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Will Fleet Tracking Services Save Me Time and Money?

Whether you’re a business that has three vehicles to manage or three hundred vehicles. It is undeniable that you are spending a lot of time and money to keep operations going, but at what cost? If you’re at a point where you’re convinced you want to include a fleet tracking system in the process, but you’re still asking yourself, “will fleet tracking services save me time and money?” You’ve landed at the right place.

Although fleet managers are the rockstars of the transportation and logistics companies, they can get burnt out with trying to keep track of all the vehicles, their maintenance schedules, driver payroll, and every other task that comes with being a fleet manager

Recent advances in technology, including GPS tracking devices, telematics, and IoT, have all been geared towards making operations smoother and faster for fleet management businesses.

Let’s briefly look at GPS tracking services and how they can save your business time and money.

What is a Fleet Monitoring System?

A GPS tracking system is built around telematics hardware and software. It allows you to access your fleet vehicles’ location at all times, manage fleet operations and get insightful reporting to help streamline activities.

The hardware tracker can be as simple as a plug-and-play device that’s installed in your vehicles or it can be one of the more complicated ones that need to be connected to the information centers of your vehicles.

These devices transmit information to their software counterparts which are often user interfaces that can show you important data points such as vehicle maintenance status, location, and driving behavior.

Do All Fleet Management Businesses Need Fleet and Driver Tracking Services?

The short answer to this is yes. Like we mentioned before, no matter the size of the business, GPS tracking is beneficial. Think of it as your fleet manager sitting right next to each driver and making sure they don’t engage in behaviors that cost you extra fuel and money and make sure they are making use of the most optimized routes for your stops. What if you can literally do that with just a fleet tracker installed in each of your fleet vehicles? It would save you a lot of operational costs, and you can focus on more important aspects of the business rather than just managing your fleet operations all day.

Fleet tracking services can have a very big impact in helping you save money, reduce costs, and optimize time spent on operations if used effectively

How Can Fleet & Fuel Tracking Help You Save Time and Money?

By now, you’ve probably enough research on fleet tracking systems and specifically need the answer to “will fleet tracking services save me time and money?” Let’s walk you through some specific benefits of a fleet tracking system and how it can help you optimize your financials and time spent in business:

Cut Your Fuel Costs Significantly

One of the biggest costs for a fleet management company is fuel. And, if vehicles and driving behavior aren’t managed correctly, this can mount up. About 6 billion gallons of fuel per year per vehicle are wasted by fleet companies. A GPS tracking service can give you reports on how you can improve driver behavior like idling, harsh braking, and overspeeding to save fuel costs.

Improve Your Vehicle Insurance

Insurance companies favor companies that use GPS tracking devices because this means that they’re constantly improving their drivers’ behavior and that leads to a reduced amount of insurance claims.

Another great benefit is that tracking devices keep thieves at bay. Even if a thief manages to steal the vehicle, you can easily track it through the tracking device.

Increase Employee Productivity:

Reports on time spent on stops and route patterns can allow you to capacity plan effectively. Your drivers will spend an efficient amount of time on routes and also take on more responsibility if there is free time in their schedule. Efficiently planning the day and their routes will limit overtime, and that can significantly reduce your payroll costs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

A satisfied customer will always come back for more business. Planning your routes will make sure that your drivers reach their destination quicker and the customers get their deliveries on or before time. A fleet tracking system is the best way to help you track these routes and timely predict arrival times, and inform customers.

Save Time On Maintenance

Keeping tabs on every vehicle’s maintenance schedule can be tricky business for a fleet manager. Missing out on even one scheduled check or a maintenance round can cost you dearly in the future. A fleet tracking is the best solution to this problem as it can send you alerts for when a maintenance check is due for any one of your fleet vehicles.

How is Fleetr the Best Fleet Tracking Service for Your Business to Help Save Time and Money?

Fleetr is a state-of-the-art fleet tracking solution that also happens to be your best answer to “Will a fleet tracking service help me save time and money.” Fleetr is designed to help you quickly start tracking your vehicles, optimize your drivers’ driving habits and help your business reduce extra costs by improving efficiency.

Here is what Fleetr offers your business:

  1. Real-time updates that are refreshed every 60 seconds
  2. Weekly reports and trips on driving behavior
  3. Up to $200 reduced in fuel costs per month per vehicle if driving tips are followed
  4. Segregation between your best drivers and those that need improvement
  5. Opportunity to automate your payroll and taxation
  6. Maintenance alerts and schedule management

Fleetr comes at the most affordable price of $9.99 per vehicle per month and is tailor-made for every business that chooses to use it. With Fleetr, we charge you only for the vehicles you want to track. Whether you’re a small or a large fleet, we have options and plans to help you save time and money and really use the power of telematics to your advantage. We offer our customers the choice to leave us if they think we aren’t a good fit for their business. You can simply return the OBD port II device, and that will be all.

Do you want to take advantage of the best vehicle tracking system out there and save time and money? Schedule a demo with us now.

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