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Are GPS Fleet Tracking Devices Any Good?

It’s no secret that traffic jams and congestion drag back productivity in many different ways. Besides productivity decline, congestion and traffic jams also result in property losses/damage, personal injuries, and inefficient fuel consumption. 

But, what should you do to address these issues?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an efficient tool in addressing traffic safety and related concerns. This program focuses on commercial vehicles used to route and dispatch goods. GPS is also widely used in emergency vehicles, road maintenance, and mass transit systems management. 

How’s this possible? GPS works with Geographic Information System (this technology displays live geographic information of connected vehicles to a common screen). The GPS enables live vehicle location and navigation history. 

Here are some ways GPS Fleet tracking devices will help you. First, GPS fleet tracking devices allow transportation agencies to cut costs (service and maintenance). Also, GPS improves the driver’s safety. 

Read through to learn more about GPS fleet tracking devices and how they can help get you moving. So, let’s go!

What Are Car GPS Trackers?

Car GPS trackers are devices used to monitor and manage a commercial fleet. They help the company’s fleet run within time bounds, on budget, and efficiently. This system uses GPS tracking software. It also includes an installed device on the fleet vehicles that feeds live fleet data and information to the control center. As the fleet manager, you will receive alerts on the fleet live navigation and navigation history, car conditions, driving patterns and conditions, historical fleet data, and the vehicle’s performance. 

A GPS fleet tracking device will make sure you stick within the bounds of statutory requirements, road safety, and, most importantly, efficient business management. Note that Fleet tracking devices use GPS networks to get the live navigation of fleet vehicles.

So, what is GPS? GPS are satellites orbiting around the globe gathering geographical data and sending information to receivers on the ground. Through GPS communication, the exact location of an object, for our case, fleet vehicles, is known. 

How a Connected GPS Tracker Can Help

A connected GPS tracker checks several business aspects in your company. This is helpful in a business in several ways to your vehicle. Therefore, you can rely on GPS fleet tracking devices for the following concerns.

Time Management

Any business operation takes time as a real factor of concern. The same applies to your fleet crew. Once in a while, your fleet vehicles may stagnate, without any movements, because your drivers take long breaks or run their errands on trips. 

How do you address this challenge if you’re affected?

The simple solution is a GPS fleet tracking device. With such a device and program in place, you can quickly tell how your fleet vehicles progress while on a trip. You can also identify the routes your fleet vehicles take on deliveries. Besides, you get to know the best routes to avoid traffic jams, congestions, and delays, which may retard productivity. 

These devices also let you know when a driver cannot reach a destination on time. You can communicate with your client in advance to reschedule the planned delivery through this service. These minor concerns are what keep the business alive. 

Repairs and Damages

You must encounter damages in machinery or any asset within your premises in any business operation. Such damages call out for expensive repairs that increase your expenses resulting in low returns and losses. Fleet vehicles are not exceptional to this concern; more often, you may need to repair your vehicles for damage. When you don’t manage these damages and repairs early enough, your business, both small and large businesses, may collapse. 

Install a GPS vehicle tracking system for your fleet vehicles to prevent your business from suffering such drawbacks. Live feeds on the driving behaviors of your fleet drivers will improve how your drivers handle the fleet vehicles. 

Therefore, your vehicles will have fewer damages and require very minimal repair services. GPS fleet tracking devices will also schedule a regular servicing plan for your fleet vehicles. This service ensures your vehicles stay in good working condition, cutting down on expenses. 

Fuel Use

There is no denying that fuel is one of the expenses that shoots a business running cost high. A company with commercial fleet vehicles is most likely to spend many resources fueling the vehicles. The cost goes much higher when the fuel is not used effectively. You can lose fuel through traffic jams, drivers opting for unsuitable routes, drivers running errands on formal assignments, and idling.

GPS fleet tracking devices are here to address all these issues. When you install a GPS tracking device on your fleet vehicles, you’ll be able to follow the navigation of your fleet vehicles as they happen. This helps your fleet drivers stick to the plan and follow the recommended routes. The GPS fleet tracking program will also not let your drivers over speed, accelerate frequently, or drive the car in an unroadworthy manner. The result is that the amount of fuel you use on your fleet vehicles will go down. 

How Can I Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking Devices?

Guaranteed Fleet Vehicles Safety

Beware, your fleet vehicles are not immune to thievery! There are many stolen vehicle cases in the U.S and the rest of the globe. Do you want to take chances with your fleet of vehicles? If not, install a GPS fleet tracking device on your cars today! 

