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Using GPS Trackers For Fleet Management

Tracking your fleet is a smart and easy move businesses can make, whether you have only one vehicle in your fleet or thousands. There are a number of different reasons why it’s beneficial to companies. It saves money, increases safety on the road, productivity amongst your employees, and much more!

While the logistics world faces many different challenges daily, the simplicity of the Fleetr App makes it easy to maintain your fleet’s data, location, and how your drivers are reacting to the rules of the road. Here you will learn everything you need to know before getting the app.

Understanding GPS Trackers

To understand Fleetr, you must first understand how GPS tracking works. GPS satellites orbit the Earth, sending down signals to receivers where they will calculate the distance and pinpoint location in real-time. GPS trackers are, of course, essential to tracking a fleet because that’s exactly what we are trying to do!

You may already know how the system on your phone or car works, and it’s nearly the same for fleets. Except, this isn’t just a simple GPS map on your dashboard; it uses an OBD II Port to retrieve necessary data for tracking your fleets.

What Is An OBD II Port?

An OBD is short for “on-board diagnostics” the port is used when reading a vehicle’s computer information. By plugging in a GPS fleet tracking unit into the port it retrieves diagnostic information from that vehicle. Through the port, the fleet tracking solution will transmit data back to your dashboard, which is accessed through a smart device.

By adding one into each vehicle to cover your entire fleet you will receive vital information on your entire fleet that is easily accessible. OBD II Ports do more than just your typical GPS system, it gives meaningful data on:

  • Diagnostics: When a car’s sensors detects something isn’t operating correctly it will send an error message (for example: check engine light)
  • Speed: Provide accurate reading on the vehicle’s speed
  • Location: Like a GPS, it will send you accurate data pinpointing where a vehicle from a fleet may be located

No need for professional installation, the OBD II device is a portable unit that plugs into the port by the driver.

How the Fleetr App Works

In a constant new world of technology, apps are getting easier and simpler to use. Fleetr kept that method in mind and created an app that takes only 20 minutes to buy and install in only three easy steps.

  • Plug in the Fleetr device (this comes free with your monthly subscription fee)
  • Download the app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems)
  • Start tracking! (data will be sent to your device in real-time)

Fleetr also provides its own data plan that gives coverage across the U.S. Often, GPS fleet tracking is a service that is available through a provider. The provider sends you the tracking equipment, and you pay a monthly fee to access the information. However, Fleetr makes it possible to see your fleet without a long-term commitment, costing only $9.99 per month per vehicle.

The Fleetr app is best suited for a small fleet owner. While other solutions are meant for larger fleet companies, Fleetr is made for 100 vehicle fleet companies. This solution is better for you because you won’t have to pay more just because you don’t have a higher number of vehicles.

Fleet Management and Tracking Helps Your Business Thrive

Now that you know how the Fleetr app and GPS tracking systems work, it’s time to learn exactly how it will help your business save money and time while increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

Reduces Risk and Liability

Using real-time GPS tracking data will help monitor any unsafe or aggressive driving behaviors. When employees know they are being monitored, it results in safer driving, and that means you save money on maintenance for vehicles and accidents. The majority of insurance companies already note the value of GPS fleeting tracking and even offer discounts to businesses that utilize them, once again helping you keep costs down.

DID YOU KNOW? The average cost of a crash involving injury that is evident is $28,500.

Helping With Cost Efficiency

Fleetr also helps reduce one of the biggest money guzzlers in the business, fuel cost! The most common cause of high fuel costs is idling. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, one hour of idling can waste 1/5 gallon to a full gallon of fuel, and that total can add up when it’s happening to an entire fleet! Aggressive driving and wasting fuel at the pump are two other major factors in high fuel costs.

Here’s how Fleetr helps keep all that fuel waste down. Alerts from the data tracking system will tell drivers to shut off their engine after a specified amount of idle time passes. The system also will send alerts about aggressive driving behaviors, so you can give your employees a warning or teach them about techniques to reduce fuel costs. The GPS tracking system will also allow you to monitor how much fuel a driver uses through reports, so you will know instantly if they’re using the right amount, cutting down your costs overall in gas. With the Fleetr app, you can save up to $200 a month on gas!

Maintenance costs are also something to factor in. Fleetr helps keep this cost down by alerting you when issues arise in your fleet so you can perform maintenance proactively.

The service allows you to see the status of each vehicles:

  • Remaining battery life
  • Miles left until general maintenance should be performed
  • When an oil change is required
  • Brake pads wearing out

The app also allows you to adjust how many miles you want your fleet to receive maintenance check-ups. You are allowed to move up the suggested miles higher or lower to suit your fleet’s specific needs. This saves you money and time, making your fleet feel safer, more efficient, and exceptionally well maintained.

It also helps you cut down on administrative costs. Your business could be handling tons of paperwork, that paper costs money, that ink also costs money, and the software you’re using could also cost a lot. Using an app that has everything you need right there will cut down on those costs and even cut down your workload on administrative duties, no need to print and manually input data. This app has it all loaded and ready for you at your convenience.

Helping With Driver Efficiency Using Vehicle Tracking

Fleetr will provide you weekly with reports and scoring for efficiency and driver performance. Scores 67 and higher will be considered efficient. Scores that are 33 or under show that there are problems you might want to address within your fleet. When drivers know they are being watched their efficiency is known to improve. This will also lead to an improvement in safety on the roads that means more savings for you!

Customer Satisfaction

Another important factor the Fleetr app helps with is customer satisfaction. Let’s say there’s a traffic jam on the road, and a vehicle in your fleet won’t make it the customer in time, the real-time GPS tracking system that Fleetr uses will allow you to easily reach out to customers and give them an ETA, this increases customer satisfaction because they know you’re watching out for them and they know their products will still arrive leaving no questions unanswered. Using the app, you may also find more efficient routes for drivers, cutting down their usual wait time. This also allows your drivers to complete more routes than usual. The GPS tracking device creates a trail within the software, allowing you to find more effective routes for drivers. Communication is key to customer satisfaction, and real-time tracking gives you that and much more, bringing old customers back and new ones.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to get Fleetr. Become more efficient, maximize your savings, increase safety on the roads all by utilizing an easily accessible app! If you have yet to try out Fleetr for your business, it’s time! For only $9.99, you can use the app monthly with your free device. No contracts, so you can cancel at any time! Plus a $0 activation fee! Enhance your fleet by using Fleetr today!

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