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Reasons To Get A Fleet GPS

GPS fleet tracking systems have gained lots of attention in recent times as the digitization of businesses is underway; entrepreneurs are looking for more ways to control every aspect of their setup and to make things more efficient. Fleet GPS tracking fits perfectly in this equation.

Businesses have reported greater profit margins, better control over their fleet vehicles, and smoother operations through the integration of fleet GPS tracking systems. But why are these fleet management systems so popular, and why have they bagged so much success?

We’ll answer just that as we explore some of the most common reasons for the integration of fleet tracking systems in the modern transportation business world.

7 Reasons To Get A GPS Fleet Tracking System

Here’s why you should consider getting a fleet management system:

1.    Live Location Tracking

Real-time fleet GPS tracking allows fleet managers to track the location of their assets, even if they may be spread across the city, with pinpoint accuracy. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to track your vehicles on your screen as they move in real-time.

In contrast, some cheaper alternatives will give you intervaled updates on the locations. Though such trackers are cheaper, they won’t let you make accurate decisions or keep an eye out for your drivers on the road – a live tracking system will be able to do that without any problem.

Real-time tracking also eliminates any communication gaps as you’ll know where your drivers are exactly and be able to talk to them accordingly (you won’t have to ask them this question).

2.    Route Optimization

Selecting the best route for every travel is another area where fleet tracking helps businesses save not only time but also money. Come to think of it, time is money for fleet owners who are always eager to pack more things into every day’s schedule.

Now, that is finally possible.

Fleet tracking systems allow users to plot the perfect route for every ride, factoring in the distance, traffic density, road conditions, and whatnot. This way, your drivers will save time and effort on every rode and may be able to get more done by the end of the day with all the minutes saved.

Route optimization also ensures that you’ll reach your clients on time without any delays, and this is exactly what the transportation business is all about.

3.    Better Transparency & Control

The leadership skills of fleet managers will blossom fine if they can exert a little bit more control and have enhanced transparency in their work. Leaders should not be bossy, but if you see something unacceptable, you should be blunt about it, especially if it is serious.

However, this would only be possible if you could “see” something like that.

Fleet tracking once again comes to the rescue by unveiling the whole process and eliminating the shadows. With improved transparency, you’ll be in a much better position to call the shots where they matter and make informed decisions.

Also, you’ll be better able to communicate your position with the clients, i.e. when giving ETAs.

4.    Monitoring Driver Behavior

How your drivers perform on the road will not only directly reflect on your company’s reputation but can also cause some serious monetary damage to you if they get involved in a traffic accident. Crashes usually happen due to unsafe driving practices and negligence.

You can avoid such disasters by monitoring the driving patterns of all of your drivers and noting if there is anything that needs to be improved. You won’t have to keep your eyes glued to the screen, instead if one of your drivers is speeding, driving aggressively, or showing any rough driving behavior, you’ll be immediately notified.

When that happens, the rest is your responsibility. Make sure that you discuss the hazards of such recklessness and make it clear to all of your workers that you won’t tolerate such carelessness where the lives of others may be at risk as well.

5.    Better Control Over Fuel Consumption

Fuel wastage through idling and poor route planning can drain a huge sum from the business’s funds over a year. This amount may not seem like much on a daily basis, but over some time, you’ll see that the drain is significant and nothing to be ignored.

This money can help you grow your business further or to give bonuses to your employees for a job well done – but you’ll have to save it first.

We’ve already discussed how fleet tracking helps with route optimization; it also sends notifications to warn you of idling. When you see the alert, be sure to tell your drivers how much they idled and why it is important that they don’t do that.

6.    Alerts & Reminders

Fleet tracking systems send timely alerts and reminders for:

  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Hard pressing of brakes
  • Swift turns
  • Maintenance trouble
  • Regular maintenance-schedule reminders
  • Vehicle straying out of your designated zone

And so on…

7.    Automated Records

Lastly, fleet tracking helps with its automated data collection feature which lets it present to you detailed day-to-day records of your drivers. No need to ask them to fill in manual logs which can easily be manipulated to misrepresent the amount of work done.

Fleetr Is The Perfect GPS Tracking System For Small Sized Fleets

Fleetr is different from most of the other options currently available in the market in that it offers enhanced freedom to the users. We won’t ask you to commit to binding terms or use the system for a set number of vehicles, or to pay any hidden charges.

Fleetr is all about freedom of tracking – there are no binding contracts, no initiation fees, no hard terms, and no additional charges. Just call us, get your free device, download the app, pay $9.99 per month for one vehicle, and get tracking.

Things couldn’t be any simpler, and this is what Fleetr is all about.

Contact us today, and we’ll show you how things work and how Fleetr can help you get the best out of your fleet, no matter how small!

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