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Will Fleet Tracking Raise Or Lower My Business Costs?

GPS tracking is not only for the titans of the transportation business. Small businesses are just in much need of an effective fleet tracking solution as one of the big guys. One thing is certain: any form of monetary investment in your startup should be well appreciated, and you will see its positive results soon enough.

But what about fleet tracking?

What does the fleet management system bring to the table?

We all know well enough how fleet tracking helps us improve fleet and asset safety and enables a more streamlined communication with all those involved. But the area often left unexplored is the economic one – can you afford to include a fleet management system in your business expenses?

And if yes, will it be a burden?

We hate to spoil things ahead of time, but the exact opposite of your presumption is true – not only will a fleet management system pay for itself, but it will also lower your business costs!

Don’t just take our word for it. Read on to find out how exactly a GPS fleet management system helps reduce costs for small fleets and large ones.

The Fleet Management Cost Is Worth It, Here’s How

If you think that investing in a fleet management system will raise your overall business costs, then think again because GPS tracking has been modeled for the express purpose of making the fleet vehicle business more efficient and economical.

Let’s understand this in greater detail under the following headers:

Better Efficiency & Productivity

The primary goal of fleet management and GPS fleet tracking is to improve the overall flow of things. One of the biggest drains for fleet businesses is the misuse of company property, i.e., when drivers use company vehicles for their side gigs during work hours.

They may later report the entire duration as work time for the company, and you won’t be able to prove otherwise. But with fleet management and GPS fleet tracking in the mix, you’ll not only be able to constantly monitor your drivers and vehicles but also give them precise instructions.

If you get your team to deliver its 100% every day, you will be able to boost the efficiency and productivity of your business and avoid monetary drains and losses. Thus by encouraging hard work and raising the bar, fleet management systems help you get more done with less.

Of course, to make it all work, you should also go the extra mile on your end and reward hard work with incentives – remember, this is an investment that will pay for itself and more!

More Efficient Time Management

Fleet tracking is not merely all about peeling your eyes at your mobile/computer screen. Your business is reliant on your ability to utilize the available time better. Things go much deeper than this – the ultimate goal is saving both time and money.

We have already seen how enhanced work productivity will make your business more profitable.

Let’s add to this the element of better time management, the art of getting more done every day. You can optimize your schedule and make informed decisions about last-minute re-routing to conserve time better.

Time management is a skill. In the fleet business, time is quite literally money, and thus anyone seeking to reduce costs must save just enough time to squeeze in just one more project every day. A fleet management software will only help you out here, but you have to put your leadership to the test and get more done with less.

Better Fuel Economy

Fuel wastage is another significant cost elevating factor. While the cost of fuel wasted per day may not seem like much at an instant, but over time, this sum will become significant. Idling and poor route planning are the most common reasons for elevated fuel costs for a fleet company.

Businesses, especially small ones, need to find ways to minimize costs, and for a transportation company (or a business relying on transportation), fuel costs are a major concern. Without an effective fleet management system, it is near impossible to find where the monetary drain lies and how you can minimize it.

However, with fleet management software in the picture, you’ll be fully informed of such anomalies. Not only will you be able to see if one of your drivers took a longer route for an order/project, but you’ll also be alerted of idling. Idling may not seem like much it is a huge fuel drain for any fleet company.

Once you get the notification (or you can revise the daily reports later on if you’re busy), you can contact the driver and ask them to make the necessary corrections.

Avoiding Monetary Drains From Lawsuits

Nothing can set you back monetarily as much as getting involved in an accident lawsuit. Car accidents involving commercial vehicles are quite common, and this is mostly because commercial drivers are in a constant rush to meet deadlines and complete orders.

While better productivity and efficiency are appreciated, but you should not create a sense of constant restlessness for your drivers. Speeding, aggressive driving, quick turns, and rapid acceleration are all forms of unsafe driving practices.

If such behavior is not stopped in time, it can create a road safety hazard, and if an accident does result from such negligence, the resultant lawsuit can set you back thousands of dollars at the very least. However, the economic drain can be much worse than this.

This is a constant threat that looms over every fleet company, but with the help of fleet management software, you can preempt such disasters by improving your drivers’ on-road behaviors.

Better Safety

Safety is another area where fleet management software pays for itself.

Of course, one cannot put a price on safety in general, but the way fleet tracking comes into the picture has economic relevance as well. For instance, if one of your fleet vehicles were to be stolen, that would be a huge financial loss.

But since the local laws require you to display a sticker or label on your vehicle showing that it is being tracked, this may deter theft. This way, you can better ensure the safety of your assets and won’t be troubled by the fear of sustaining a loss due to theft.

Customer Satisfaction Drives Businesses Forward

Lastly, you need to bring in greater revenue to make your business more profitable and thus drive your company forward, add new elements and evolve those already present (i.e., fleet size). All of this starts with customer satisfaction.

If you do your job well and impress your clients, you will definitely see the economic rewards of your hard work soon enough. Timeliness, better business management, and enhanced day-to-day planning are all key to winning the hearts of your clients, and this is exactly what fleet tracking will help you do.

Fleetr Is The Perfect GPS Tracking Tool To Reduce Costs For Small Fleets

By now, you will most certainly agree that it would be an understatement to say that fleet tracking will pay for itself. It can do much more than that!

However, your choice will also matter here – you need fleet management software that enables GPS tracking for small fleets and helps you reduce costs rather than increasing them, i.e., not something expensive or binding.

Fleetr comes forward as the perfect solution here because we don’t ask for much and deliver what we promise: an unparalleled fleet tracking experience. There are no binding contracts or terms for you to worry about and no minimum number of vehicles you can track.

In short, Fleetr is all about presenting the most personalized experience possible with full freedom for the user. All you need to care about is the $9.99 per month rent for one tracker, and we’ll ship you the same for free (the rent will cover the cost). You’ll then have to download our app to get started.

It’s that simple – wait no further, call us today!

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