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Protecting Your Assets With Fleet Tracking

Managing a fleet has never been easier in the past. Advancements in GPS technology and the internet have made fleet management software much more effective and simpler. As a fleet manager, you’ll have a complete awareness of and control over the process.

You will be able to set straight any driver showing recklessness, ensure on-time arrivals, and most of all: monitor your fleet effectively but with little effort. Ensuring your assets’ safety is a genuine concern, but you need not worry as GPS asset tracking is a reality in the present, and it will help you safeguard everything.

In this article, we will explore how fleet tracking can help you ensure your assets’ safety.

#1: Informing About Maintenance Needs For Your Fleet Assets

Your fleet will need constant maintenance to work in peak condition. The last thing you need is one of your cars stopping with a shudder in the middle of the road and finding out that it needs some serious repairs.

You can avoid such disasters, save yourself time and money with regular maintenance checks.

But it is impossible to keep these things in mind all the time – gladly, you don’t have to!

Fleet tracking systems and telematics can help you out here. They constantly update you on your fleet’s diagnostic reports and notify you about any upcoming maintenance issues. This way, you’ll act in time and save your biggest asset: your fleet.

#2: GPS Tracking Keeps You In The Loop

Having full control and transparency will allow you to make the best call. Fleet tracking software will keep you in the loop of everything, giving you live inputs from all of your drivers. This will put you in the best decision making position.

If something goes south, you’ll know about it and will be able to act promptly.

For instance, if a crime has been reported from a said area and your driver is headed there, you can communicate immediately and ask them to redirect.

#3: Tracking Equipment Help With Fuel Conservation

Fuel expenses are the major drain in the transportation business, and if you manage to cut these, you’ll be saving a great deal of money – which itself is a major business asset. Tracking devices and fleet management systems offer constant input on fuel consumption and levels.

If you notice a driver idling his vehicle unnecessarily, notify them immediately that you’re not okay with it. Moreover, you can use route planners to choose the most suitable course for reaching a destination and avoid unnecessary fuel usage.

#4: Monitor Driver’s Behavior Via Tracking Devices

Your drivers are humans and hence capable of making mistakes. But some mistakes may cost you severely. Recklessness on the part of your drivers is nothing to be taken lightly. A single careless mistake on the road can lead to catastrophic results.

GPS asset tracking and fleet management software can help you here by feeding constant updates on the driver’s behavior. If you notice over-speeding, harsh braking, and fast turns, contact the driver immediately and ask them to drive better.

Adhering to the standards of road safety will ensure the safety of your assets as well.

#5: Theft Protection & Recovery Options

GPS asset tracking will help you stay on top of your fleet, so if one of your cars is stolen, recovering it won’t be that hard (given that the ELD has been hard-wired instead of being plug and play). Going the extra mile here would involve adding a keypad for the ignition or some other anti-theft feature.

After all, your fleet is your biggest asset in the transportations business.

Fleetr Can Help Your Business

Both small businesses and large enterprises need an effective fleet management system. Fleetr has the perfect solution for every fleet manager, our tracking software is pretty simple to use, and yet it is highly effective at the same time.

As of writing this article, we’re serving over 20,000 vehicles and helping thousands of businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. Our subscription does not involve any complicated sign-up procedures, lengthy contracts (that no one wants to read), or delays.

Starting from just $12.99 per month (for a single vehicle), you can constantly monitor your fleet and ensure your assets and workers’ protection.

What’s the wait? Contact us today, and we’ll welcome you to the Fleetr network!

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