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About Fleetr’s Easy To Use Fleet GPS Systems

Fleetr is the perfect GPS fleet tracking solution for all of your needs, no matter how small your fleet is – the basic idea behind Fleetr is affordability and premium features combined under one umbrella. The idea that fleet tracking has to be overly expensive or extremely sophisticated is incorrect. Fleet tracking is meant to be accessible for more and more people. The technology has improved drastically over the years, and in the course of doing so, it has become much simpler and all the more effective at the same time. Now, you’re not only going to be tracking the location of your fleet vehicles but instead use data transmitted by your Fleetr trackers to manage your fleet vehicles more effectively.

Fleet management, in its essence, is all about minimizing the costs of operations – the actual costs, effort, and time needed to operate fleet vehicles. No matter how many or how few you have, fleet vehicles are best managed remotely via a fleet tracking system, and this way, you will be able to extend control over your cars. But it does not end there. Fleet tracking is meant to make things simpler, more productive, and highly efficient – this applies to all fleet management segments. Fleetr fulfills all of these requirements, allowing you to better manage your fleet vehicles without worrying about binding contracts, high fees, and other troubling stuff.

Read on to find out more!

How To Get Started With Fleetr

Fleetr is meant to make fleet tracking easier without adding any complications to the process. The basic idea behind fleet tracking is to streamline things, and Fleetr goes a long way in ensuring that. You get all the features you need – such as location tracking, location history, driver behavior, and much more – without having to agree to any binding contracts or having to contend with extreme rents. The best part about Fleetr is that acquiring your fleet tracking system is as simple as things get, with zero complications whatsoever, from stage A to Z. Even after that, using your fleet management system was never simpler – Fleetr is the perfect epitome of simplicity and effectiveness.

Buy Our Subscription

The Fleetr subscription is ultra-simple. We don’t have any binding contracts for our clients to sign on – all the details are disclosed from day one; you don’t have to agree to use Fleetr for a set period or a set number of vehicles. Plus, there are no hidden charges at all, you just have to pay for our services, which will be all. Fleetr is as simple as things get in the subscription area, just give us a call and buy your custom membership for $9.99 per vehicle per month rent. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at any time, whenever you want to, and you can walk out when you feel like it – no obligations.

Get Our Fleet Tracking Device

The Fleetr tracking device is free – no charge whatsoever. The $9.99 per vehicle per month rent covers everything. Our tracker is a plug-and-play device which means that it has been perfectly functional from day one. Just plug it into the car’s OBD panel, and it will power up and begin transmitting data. Once you plug the device into the car’s onboard diagnostic panel, you can begin tracking – just one more thing to take care of beforehand: setting up the Fleetr application and hooking it up with your tracker.

Setup Our Fleetr App On Your PC & Mobile Device

The Fleetr application is compatible with both mobile phones (smartphones – android and iOS) and computers. We highly recommend that you use our application on both platforms so that you never stay away from the location updates for your fleet vehicles and all the other important inputs. Once you install the application and boot it up, you’ll be welcomed by a simple, rather minimalistic UI. After a couple of taps, swipes, and clicks, you’ll be acquainted with all the features that our app has to offer.

Plus, you can also adjust the notifications settings to your liking for optimal performance – and with that done, good luck with tracking!

Unleash The Power Of Fleet Tracking With Fleetr

Fleetr does much more than just track the location of your fleet vehicles. Once you start using our application and tap your way across the screen, you’ll get the hang of the many features that come with the Fleetr app. The best part is that our software works on both computers and mobile phones, allowing you to track your vehicles even when you’re away from your PC. Here are the many features you can use to unleash the true potential of Fleetr:

  • Live location tracking – the ability to track the locational displacements of your fleet vehicles as soon as they happen, almost instantaneously.
  • Location history – you’ll get to see where each of your fleet vehicles went on a given day so that you know that every day is spent doing work, nothing else.
  • Driver behavior is the ability to see how well your drivers are performing, whether or not they are driving safely, and so on.
  • Idling alerts – this way, you’ll know when one of your fleet vehicles has been idling for some time, and thus you’ll be able to save up on fuel costs.
  • Route optimization – this feature allows you to map out the most optimal route for each travel so you can conserve time and money with every ride.
  • Maintenance notifications – the onboard diagnosis panel data will show you any impending maintenance trouble you need to take care of.
  • Mobile alerts – when you step away from your computer, you don’t have to distance yourself from fleet tracking; mobile phones have become more sophisticated over the years; now, you can get notifications directly on your smartphone about things that matter.

Fleetr Is The Answer To Your GPS Tracking Needs

Fleetr has no binding contractual agreements, no hidden fees, no installation process, no charges for the tracker, no extra charges and dues later down the road, and no complications whatsoever. Fleetr does not come with any contracts – you won’t have to agree to track a specific number of vehicles, use our system for a specific amount of time, and so on. Once you subscribe to our fleet tracking services, you don’t have to worry about anything save for the proscribed $9.99 per vehicle monthly rent, which will cover everything else.

Call us right now if you’re confused and unsure about our services, and our customer service reps will show you what Fleetr can do for your business!

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