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How The Right Fleet Tracking App Improves Communication

Having a strong communications infrastructure is an important part of any business, especially one that has fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicles require a lot of maintenance, driver direction, and costs to remain operational. If you aren’t discussing the expectations you have for your fleet with the drivers behind the wheels, then you can’t hold the drivers accountable for any problems that may develop.

One way that fleet owners get ahead of the communication curve is through a GPS fleet tracking solution. These help the owner stay in touch with the fleet vehicles, ensure that safety protocol is being followed, and ensure that the vehicle is receiving the proper care. Fleets can range from one to two cars to hundreds of cars, and trying to manage them all can result in information not getting passed along to the right people.

What is a Fleet Tracking App?

Fleet tracking apps are designed to provide business owners with insight into their fleet vehicles, especially when they can’t be in the passenger seat. All of the information provided by the fleet tracking service is available on an application that can be downloaded on compatible smart devices. You hold the information you want about your fleet in the palm of your hand (literally).

Fleet tracking apps work hand-in-hand with fleet tracking software. The software is used to help track certain aspects of the fleet’s trips, driving patterns, and more. Many managers even choose to use these to increase fuel efficiency.

What To Look For in a Fleet Tracking App

Depending on the amount of exposure you have had with fleet tracking services, you may or may not know a little about the apps that accompany them. In the past, apps weren’t the standard – but with the evolution of technology – here we are. Now fleet owners can see important information wherever they are, not just on a desktop in their office.

Data Syncs with Fleet Management Software

When you pick out your fleet tracking service, you want the app and its corresponding fleet management software to sync up perfectly. Most of these solutions use wireless networks (LTE, 4G, 5G) to transmit data back and forth. Others might require some type of WiFi connection to transmit data. Ultimately it comes down to how quickly you want the data to transmit to your fleet management software. 

Offers Real-Time Communication

You want to be as proactive as possible when you are a fleet manager. Having all of the information about your fleet in your hands when they are out on the road is beneficial in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Here are some examples:

  • If a customer calls wanting to know an approximate time for your employee to arrive, you can look at the fleet tracking app to see where they are. With the schedule in hand, you can determine if they are on their way or if they have gotten held up at a previous job. Either way, you are able to give the customer an idea about when the tech will arrive.
  • You begin to notice charges on the company gas card that don’t seem to add up; you can use the trip history of the drivers to determine if those stops coincide with your employee’s routes or if they are using it outside of their route.

One great perk – you may be able to negotiate with your insurance carrier to see about a lower insurance premium, thanks to the added layer of protection.

Create Geo-Fencing Parameters

Geo-fencing parameters are an up-and-coming feature that many GPS fleet tracking services are implementing as a standard service. Geo-fencing allows for management to set up a set of coordinates for each of the fleet vehicles. If one of your fleet vehicles exits the coordinates set for it, a push notification is sent to the manager through the app. This helps managers to keep track of your fleet’s location and keep track of every mile that they travel.

Ease of Use

One important feature to keep in mind when selecting your fleet tracking app and software combination the ease of use is important. You don’t want to pay for software and app that aren’t user-friendly. Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking into these:

  • How easy to navigate is the layout?
  • Can details be configured easily?
  • How easy is it to update the information?
  • Can it be used offline?

Technology like fleet tracking services are supposed to make life easier, not more complicated. You don’t want to have to take hours of training to get full use of the app – instead, you should be able to plug and play, so to speak. Having an easy-to-use solution is most cost-efficient for your entire fleet.

Allows More Than One User

Managing a fleet is a team effort – and there is usually more than one person who works with the fleet, getting them where they need to go and ensuring they are on task. When you use an app, you want everyone with management-level capabilities to have the ability to use it. But to ensure that this option is cost-effective, you want to have a solution that charges per asset, not per user. It can become costly when you are paying per user; instead, you only want to have to pay for the cost per fleet vehicle.

Has More Features Than Just Location Tracking

Sure, you can get a GPS-only fleet tracking option that lets you know where your fleet is at any given moment – but why would you stop there? The truth is, you don’t have to stop there. You can get fleet tracking software and apps that give you a lot more perks than location services. Some of the fleet management perks you might want to consider for your app are:

  • Assigning asset and team member assignments
  • Vehicle usage management
  • Fuel tracking and consumption
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Fleet operating expenses
  • Configure vehicle inspections
  • Work order and statuses

The more options that you can get with your fleet tracking software and app, the better. But, make sure you are choosing one that isn’t hard to navigate, or else it defeats the purpose!

Fleetr Helps Managers Improve Communications

Communication is a two-way street with many different avenues that can be taken. Fleetr takes all of the potential avenues and gives fleet managers the tools needed to sufficiently manage their fleet. What benefits can you get when you choose Fleetr to be your fleet management software and app of choice?

Fleetr is an easy and affordable fleet tracking software and app that makes managing your fleet so much simpler. From sign-up to daily use, your experience with Fleetr will bring you a more efficient fleet from A to Z.

Communication isn’t always spoken. In instances like the Fleetr app, the vehicle communicates with the app, providing you with the information you need to track key information for your fleet. Push notifications are also sent, especially when erratic driving patterns are detected. Your fleet is representative of your brand – which means that you want your drivers to drive safely.

Fleetr doesn’t just help keep track of your fleet. It also helps you be more efficient, serving as a guide on how to become more fuel-efficient and helping you ensure you are getting your scheduled maintenance. A well-maintained fleet vehicle is a more efficient fleet vehicle. Keeping track of oil changes and other regular maintenance can be time-consuming if you have to track each vehicle’s mileage manually. The Fleetr app helps you keep up with each and every vehicle’s mileage and alerts you when it is time for routine maintenance and when the check engine light comes on in one of your vehicles. Fleetr keeps you in the “know” about your fleet, your drivers, and the efficiency of each one.

How To Sign Up For Fleetr

Joining the Fleetr community is an easy process. Start by going to and clicking “buy now.” From here, you are redirected to a page that asks you how many fleet vehicles you have. Pricing for Fleetr is $9.99 per month per vehicle, but for higher volumes, discounts of 10% or 20% may be available.

Once you make your payment, Fleetr will ship you the hardware – which is included in the $9.99 per month per vehicle pricing. As soon as you complete the payment, you can download the app and get started. Create the profiles for the vehicles, input the information for the drivers, and decide what you want your Fleetr to do for you while you wait.

After the hardware comes in the mail, all you have to do is plug it into the OBD II port of the car. From there, the hardware will begin to transmit the information to your Fleetr app. After a week of consistent data collection, you can begin getting reports on your drivers, fuel economy, and tips on improving your fleet.

The hardware runs off of wireless networks, making it quick and accurate – providing real-time updates! Get ready to take care of your fleet in a new way, the Fleetr way!

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