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Easy Fleet Tracking $9.99 Per Vehicle

  • Zero Contracts
  • No Initiation Fees
  • Free GPS Tracker
  • Free Shipping
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Tailor-Made For Small Fleets

Track Your Fleet:

Real-time Location And Driving Status. 60-second Updates. View Maps And Satellite On Desktop Or Mobile. See Trip History For Every Vehicle With Our GPS Tracker.

Keep Drivers Safe:

Alerts For Aggressive Driving Such As Speeding And Hard Braking. View Drivers’ Safety Scores And Trends Over Time With Our GPS Tracker. 

Save Money:

Fuel Savings From Idling And Aggressive Behavior. Track Maintenance Schedule. **

** Coming Soon!

What You Get With Fleetr

View Vehicles on Our Live-View Map

Create Geofences and Receive Alerts for When Your Drivers Exit or Enter Those Areas

Receive Alerts on Driver Behaviour Such as Speeding, Harsh Braking, Idling, and Geofence Alerts

View How Your Drivers Are Doing With our Leaderboard, That Gives You More Insight Into Their Safety and Efficiency

View Vehicle Activity, Trip Reports, Route History, and Driver Locations

Keep Up to Date with Your Fleets Performance

View Vehicle Health and When Your Vehicle Requires Attention

Get Up and Running Fast

OBD II Plug-in Device Takes 5 minutes to Install. Online Activation and App Download to Get You Up and Running in Minutes!

fleetr application gps tracker working on smartphone tablet and laptop devices

Our App is Easily Downloadable by Going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Compatible on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Daisy Heston
Daisy Heston
April 1, 2021.
Using fleetr gives my company the power to precisely check the truck locations, allowing the entire fleet to be more flexible and economical, saving both the fleet and the customer time. In a word, a good deal!
Delores Hector
Delores Hector
March 25, 2021.
Being able to track and locate a truck in real-time allows me to reduce fuel costs, check the time spent off the job, and increase our productivity. Of course, my drivers save time and can report faster and more accurately than before. Thank you Fleetr!!!
Toni Aaron
Toni Aaron
March 2, 2021.
Being able to have all the information on my vehicles in one place and easily accessible takes a huge workload off my hands as an owner of a small fleet and can help make my drivers more responsible too.
Wilma Pyles
Wilma Pyles
February 22, 2021.
It is the fastest way to locate the vehicles, which lets me know where the drivers are and when they will get to their job. Fleetr isthe best way to keep customers happy!
Willie Huck
Willie Huck
February 2, 2021.
Customer support is super friendly and helped me resolve my issues including logins, password changes and vehicle updates. Thanks!
Georgia Staten
Georgia Staten
January 18, 2021.
I strongly recommend Fleetr for your small business’ fleet. Fleetr is an easy to use app where I can see where my vehicles and drivers are all the time.
Arlene Truesdale
Arlene Truesdale
January 4, 2021.
Fleetr is a professional company. We can check our company fuel usage and identify cost-savings. It also helped us toincrease our business productivity. This app is super helpful. I encourage you to buy it for your peace of mind and for cost savings.
Anna Kropp
Anna Kropp
December 21, 2020.
Fleetr allows me as a fleet onwer to locate vehicles, to answer customer requests of all types, and to know exact delivery times or to re-route a vehicle based on its location.
Sherry Barbee
Sherry Barbee
December 10, 2020.
I was able to simplify my fleet management thanks to Fleetr. With this vehicle tracking apps, I can respond to situations as they develop. Also, I can check the time of arrival.

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