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Why You Should Be Using A Fleet Tracking App?

Transport fleets are the backbone of any logistical operation. However, in the ever-competitive field of transportation, being punctual and avoiding any unnecessary delays are not optional – they are imperative for success.

Vehicle tracking and management have never been simpler than in the modern era. With the advent of modern tracking apps, GPS, and telematics (telecommunication plus informatics), fleet management has become a science rather than a chore – as it was before.

GPS Fleet tracking software are not only efficient but also very precise and simple. They provide easy-to-read stats, constant analytics, and real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. Thus, you need not worry about losing track of precious time when there is none to be lost.

This article will explore why having GPS fleet tracking apps is not optional but rather essential for the success of your enterprise.

GPS Fleet Tracking App: Your Ultimate Business Asset

To say that a GPS fleet tracking app is important in the transportation business would be a gross understatement. Not only is it the lifeline of this enterprise but also the only option when it comes to surviving in an ever-competitive business environment.

The aims, objectives, and working principles of this technology are not simple yet it does simplify the results for you to minimize your burdens.

The first component is vehicle tracking (duh!) which employs the global positioning system (GPS) to send and receive constant updates about the vehicle’s location. An electronic logging device (ELD), installed into the vehicle’s framework will constantly emit signals which will let you know about the vehicle’s current position and much more.

On your end, the information will be displayed graphically, usually as a marker representing the said vehicle on a map.

The second aspect of this technology is offering constant stats and reports from the vehicle. These include speed, acceleration, deceleration, any instances of rough driving, vehicle diagnosis reports, and so on.

Short of putting you in the passenger’s seat, the fleet tracking app has your back.

You can also communicate directly with each driver and coordinate your route strategies, any changes in plans, and so on, in an instance. The idea here is to create a direct communication channel and to eliminate the distance factor from the equation.

Thus you can get more done with less and manage each vehicle in your fleet with ease.

GPS Tracking Apps Are For All Fleet Sizes

You’re probably thinking that fleet tracking apps are only meant for big transportation companies and that your startup will not benefit much from it. We see where these kinds of ideas come from: most people are simply deterred by the initial investment and others are not sure if they’ll be able to handle the system.

You’d be wrong to believe in either of these false preconceptions.

Not only are GPS fleet tracking software highly cost-effective and offer a decent ROI (return on investment), they are also highly versatile, making them perfect for fleets of variable sizes. Even a small fleet will benefit immensely from this technological integration.

Being punctual and more productive helps all sorts of businesses, irrespective of the size.

Business owners usually seek to accomplish one or more of the following when looking for effective GPS fleet tracking solutions:

  • Reducing costs and expenses for business operation
  • Cutting down fuel expenses
  • Being in sync with all of the fleet’s vehicles at once and managing their routes effectively
  • Eliminating inaccurate and easily falsifiable paper-based logs
  • Introducing automation in the fleet management process and vehicle diagnosis
  • Reducing the hassle in managing drivers
  • Getting a better ROI in the business

Vehicle tracking, at all levels, can help you accomplish these objectives, and much more. These merits may compel you to integrate the system into your fleet’s framework. Before you do so, let’s analyze in great detail how the system works, what’s in it for you, and what the law says.

How Does Fleet Tracking Work & Why Does It Matter?

Let’s dissect the fleet tracking process and see how each step/component adds value to any fleet:

1.     Keeping Tabs On The Live Location

Depending on the package you select and the capacity of your tracking software and hardware, you may either get interval updates or live ones about the location of your fleet vehicles. In the latter case, you will see the cars, represented by markers, on a map, constantly moving.

However, in the former case, the software will update you on the exact location of your vehicle after a set time interval which maybe a minute or so.

2.     Scanning The Entire Driving History

Fleet tracking systems will let you see even the tiniest details about a driver’s performance history. You will have access to information like mileage, average speed, any instances of aggressive driving, and any indicators of unsafe practices.

If the driver accelerates hard and then suddenly presses hard the brakes, you’ll know about it. Any unsafe turns, traffic law violations, over-speeding, idling, and pretty much any noticeable instance will not go unaccounted for.

With this information at hand, you’ll be better able to assert more control on your drivers and ensure that they work at their best.

