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Fleet GPS

You have built your business from the ground up, climbing uphill against the odds a time or two. The most significant investment you have made in your company is your fleet, and you want to get the most out of it.

How do you get the most out of your investment?

You get the most out of your investment by keeping track of it, utilizing solutions like GPS fleet tracking to ensure your fleet provides the highest level of productivity and efficiency with every job.

Fleetr makes it possible for small fleet managers to actively monitor and make changes to improve how their fleet operates. Let us show you the changes you can make using our weekly reports that provide true cost savings techniques and the small modifications drivers can make to maximize your fuel efficiency and maintain compliance in their driving record.

Track your fleet with your Fleetr App

What is GPS Fleet Tracking and How Does It Work?


To understand what GPS fleet tracking is, you have to understand how it works. The term “GPS” is short for Global Positioning System, which uses satellites that ping a receiver, identifying an almost exact location on a map. Companies that provide tracking services to fleet managers use receivers to help them locate and collect data from each vehicle and driver.

Did you know that the GPS Satellite Constellation consists of 24 satellites? There are four satellites within each of the six orbital planes. These are used for both civilian and military GPS. Each of these satellites sends and receives at different times, creating more accurate location information.

Over the years, these satellites have gotten more accurate, making it easier to pinpoint locations. The use of active mapping also allows you to verify the speeds driven versus the speed limits in any given area. All of this information is available from computer information within the vehicle that gets transmitted using the GPS satellites and delivered right to a manager’s phone, tablet, or any device where an Android or iOS application can be downloaded.


OBD II Port Installation


After a fleet manager decides to use Fleetr, they will sign up and follow the easy instructions online. Once the purchase is completed, the OBD II port devices are mailed, and management gets immediate access to the Fleetr application.

OBD is short for On-Board Diagnostics. If you have ever taken a car or truck to a mechanic or auto parts store and they hook up the code reader to tell you why the “check engine” light is on, they hook this up to the OBD port. The OBD port can be found in different places depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicles used in your fleet. The best place to check is your owner’s manual for the correct location.

In approximately three to five business days, the device will be delivered. Upon delivery, the fleet manager can plug in the device to the OBD II port within the vehicle. After installation, the app can then be customized to suit the needs of the business.

Customer service is available if you are unsure how to connect a GPS unit to the OBD II port. In most circumstances, self-installation is relatively simple. You can always check with your app to see if you have done it correctly, as information will begin transmitting when the vehicle is turned on.


Wireless GPS Network Transmission


Fleetr devices use the 4G network to transmit data from the device to the app. There are no additional costs for this. Fleetr pays for wireless transmission. The primary 4G networks used are AT&T or Verizon.

Once the app is customized with the vehicle, model, driver, and the driver’s contact information – the journey begins! You can even customize your maintenance schedule by entering in each vehicle’s most recent service date and setting the interval for service.


The Benefits of Using GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions


fleet gpsWhat if we told you that you could save hundreds of dollars a month just by using a GPS tracking system for your fleet? The telematics software used in these tracking systems is built to help fleet management make their business more efficient and their employees more productive.


Lowering Fleet Fuel Costs


In a perfect world, all driving done by a driver would be sensible and fuel-efficient. Sadly, that is just not the case, which can end up costing your business more money each month. A GPS vehicle tracking device can help fleet management monitor the following:

  • Aggressive driving behavior
  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Braking
  • Idling

Fleetr provides push notifications for extreme driving behaviors that could be detrimental to the vehicle, including the driver and contact information. Taking control of the way drivers perform in the vehicle can help save hundreds of dollars on gas alone, each year.


Improve Fleet Work Routes


There are many different routes a driver can take through a city. Sometimes, they aren’t taking the shortest one. GPS vehicle tracking allows management to see the routes taken and improve them for better fleet efficiency. This feature also allows the manager to see if unauthorized stops or after-hours driving is occurring.

Before the existence of GPS and cellphones, when a fleet driver left for the day, the manager didn’t have any idea where they were until they came back in the evening. So unless customers complained, the manager could only assume that the driver was where they were expected to be, and on time.

GPS has changed the way that managers can track their employees and make their routes more efficient. Daily workloads can be planned around the drivers’ areas, cutting down on the “across town” driving by keeping jobs and drivers in the same places. By doing this, the fuel cost can be lowered, and manpower hours are better utilized.


Provide Better Vehicle Maintenance Procedures


Without shuffling through a stack of old service records, can you name off the last time each of the vehicles on your fleet received a tune-up? Oil change? Had the tires rotated? Most people can’t tell you that information about one car, let alone a fleet of them.

Lucky for you, Fleetr makes your maintenance schedule as easy as checking your smartphone. You can set up a schedule so that you never forget a service interval, keeping your fleet healthy.

Even though you may require your drivers to log their miles and turn them in, sometimes discrepancies can come up. Using the GPS tracking information, you can verify that the mileage driven is what is on the odometer currently.

When you keep up on maintenance, you are more likely to catch a catastrophic problem before it happens. Can you afford to replace one of your vehicles? The Fleetr app can help you lower your risk of costly repairs by staying up to date on all your service needs.


Increase Fleet Driver Safety


GPS tracking software makes a driver accountable for their driving habits. Within your Fleetr app, you can see all of your vehicles, drivers, and even receive weekly reports about their driving patterns. Push notifications are used if there is an unsafe driving instance, letting you know first hand and allowing you to correct the situation.

