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Why Fleetr Is Vehicle Tracking Made Simple

If you run a fleet business, it is vital to know where your assets are at all times. Manual fleet management is tasking, especially considering all other business challenges. The good news is that technological advancements in the industry offer an advantage.

An excellent example is Fleetr, a vehicle tracking technology that will show your fleet’s real-time location and driving status.

Fleetr offers simple but effective tracking devices that help fleet businesses improve performance and reduce operating costs. Unlike other telematics, it is affordable, simple to install, use, and runs in minutes.

What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking?

Solutions fleet tracking is a technology-driven by GPS (global positioning system). GPS is a system that consists of three parts, namely, space, control, and user segments, and provides users with timing, navigation, and positioning services.

The system involves a combination of several satellites that send signals to a GPS-enabled device in any part of the world. The alerts provide information regarding the vehicle location and other activities on a map or reports.

The data is then analyzed and interpreted to provide accurate fleet intelligence and powerful insights that help business owners or fleet managers make crucial business decisions. Therefore, a GPS vehicle tracking system offers real-time and historic navigation data on connected vehicles.

What Do Fleet Tracking Devices Do in Fleet Vehicles?

GPS tracking devices work hand-in-hand with GPS fleet software to give real-time updates and alerts based on information sent from the fleet to the software. The data indicates the fleet location, operation status, and driver behavior.


GPS tracking devices collect and exchange data through global positioning systems, driver input data, and diagnostic plug-ins. The information generated is then rounded between the satellites, computers/phones, and receivers to determine the exact longitude and latitude points.

GPS vehicle trackers use telematics technology to collect fleet data using a vehicle tracking device attached to the OBD port on the dashboard or connected through the vehicle’s wiring harness. The data is contained in real-time to make tracking meaningful.

The data transmitted via the satellite system to the GPS hardware collects vehicle data points, engine time, geofencing status, and location. The information collected can help businesses make crucial fleet decisions such as asset availability and utilization, maintenance needs, and route optimization.

Challenges Faced by Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are tasked with one essential task in keeping the business running; fleet management. Successful fleet management is the heart of a successful fleet business. However, managers find themselves with too much work than they can handle to the point they cannot improve their bottom line.

Failure to handle the tasks efficiently can be costly, and this usually happens if operations are conducted manually. Here are some of the challenges fleet managers face.

  1. Too Much Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Fleet managers spend a lot of time on administrative tasks such as invoicing, keeping customers updated, scheduling vehicle maintenance and following up on drivers. Going through files looking for a specific quote or recording subsequent repairs takes quite some time.

As a result, other revenue-generating tasks may go on hold, and vital tasks such as repairs missed due to the additional administrative duties. Luckily, telematics systems such as Fleetr helps managers complete administrative tasks in minutes and reduce human errors.

  1. Challenges Managing Fluctuating Fuel Costs

Fuel costs fluctuate, making it hard to determine how much fuel your fleet will consume. However, managers can predict fuel consumption through fleet tracking devices that help track idling and driver behavior trends. Additionally, telematics help in route optimization that helps pick the shortest route that increases fuel efficiency and reduces operational costs.

  1. Maintenance Management

Whether your business has an in-house workshop or you outsource the services, your manager is responsible for carrying out vehicle checks in compliance with the regulations. The driver is responsible for daily round checks, regular maintenance checks, pre-purchase inspections, and repair of reported defects.

Maintenance management is one of the biggest challenges fleet managers face due to the enormous workload. Failure to do so means more expenses in terms of repair and replacement. Even a minor issue can be costly if not handled on time, a responsibility that falls solely on the manager’s shoulders. But with a tracking system, timely scheduling alerts are made possible.

  1. Timely Communication With the Drivers

Miscommunication between the driver and manager can lead to late deliveries, lost productivity, and unsatisfied customers. Such events are unavoidable since it becomes difficult to text, call, or email when the drivers are on the road.

Fortunately, tracking a GPS fleet can streamline managing your drivers while on transit. Managers can conveniently send explicit messages and updates from the office or any location. You can also know their place and estimated arrival time without communicating with the driver.

The quick updates make it easy to respond to emergencies, provide real-time solutions and avoid significant challenges that would otherwise cost a lot of money.

  1. Managing Drivers

Driver behavior and safety are significant concerns for any fleet business. Businesses invest heavily in driver training and coaching because they are vital assets. Identifying drivers who need safe driving coaching can be challenging.