3.     Alerts & Notifications

With constant alerts and notifications, no event will go by unnoticed. Whether your driver has just turned on the car, is driving too fast or too slow, or halts suddenly, you’ll know about everything. If something doesn’t feel right, you can instantly communicate with the driver and let them know that you’re not okay with the way things are happening.

4.     Summarized Reports

Automated and unbiased reports from fleet tracking systems can help you better analyze the performance of your crew. You’ll be better able to share this information in an instant with anyone resourceful enough to help you further enhance the performance and level of excellence.

5.     Alerts For Unauthorized Access

Advanced fleet trackers keep tabs on driver IDs and if an unauthorized or unrecognizable individual gets behind the wheel, you’ll be immediately notified. This is a perfect anti-theft solution, allowing you to act when it matters the most.

6.     Emergency Situation Warnings

On the driver’s end, most fleet tracking systems have a panic button. The driver can press this button whenever there is an emergency, and this press of a button will immediately notify you that something is not right.

7.     Monitoring Fuel Expenses

Telematics will let you know about the fuel consumption for every vehicle. If there is idling, you’ll know about it and if the driver took a longer route, you’ll be notified. In any case, you’ll be in complete control about how much fuel is being spent.

Thus, you can derive strategies to monitor these expenses and make cuts wherever possible.

8.     Vehicle Maintenance

The system will also keep tabs on the vehicle diagnostics, giving you constant updates about the state of all vehicles. This way, you’ll be able to preempt any maintenance problems with your vehicle and ensure a smooth ride for all of your missions.

Why You Should Be Using A Fleet Tracking App?

So what’s in it for you? Why should you invest the time and resources for a fleet tracking system? As noted in the headers above, you’ve got much to gain from this system, not only in terms of profitability but also in enhancing team performance and much more.

Here are the pros of using a fleet tracking system:

Cost Reduction

With constant tracking, every aspect of the vehicle operation is under your surveillance. This means that you’ll be able to optimize every segment of the process, ensuring substantial cost reduction. You’ll be able to nip extra fuel expenses and other monetary drains in the bud and save your company a substantial sum which will find better use in further enhancing the excellence of your efforts.

With automated reports at your service, you need not fight over discrepancies in the written records, which are very hard to deal with. Say goodbye to unreliable and easily falsifiable timesheets, and instead, you can use irrefutable data entries. All in all, the integration of tracking software in your fleet management framework will let you make better decisions and avoid financial drains that would be unstoppable otherwise.

Productivity Enhancement

With better monitoring and the idea of accountability, you will be able to get the best out of your team. Be sure to reward excellent behavior and reprimand those who show negligence and recklessness, this way, you will encourage more positive behavior out of your team. You can even share the reports with your crew to let them know how every aspect of their performance is being recorded.

Be sure to let your team members know that all of this monitoring is for everyone’s good: as the company prospers, so will the workers who made it possible through their dedication.

Safety Assured

Fleet tracking is also perfect for assuring the safety of your crew and vehicles. Not only is GPS a perfect deterrent for thieves, but it will also allow you to monitor the real-time position of your vehicle in case of an emergency. Thus if things go south, you’ll be in a much better position to help your driver with whatever it is that concerns them.

A safe work environment will encourage your drivers to be at their best.

The Legal Stance On GPS Fleet Tracking Apps

The legal regulations of fleet tracking apps are not constant so you’ll have to seek legal counsel before going ahead with it. But some common requirements in several states include putting on a sticker clearly stating that the vehicle is under surveillance (works out for the best as this is a perfect theft deterrent too).

You will also need the consent of the drivers being surveilled. IN several states, tracking an employee without their consent is a punishable offense. You are also responsible for keeping the tracking app data safe and will be responsible for providing it to the law enforcement if need be.

Fleetr Is The Perfect Solution For Small-Sized Fleets

If you don’t feel like spending too much for tracking your small-sized fleet but also want to keep things under control at the same time, we hear you and we have the perfect solution for you. For only $9.99 per vehicle (per month), Fleetr offers flexible and highly personalized fleet tracking solutions.

There are no contracts, no complications, and no initiation fees.

So don’t hesitate at all, give us a call and we’ll handle the rest!

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