Weekly, you will receive reports about how each driver is driving your vehicles. Who is the best? Who needs to improve? A score from 1 to 100 is assigned to each, letting you know how they are ranking. Suggestions for improvement can help your fleet operate stronger and more efficiently.


Saves Your Business Money


You may not think that paying a monthly fee could help you put more money back into your business account – but it does. Yes, the concept seems counterproductive, but when you look at the saving in fuel costs alone, you more than pay for the Fleetr GPS tracking solution.


The Costs of Using GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions


When you begin looking at all the options out there for GPS tracking solutions for your fleet, you need to ask a few questions.

  • Is there a contract associated with the GPS tracking system?
  • How much and how often do I pay for the service?
  • Is there a cancelation policy?
  • What costs are associated with the GPS hardware?
  • Is there a minimum number of fleet vehicles required?
  • Is fleet, job locations, and driver data secure?

Depending on the type of GPS tracking system you are looking at, you may see extremely low or unbelievably high prices. If you do a quick search online, you may see $9.95 (check the fine print) through $50 – this is per vehicle, per month.

Why is the price range so vast for the same types of service?

Some companies will require you to sign a contract (think satellite television-style contracts). In this contract, you commit to a specific number of years with its tracking product. During this time, you get a “special introductory rate.” This price may or may not include the cost of the vehicle tracking device.

Fleetr is different. No contract. No hidden fees.


The Fleetr Solution: GPS Fleet Management Made Simple


Fleetr provides GPS fleet tracking solutions that cater to the small fleet manager. The service provided by Fleetr is billed on a month-to-month schedule, with no long-term contracts or extra device fees.

The cost for Fleetr is $12.99 per month, and if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, you can request a refund. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you must notify the company within five days of the end of the month. Upon cancelation, you are required to send back your GPS devices.

Fleetr does not require a minimum number of vehicles with their service, but they only allow a maximum of 100 vehicles per subscription. All data sent and received through the app is protected by up-to-date security protocols, keeping all information safe.


Fleet Management Reporting


Each week, Fleetr will update you on critical areas concerning your fleet. You don’t have to spend time pulling extensive reports to get this information. You will get summaries on the following areas:

  • Driver safety
  • Trips
  • Available cost savings

You can use these reports to make changes or to add additional resources for more cost-effectiveness. Fleetr is here to help make your fleet the most productive and efficient, saving you money, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. Fleetr also makes your drivers accountable for their driving, their hours, and if they are being honest about the use of the company vehicle.

Did you know that using Fleetr can help you save over a hundred dollars a month, just with fuel savings?

This is one of those areas that the reporting looks at when analyzing the GPS information provided from each of your fleet vehicles. Fleetr also gives you an idea of what your drivers can do to increase their fuel efficiency during their shifts.

At this time, drivers do not have access to the Fleetr app. Only managers can access this information. Fleetr is also working on more app features, like insurance, which will be coming soon. Fleetr’s goal is to be the small fleet manager’s one-stop-shop for business efficiency and productivity – on a wide scale.


How Does The Fleetr GPS Fleet Tracking Software Work?


Fleetr kind of works like other GPS fleet tracking companies, with one significant difference – when we say one price with no contract, we mean it. We provide 24 x 7 customer support, available online, through email, or over the phone. We also use an app for keeping track of fleet information, keeping it all available in the palm of the manager’s hand.


GPS Vehicle Management – Vehicle Tracking Device and App Download


When you choose Fleetr and begin your subscription, we send you the GPS fleet tracking devices you request and give you immediate access to our fleet tracking application – available for Android and iOS.

Once you get your devices in the mail, they can be connected through the OBD II port in each vehicle. You can customize your app with driver information, vehicle information, and set up the maintenance schedule.

Fleetr allows you to customize each vehicle’s service interval to maintain a healthy fleet. Keep up to date with oil changes, tune-ups, and full diagnostic checks.

Have you noticed that specific drivers are repeatedly exhibiting the same poor driving habits, or end up last on the ranking? Our push notifications provide you with real-time information if there is a dangerous situation involving a driver or vehicle. We also provide you with weekly recommendations to pass along to drivers to help them make better driving decisions.


Get Your GPS Fleet Tracking Solution


Part of using a GPS fleet tracking solution is understanding the software and app behind it. Our easy to use app is user-friendly for a simplified approach to managing your fleet. The real-time GPS location lets you see where every vehicle is through the Fleetr app, making it easier to monitor productivity and efficiency. Our device will not affect the way your vehicle runs or operates in any way, making it a safe solution and with minimal battery usage.


Why Fleetr Is the Best Choice for GPS Vehicle Tracking


Fleetr is the best choice for your fleet because it provides the GPS tracking you need at a price you want. Unlike other companies who flash great introductory offers for their services, Fleetr is upfront. It charges the same price each month – with no hidden fees.

Our devices are compatible with almost every vehicle that may be in your fleet. One exception is vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1996. These vehicles may have less computer information available, which may make the information provided less helpful. If you are uncertain about a specific make, model, or year of a vehicle, our customer service representatives are always here to help assist you.

As a fleet manager, one critical aspect is saving as much money as you can while still running an efficient fleet. Fleetr provides you with the resources you need to run your fleet efficiently while monitoring your driver’s habits to ensure productivity.

Don’t settle for a fleet of vehicles that are unproductive and draining your revenue. Choose a solution that allows you to make proactive changes and better your small business. Fleetr makes it possible to both run an efficient fleet and maintain employee values.

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