When GPS tracking devices are installed in your fleet vehicles, all will not be lost when your vehicles are stolen. You will quickly identify the last location your vehicle was. These statistics will help the relevant authorities to figure out where the vehicle might be. Thus, you’re more likely to recover your stolen fleet vehicle when you have a GPS fleet tracking device than when you haven’t installed the program.

Effortless Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Your fleet vehicles need regular maintenance services, just like other aspects of the business. With the company’s busy schedules and seamless activities, you might forget to carry out maintenance services to your fleet vehicles. Such a situation might deteriorate the vehicles’ conditions, reducing their performance efficiency and lifespan. 

A better and effortless way to schedule a maintenance plan for your fleet vehicle is through the GPS tracking system. As the fleet manager, you must be aware that how well you maintain your vehicles will determine how long they will last. An OBD tracking device will help you check fluids conditions, tire pressure, and oil filters. The program will then notify you if the vehicle needs repair. 

Did you know that frequent idling is the cause of rapid tear and wear of your vehicles? If you were not aware, that is it. Fortunately, you can control this with the help of a GPS tracking device. 

This device will help you customize the idling time schedules of your vehicles. If the driver deviates from the set standard, the program will notify you through an alert. From there, you can take immediate action to help maintain the vehicle.

Clients Retention

The number one key to client and customer retention is customer satisfaction. When customers are satisfied with your services, they will return for more. Customer satisfaction will also help you convert more visitors to actual paying clients.  

And how do you satisfy your clients?

Well, to satisfy your clients (fleet context), you need to guarantee safety. They are supposed to relax whenever they are, knowing that their goods, shipments, or resources on board are safe with no risk of losing them. Another critical factor to satisfying your customers is timely delivery. You are supposed to deliver to your customers as per the scheduled time. 

 All these factors are possible with GPS fleet tracking devices. The device will guarantee your vehicle and goods safety while on the road. It will also establish suitable routes, ensuring you deliver to your customers on time. In case of a delay, the program notifies you to communicate with your customer regarding the same. 

Best Solution to Drivers’ Safety

Overspeeding and harsh driving habits are the leading reasons for road accidents and the deaths of drivers. Your fleet driver may Overspeed to reach their destination early to have more rest time. However, this condition may result in more harm than good. They might involve an accident, losing a good life, or damaging the vehicle. 

A GPS fleet tracking system lets you know when your fleet driver over-speeds, is idle or drives the vehicle recklessly. In this way, you can easily regulate how the drivers drive the vehicle. If the drivers know they are being monitored, they will instinctively work as recommended. 

Cost-Effectiveness in Operations

GPS tracking devices aim at offering services in the most efficient way but a cut cost. To achieve this cost-effective operation, the program rations between expenses and productivity. 

For instance, it establishes suitable routes to cut fuel costs. The program also schedules the fleet vehicles maintenance plan to reduce resources used on repairs. Moreover, it improves the fleet vehicles drivers’ behaviors to reduce damages and increase the lifespan of the vehicles. 

You can’t avoid fleet tracking GPS devices if you aim at operating at the minimum cost possible. 

How Fleetr Will Help

We at Fleetr are dedicated to offering GPS fleet tracking solutions to small businesses and reputable, established ones. Our tracking GPS fleet program lets you monitor your fleet vehicles on a live-view map to enhance the drivers’ habits and performance. 

We have several fleet management systems. We shall help you choose the system that works best for your business structure. Our GPS tracking program features affordable tracker costs; that is why most small businesses have turned to us for GPS fleet management solutions. You’ll need to pay only $9.99 per vehicle. We don’t charge initiation fees, and we do not include contracts. 

You can get us by phone for inquiries and appointment booking at 1(415) 651-7575. When we receive your call, we shall organize to visit your company immediately. We shall then install OBD II Plug-in devices in the fleet vehicles you want to manage.

You can then monitor your vehicles from our Fleetr app (compatible with Android and iOS Operating Systems). Visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the free app. This app will receive alerts and notifications on the various aspects you want to monitor. 

Browse the website to learn more about Fleetr and how they can help your business fleet cars.


How Many Vehicles Can Fleetr GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Track?

While there is no minimum number of vehicles, generally, you can not exceed one hundred (100) vehicles linked to identical fleet tracking systems.

What Is OBD?

On-Board Diagnostics is a tool used to diagnose the condition of your vehicles’ emission system and engine. It is an essential tool for fleet managers. 

GPS Fleet Tracking System Review – Is It Worth It?

Yes, a GPS fleet tracking device is worth it. This program promotes cost-effective fleet management while ensuring safety and timely operations. 

How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Program Work?

GPS is linked to the satellites, which sends geographical data to the vehicle’s Onboard Diagnostics. The geographical data is then transmitted to the GPS software for monitoring.

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