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Why Fleetr Is The Best GPS Tracking Product

GPS fleet tracking has long been seen as highly meticulous and complex, but Fleetr has changed this perception with its simple-to-use framework and competitive features. But that is not what makes Fleetr the most effective of the GPS tracker companies. We all know just how much a business, big or small, can benefit from incorporating fleet management in its business protocol. The ability to track your fleet vehicles and then figure out areas of improvement in how you do business can help you grow as a setup and reach for new horizons.

The whole concept of GPS fleet tracking has evolved drastically over the years, so much so that it is almost unrecognizable in its current form. You don’t have to constantly annoy your fleet drivers with phone calls and texts for their location updates, and you won’t be forced to give out orders without knowing the full picture of what’s happening on the road. GPS fleet tracking today is more sophisticated and more effective than ever before, and all of this has been made possible by GPS tracking and the internet. However, with a sudden boom in the availability of GPS tracking products in the market, it is impossible to pick one, knowing that you’ve made the best possible choice.

Fleetr, however, will be one such choice if you choose to make it. “Why” – you may ask. Well, put simply, it is a highly affordable, flexible, and premium level product that delivers well for fleets of all sizes but especially for small fleets. The product has been designed specifically to help small business owners face the challenges posed by their transportation segment and to get the best out of their small fleets with the monitoring ability of the Fleetr GPS tracking system. This article will explore why Fleetr is a decent choice for a GPS tracking product and how it can help your business move forward.

What Sets Fleetr Apart From Other GPS Tracking Products

But how can we claim that Fleetr is indeed the best choice for you? Well, these claims are not unsubstantiated – we can prove that Fleetr plays perfectly into the script of a small business fleet manager. Our product has been designed to minimize business costs, which is bound to help a small business owner more than anyone else. The advanced GPS tracking capability provided by the Fleetr hardware and software can shame many competing products. All of this, surprisingly, comes in a very affordable package with zero binding commitments.

If this is not the recipe for a perfect GPS tracking system, we don’t know what is. We’ve done years of intensive research about what clients look for when selecting a GPS fleet tracking system for their business. Based on our research data, we have included all the sought-after features in our product and made our subscription as simple as possible. Not only does Fleetr perform exceptionally well for a very affordable cost, but it also leaves little room for error on your part, providing you with precise data, performance reports, and other stats. This will enable you to make consequential business decisions that will help you grow and conquer the market.

The following headers summarize the aspects of Fleetr which make it the best of the best:

No Binding Contracts

The first thing you’ll notice about our subscription plan at Fleetr is that there are no binding contracts or agreements for you. It is all as free and open as possible. One of the most important features of Fleetr is that it does not pin clients to behave a certain way. You won’t be forced to use our product for a certain amount of time or for a certain number of vehicles, or anything else of the sort, which is usually the case with competing products. Plus, you can cancel the subscription anytime. The only thing keeping you from doing so will be our excellent service, not some contract.

Affordable Subscription

Another area where Fleetr excels in the competition is pricing, and we don’t just mean the cost of tracking itself but the way our subscription works. Fleetr will never force you to pay more for your fleet management system than your usage. Most products come with a package deal which means that you’ll be paying a fixed sum for their services no matter how much of it you’re using. For instance, if you buy a six-car deal but only track five vehicles because that’s how many you have, you’ll be paying extra for the fleet management services. This is not how the Fleetr subscription works. You only pay $9.99 per vehicle per month, and that will cover everything.

GPS tracking has never been simpler!

Free Plug-and-Play Device

Apart from the affordable subscription package, the best thing about Fleetr is that you get the tracker absolutely free. There are no hidden charges, no installation fees, or any other dues to be paid in this regard. The tracker is truly free of cost. All you have to take care of is the $9.99 per vehicle monthly rent, which will cover everything. Once you get the tracker at your place, setting it up should be rather simple. After all, it is a plug-and-play device. Just plug it into the OBD panel, and that will be all. After this, all you have to do is set up your Fleetr tracking application and get started with GPS tracking. The device will not only point to the location of your vehicle but also share useful stats and other performance data to help you make informed business-related decisions.

Available For Both Smartphones & PCs

The fleet GPS tracking application of Fleetr is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. This means that you will get to track your fleet vehicles wherever you are and whenever you wish to. No need to keep your eyes glued to the PC screen all day (this can be quite stressful too). If you have other concerns to address, go ahead and tackle those issues. The mobile application will alert you if anything worthy of your attention happens. The UI is very simple, smooth, and neat. You won’t be bombarded with the many features at once, which can be quite confusing, but instead will be able to explore the app on your own, and within minutes, you’ll be using it like a pro.

Live Location Tracking

The location tracking capabilities of all GPS tracking systems are different. Inadequate and cheap products which have flooded the market in recent years present themselves in a way that does not accurately reflect what the product has to offer. Most products simply list “location tracking” in their product description, which can be highly misleading. There is no way to know how often will the location be updated, and usually, with such subpar GPS tracking systems, it is after fixed intervals of minutes. In contrast, the Fleetr GPS tracking system offers locational updates continuously so that you never stay out of the loop of what’s happening on the road.

This is called live or real-time location tracking, and it enables you to make instant decisions for rerouting and give away other critical fleet management decisions. 

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Besides simply tracking the location of your drivers, you also have the option to note how they are performing on the road. All companies, even small ones, have a policy against unsafe driving. In the event of a car crash involving your company vehicle, you too will be considered liable for the losses incurred upon the injured party. If that happens, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars in compensation for the economic and non-economic damages. On top of this, you’ll also have to pay for repairs and for getting your driver the medical attention they need.

The loss is simply too big to bear. But you can prevent this with the Fleetr GPS tracking system, which lets you track your drivers and alert you if they get engaged in unsafe driving, i.e., speeding, swift turns, hard-pressed on the brakes, and so on. You’ll be able to act in time and avoid such a disaster by asking your drivers to drive more safely.

Timely Notifications & Alerts

The best part about the Fleetr app is that it never keeps you on screen for long. Instead, you can get busy doing the stuff that matters and still stay in the loop of everything that matters, i.e., speeding, maintenance trouble, idling, etc. The mobile app will simply notify you, in time, when anything happens. You can either stay stuck in front of the screen in wait for something noteworthy to happen or just get busy and be alerted if it does happen.

The latter is a much better option, and Fleetr lets you do just as such.

Automated Performance Records

Lastly, the app presents all the information you need for your business in an easy-to-understand manner. The computerized records generated by the Fleetr application will let you better assess the performance of your workers and thus be seen as just and principled. Plus, automated data can’t be manipulated or misrepresented – your drivers may be able to mislead you about the amount of work done per day with the manual logs, but these automated reports will introduce complete transparency in the equation.

Call Us Today To Get Our Fleetr GPS Tracking Subscription

After reading through all the aforementioned headers and understanding what our deal brings to you, it should be quite obvious why we claim that Fleetr is the best. Not just a decent option, but the best choice you can make for your fleet. Most small business owners hold back from making major investments like buying a GPS fleet tracking system because they fear that their investment results may not be the same as expected. However, over 20,000 vehicle owners have already tried our GPS tracking solution, and they only have good things to say about our product, our services, and our subscription policies.

Not only do we offer a decent product with premium capabilities, but the acquisition process and functioning are also super simple. Our application has a simple UI and zero learning curve. Plus, you also get to experience GPS fleet tracking in its most sophisticated yet easy-to-use form. So far, our reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and we intend to keep things this way through our unparalleled service and our high-end hardware and software.

Contact us today if you want to get started with tracking your fleet vehicles more efficiently than otherwise possible with Fleetr!

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