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Why Tracking Your Small Business Fleet Is Now Easier Than Ever

People tend to assume that new technology means that it will be complicated to use, but that isn’t always the case. In terms of fleet tracking, the process is actually easier now than it has been in the past. Why is that so? Technological advances have made the process of collecting and interpreting data a lot simpler, and these often include automated processes that you don’t even have to lift a finger for.

Fleetr has made the process of keeping track of your small business fleet easier than ever – and we are going to share with you how and why!

Fleet Tracking in the Past

In the past, fleet tracking was not something easily accomplished. Data collection was easy enough but required a lot of manual work on the part of the drivers and the fleet manager. The fleet manager relied on the information brought to them by their drivers, gas receipts, and other information to create reports and follow the maintenance schedule for each vehicle. 

The entire process often resulted in piles of paperwork and additional storage for the records. Managers often had to hire additional employees just to take care of the paper trail following all of this data. Little by little, the paperwork converted to digital and has since been replaced with the automated data collection we know (and love) today.

Other Fleet Tracking Companies

Most fleet tracking companies cater to larger fleets – think 100+ vehicles. These companies also generally require a contract between the company and the fleet company. These contracts can be deceiving, which gets managers in trouble if they aren’t prepared for pricing increases. 

Most of the fleet tracking contracts out there will begin with a “promotional period.” This will last for a period of up to 12 months in most circumstances. Once the timeframe is up, the price increases significantly. When this happens, if you can’t pay, then you end up with an early termination fee and other costs that you may not expect.

These companies also tend to charge for the hardware needed to get the tracking features. The charge for the hardware could be a one-time charge, or it may be a recurring monthly charge you have to pay alongside the subscription. You may be able to get a better deal if your fleet is extremely large – bulk discounts may be available for your fleet in these circumstances (not necessarily small fleet friendly).

Fleetr Makes Fleet Tracking Easier – Period.

Fleetr was made with freedom and simplicity in mind. You have enough on your plate as a fleet manager, and you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure your fleet is where it should be. The best part of the experience is the app and how easy it will be to use it from the first time you log in. We make fleet tracking an easy experience.

Signing Up is Easy

It is easy for fleet managers to sign up for Fleetr. Start by visiting the website,, and click on “buy now.” Fleet managers are redirected to a page where they input the number of fleet vehicles they plan on enrolling with Fleetr. We even offer discounts for higher volumes of vehicles enrolled. Once you choose the number of vehicles and make the payment to begin your subscription, we will send you the information you need to set up the app.

While we get your package with the hardware ready to ship (this usually takes three to five days to receive), go ahead and set up your dashboard on the app. You can go ahead and get your vehicle information into the app and get the driver’s information set up. 

Once your package arrives, installation is quick and easy. Take the hardware out of the package and plug it into the OBD II port. Fleetr takes care of the rest. The hardware works off of wireless networks, updating you with real-time information on your drivers and the fleet vehicles.

Fleetr’s Features  – Why It’s Easy!

Let’s take a look at what makes Fleetr the easy solution for fleet tracking:

  • Easy Device Installation – Unlike some of the other fleet tracking platforms out there, Fleetr doesn’t require any technical skills to install it. If you can plug in a lamp, you can plug in the Fleetr hardware. Some companies prefer to use hardwired devices for tracking, but these require a technician who is skilled at installing them. Fleetr makes it easy for you to handle installation on your own. If you find that you do have questions, our attentive customer service team is ready to help you.
  • Anyone Can Use Fleetr – Fleetr is easy enough that anyone can use it. From the most technologically advanced to those who have very little clue about turning on a computer. The app was designed to be user-friendly. Everything you need is easy to navigate, and you get to set up your preferences for everything from notifications to when reports are run. Know exactly what your fleet is doing with the push of a button.
  • Small Fleet Friendly – Fleetr is what we like to call “small fleet friendly.” The solutions offered by Fleetr are affordable for smaller fleets who cannot afford the pricing attached to other solutions. Plus, there is no contractual obligation when you work with Fleetr. You could consider Fleetr the “pay-as-you-go” fleet tracking solution of the industry. What you see is what you get – no hidden fees or expectations.

Fleetr is a no-contract, low payment per month option for small business fleets. For $9.99 per month per vehicle, you get everything – the app, the subscription, and the hardware – no hidden costs.

Why You Need an Easy Fleet Tracking Solution

The real question is, why would you choose a complicated fleet tracking solution? You want a user-friendly experience that gets the results you want. When you can’t navigate the app or figure out how to install your hardware, it is a waste of money, and if you are already locked into a contract, you may not be able to come back from that type of loss. 

When you have an easy to use fleet tracking solution, the ability to navigate features gives you the ability to:

  • Increase productivity: Who doesn’t want their fleet to be more efficient? If you aren’t looking for efficiency with your fleet, a tracking solution probably isn’t for you. Since most managers want to increase efficiency and the productivity of their fleet, it becomes natural that they look for ways (like fleet tracking) to do it. You can see which vehicles are staying on task, which are idling, who speeds, and so much more. The first step of improving team productivity is to see where they are not being productive at.
  • Increase fleet safety: Safety is always a top priority when you are a fleet manager. It is your responsibility to ensure that your fleet is following the rules, being safe on the roadway, and representing your company’s brand to the fullest extent. You can receive push notifications from Fleetr, which will help you determine if your drivers are speeding or engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. These notifications allow you to take care of the problem before it becomes a larger situation.
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs: One great thing about incorporating a fleet tracking solution is the fuel and maintenance cost savings you can accumulate. Take a minute and think about how much money you spend on fuel and maintenance – what if you could reduce these costs while also increasing safety, productivity, and more? Fleet tracking software has an uncanny knack for tracking things. Some of these tracking capabilities can be used to increase the fuel efficiency or give you tips on how to do so. When it comes to maintenance, how often do you forget to get the oil changed in one of your vehicles? Keeping track of each vehicle individually can be complicated, especially if your drivers don’t report the mileage they drive accurately. Lucky for you, if you Implement a solution like Fleetr, it can take care of the tracking for you and provide you with updates on when you need to have your maintenance taken care of.
  • Optimize fleet routes – Sometimes, drivers don’t always stick to the best route options for their daily routes. When this happens, it may become necessary for the fleet manager to step in. Unless there is an emergency or traffic detours, there is no reason that the employee should deviate from the given route. Maybe your driver knows of a shortcut that you don’t. If they take it, you can see it in the history and determine if it optimizes the route or increases the costs along the way. When your fleet is out on the road, and a service call comes in, do you send the person closest to the call or someone else? You can see who is closest when you use an app like Fleetr to manage and track your fleet.
  • Set up geofencing parameters – Do your fleet drivers end up in areas they aren’t supposed to be in? In the past, you may not have been able to figure out why they use so much gas on their calls, but with a tracking solution, you can see just where each of the drivers goes and for how long. Are they simply idling while eating lunch? Is traffic horrible during that time of day? You can set up coordinates for each vehicle to “stay within.” When they breach these, you can receive a notification and check in with them to ensure everything is okay.

Ready to Sign Up For an Easy Fleet Tracking Solution?

Taking the plunge with a new fleet tracking software doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Fleetr has made it possible for small fleet owners to take control of their fleet and improve profit margins. Is that something that sounds appealing to you – larger profit margins? With a low-cost solution like Fleetr, you can focus in on those behaviors that are costing your business money and fix them.

With easy navigation and GPS-powered solutions, you can ensure accuracy and results when switching to Fleetr for your small fleet service.

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