A manager can identify drivers with dangerous driving behavior that puts the vehicle and other road users at risk with fleet tracking software. Through regular reports on excessive speeding, excess wear and tear, sudden braking, and accelerating are some of the red alerts of dangerous driving.

  1. Managing Geographically Separated Team

Managers managing several teams in different geographical areas find it challenging to coordinate, locate drivers, and ensure effective operation. Locating spread-out vehicles quickly and easily can be made possible with telematics software. The software helps find the cars and know exactly where they are day or night.

Fleetr; Making Fleet Management Made Simple

Fleetr, a modern fleet tracking technology, is an award-winning vehicle tracking system, has made fleet management simple and accessible for small companies. Over the years, we have connected thousands of vehicles and provided real-time data that help track location, driver behavior and help in fuel efficiency.

Fleetr’s features have made it the customer’s preferred choice.

  1. Real-Time Location

One crucial feature that our system offers is real-time location. As a fleet owner or manager, the feature lets you know where your vehicles are 24/7. It provides updates every 30 seconds, meaning you get to see your assets whenever you feel like it.

Additionally, our Google maps are always up-to-date to ensure accurate tracking. That is not all; the system has a Google street view to see your vehicle’s location to the street level. The tracker also has a vehicle calculator that helps one see the next job on the map and locate the nearest vehicle and traffic information that warns your driver of possible traffic and the best route to take.

  1. Driving History

The GPS fleet tracking technology provides the entire driving history, and you can view the data from the first day of installation. The management can use the data to identify miles covered and fuel consumption patterns. To further analyze the data or integrate it with other systems in your company, Fleetr also provides the export or import of data.

  1. Maintenance Management

Fleetr enables company owners to establish a maintenance schedule and reduce maintenance costs. The system records service type, workshop, and estimated costs for upcoming vehicle maintenance and allows owners to create a tailored maintenance plan. The plan ensures all vehicles undergo maintenance without fail hence guaranteeing excellent delivery of services.

  1. Complete Fuel Data

The system has a fuel consumption data integration that gives a complete overview of consumption and fuel-saving targets. It allows owners to access fuel purchases, consumption, and targets. In other words, it provides a comprehensive overview of how and where of fuel consumption for individual drivers and as a team.

  1. Safety Alerts

Fleetr also has a feature that monitors dangerous driving behavior and look-out for idling. The feature helps with driver’s safety as it helps monitor speeding, acceleration, sharp turning, hard braking, among other unsafe behaviors. Safety alerts also help in fuel efficiency and driving regulation compliance.

  1. Driving Competition

The driving competition feature allows business owners to rank their drivers based on safe driving styles and fuel economy targets, creating a safe driving culture. Your business gets to enjoy safe driving, compliance, reduced duel and maintenance costs besides happy and appreciated employees.

Fleetr Installation Process

Fleetr’s OBD-II device is simple to install and operate. With your car parked at a cellular network coverage area, you can quickly get your tracking system up and running. Here is the simple installation process

  1. Put your vehicle’s engine off for safety purposes.
  2. Examine the underside of your dashboard to locate the OBD-II port. Although the port’s location is on the dashboard, some car models have their ports located in the knee area near the steering column.
  3. Plug the Fleetr OBD-II device into the port.
  4. The device will produce a blinking light, indicating that the device is plugged correctly.
  5. Switch on the engine after ten minutes. The time will be enough to allow the device to download the latest updates.
  6. Download the Fleetr App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with your data connection. The App is compatible with mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. The process takes a few minutes to complete.
  7. Start tracking. With a $9.99 monthly subscription, you get to enjoy the many benefits Fleetr has to offer. It gets better with a free device, zero activation free, no shipping charges, or binding contracts.

Industries Our GPS Fleet Tracking Have Served

Fleetr has integrated thousands of fleets with the best vehicle tracking system over the years, and all our customers leave happy and satisfied. Here are some of the industries we have served.

  • Construction
  • Waste management
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Health care
  • Emergency and response
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Delivery

Reasons Why You Should Use Fleetr’s GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Businesses continuously look for ways to reduce operational costs and improve performance to keep up with the competition. Companies that have not yet integrated telematics technology are losing out on so many benefits their competitors are using to remain on top with today’s advanced technology.

Here are some of the benefits businesses that have installed Fleetr enjoy.

  1. Route Planning

The management can use Fleetr’s fleet tracking GPS to record all the routes taken from the installation to the current date. Additionally, the tracking devices review past details through the location history map and help identify the best and worst ways. Fleet managers then use the data to determine the best routes, increasing efficiency, driver productivity, and reduced costs.

