles dotted across the city. However, this is not the case with most small businesses that wish to add more transparency to their transport operations. There are many reasons for a small business to get a fleet GPS.

This is where small fleet options like Fleetr come into play.

Fleetr sets itself apart from the crowd by not subjecting you to any complicated terms and conditions, time commitments, extra/hidden charges, and installation fees.

Just call us, get your subscription without any commitments or contracts, we’ll ship you a free vehicle tracker (simply plug and play), download our app, and get started, it’s literally that simple. Feel free to reach out anytime, we’re always eager to assist our customers.

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