Route planning also saves time. Even when the driver is already on transit, fleet managers can identify routes with heavy traffic in real-time and guide their drivers accordingly. Saved time means getting the load to its destination within the time frame.

  1. Reduced Operating Costs

Telematics technology alerts fleet managers when drivers undertake driving behaviors such as acceleration, engine idling, and overspeeding that consume more fuel. The manager can then educate the employees on safe driving behaviors that ensure fuel efficiency, reducing costs.

Additionally, taking a shorter route also means less overtime and fuel consumption. Also, businesses that have installed Fleetr enjoy reduced repair or replacement costs. The tracking system has a customized maintenance program that updates managers on vehicle health and maintenance schedules.

It, therefore, means that each vehicle undergoes maintenance at the recommended time hence reducing more wear and tear that is costly if left for long. In addition, timely repair translates to a prolonged lifespan, and vehicles serve the company for a very long time before becoming road unworthy, reducing replacement costs.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

One way of ensuring your business runs smoothly is to keep your customers happy and satisfied. With the help of Fleetr, you can respond to service calls promptly and reach out to your customers on time.

You get to allocate the nearest vehicle to your customers through route optimization, hence delivering time. Even better, you will no longer have to make calls back and forth trying to get information from the driver to the customer regarding the delivery status. With Fleetr, you view the fleet location in real-time and update your customers with reliable and accurate information.

  1. Guaranteed Safety

Fleetr has a geofencing feature that enables company owners and managers to set up a business zone. Once the vehicle gets out of the preset area for whatever reason, they get an instant notification. This feature prevents drivers from wandering off to unsafe zones and guarantees both the fleet and driver’s safety.

Fleetr also has an in-built SOS button that drivers use to alert fleet owners or managers in case of emergencies. Such a feature ensures drivers get the help they need promptly, even if they have no other way of reaching out. Additionally, the real-time location update provides that business owners know their vehicles’ location at any given time.

The GPS tracker also guarantees the driver’s safety. The system sends a real-time alert for aggressive driving such as sharp turning, speeding, acceleration, hard braking, among others. The system alerts on drivers’ safety scores and trends over time. Information fleet managers use to make decisions such as safe driving coaching that reduce chances of an accident occurring.

  1. Compliance

Although fleet regulations differ from region to region, businesses need to comply with all the rules to ensure safety and efficiency. One way to ensure fleet compliance is through fleet tracking systems.

Fleetr enables fleet owners to have safety management policies and procedures that clearly outline how your business uses the roads regarding vehicles used, who is driving, and the driver’s behavior. The system also helps digest the possible risks, consequences, and measures to mitigate the effects.

Fleetr gathers all the crucial data about your vehicles and drivers and analyzes it to create individualized feedback for each car and driver. If the regulations require fit drivers, telematics helps identify incompetent drivers and offers the necessary training.

Additionally, regulations that require decreased fuel use and fewer carbon emissions are adhered to with reduced fuel consumption. Fleetr also helps to adhere to rules that require only roadworthy vehicles on the road through scheduled maintenance.

Why Getting Real-Time Data Is Essential in GPS Fleet Tracking

Imagine receiving tracking data hours or, even worse, days later. How would you know your vehicle has diverted out of the geofenced zone? How would you connect your customers to the nearest vehicle? It would be hard and bad for business.

Luckily, getting real-time data through the tracking systems such as Fleetr has become a game-changer in the transport industry. Through phone or computer, you get to view your vehicle location, driver activities, and fuel consumption anytime from any part of the world.

The live-to-the-second data provided by telematics devices provide real-time data and complete insight that helps you run a more brilliant fleet business.

Why Should You Trust Fleetr to Track Your Vehicle?

Besides the mentioned advantages such as compliance, safety, excellent customer service, reduced operational costs, and route planning, Fleetr is a modern fleet tracking that offers other tracking benefits. We are the industry leader and have delivered excellent tracking services for years. So, we understand your needs better and are ready to customize them to meet your specific requirements.

We also go the extra mile to ensure you receive real-time data 24/7. Our tracking solutions have a 30-second tracking refresh rate that allows you to get real-time information twice every minute, whether your car is turned on or not.

Our state-of-the-art plug-in devices are high quality and easier to install and operate. Besides, our customer care support desk is always ready to help you with anything you may need through chat, mail, or voice.

So, call us today and let us get started.

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