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Why Fleet Tracking Is More Important Than Ever In 2022

Are you still operating the old way and waiting for your drivers to get back to the shop to see results? In 2022, you can implement a new system that can give you much more control over results sooner and quicker. 

If you are not already tracking your fleet and your drivers, then now is the time to implement a new fleet management system in your business. Not only will you be able to see where your drivers are and how there are driving on the roads, but you will also gain more insights into company data that change the way you operate. 

Fleet tracking devices are incredibly beneficial for fleet managers to better control their business operations and make effective changes. Here is why fleet tracking is more important than ever in 2022 and how you can improve your business efficiency instantly.

Fleet Managers Can Gain More Insights To Their Business

Implementing a fleet tracking system helps to give fleet managers more insights into their business. A good fleet tracker can tell you how efficient your fuel usage is, how safe your drivers are, and much more. 

Traditionally, fleet managers have a lot on their plates that can be hard to manage without a third-party system. Fleet managers are responsible for drivers and equipment training, invoicing, scheduling routes and vehicle maintenance, and more. Without a helpful system, it can be easy to get in way over your head as a fleet manager. 

It is also hard to see how your business stands without a system that can look in-depth at your numbers without a good fleet tracking system. Telematics is key in 2022 to enhancing business efficiency and performance. 

If you want to step up production, now more than ever is the time to implement a GPS tracker. 

Become More Organized 

As we previously mentioned in the last section, fleet managers have a lot on their plate that can easily become overwhelming without proper organization. Having an office full of paperwork does not help in organization, and it slows down a lot of the process. 

A GPS tracker and a fleet management system help fleet managers to become more organized by letting the technology do the work for you. A GPS tracker like Fleetr’s takes a lot of data tracking off a fleet manager’s hands since the system scales metrics itself and provides transparent information.

With a GPS tracker, fleet managers will have more time for other duties like driver training, invoicing, and coming up with new strategies to try for their employees. 

Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel consumption is the #1 enemy for cost in a fleet business and more. With a system like this, you will see where most of your fuel is going and which driver(s) are using most of it to help increase fuel and save on expenses. 

Not only will a GPS tracker reduce fuel expenses, but it can also help you save on other software you may be using in your business since it will do the same job for you. Saving on fuel and other business expenses can increase efficiency and production from minimal input. 

Increase Fuel Usage

As you use a GPS tracker and see the weekly or monthly reports of fuel consumption, the data on driver safety can increase fuel usage since you will gauge how drivers are using company equipment. 

Depending on how well-maintained the vehicles are if routes are optimized, and how fuel is being consumed, fleet managers can find ways to increase fuel usage by making driver or route switches and training employees on better driving practices. 

When more fuel is consumed, the company can save on how much it is spending on fuel and other expenses. 

It Can Help Increase Productivity And Efficiency

Slow routes and harmful drivers can negatively impact productivity and efficiency, which can then impact customer satisfaction. Many people think a GPS tracking system is just for following the location of drivers and vehicles, but it is for so much more. 

A GPS tracker is placed in the vehicle, and then information is transported to the connecting system. Fleetr’s GPS tracker gives fleet managers a driver safety and efficiency score to display how efficient employees or company performance is. 

If you receive a negative score (that for Fleetr is updated at the start of every week, displaying last week’s performances), you can make changes to increase efficiency and productivity in your company. 

Keep Customers Satisfied

The efficiency and productivity of your fleet are also connected to customer satisfaction. Customers can begin to notice if deliveries are taking longer due to drivers, vehicle maintenance, or other factors. 

If your customers were to ask and check on delivery time, a GPS tracker system would give you an accurate estimated delivery time. When routes are optimized and delivery times can happen quicker, it can make for many happy customers. 

Increase Driver Safety

Driver safety is very important in fleet management. The drivers you select to run your routes, make deliveries, and use your equipment are the face of your business when they leave the shop. While you train employees before they start driving routes, you never really know how safe your employees are being until you start tracking them. 

How your drivers use company vehicles impacts how your vehicles are maintained and how productive deliveries are. A GPS tracker can give you real-time updates on driver performance and whether your drivers are aggressive with idling, speeding, or harsh braking.

Constant harsh use of the brakes means repairs are coming up, which will cost your company more money on top of possibly having a vehicle facing downtime. If drivers are made away with data from a GPS tracker of how they are using company equipment, you can save money on repairs and feel confident in your employees.

Improve Communication With Employees

Increasing driver safety with a GPS tracker will also improve communication with employees. Without sufficient data, employees may feel more resistant to a conversation about their driving. 

Not only will a GPS tracker improve communication with employees on their driving performance, but you can also have more communication with upcoming repairs that are scheduled through the system. 

Whether you are a fleet manager managing a fleet of ten or a hundred vehicles, keeping up with every repair each vehicle needs can be exhausting, especially if a vehicle needs more than one repair. 

Drivers will not have access to a Fleetr account, but fleet managers who are using the system can stay up-to-date on upcoming notifications and keep their employees informed as well. Employees react better to bosses who are well organized and are aware of business needs instead of forgetting what needs to be done. 

Receive Real-Time Alerts 

Instead of waiting weeks or months to run reports, like fleet managers used to do, to see where a company stands, a GPS tracking device can provide managers with real-time updates. 

Fleetr’s real-time updates are updated every 60 seconds and show driver habits, location, delivery time, and fuel usage. Real-time alters help to decrease the amount of administrative work a fleet manager has to juggle. 

It is also crucial for fleet managers to know where their employees and company equipment are at all times while measuring the efficiency at the same time to make adjustments for later deliveries. 

Having the ability to see real-time business updates can help fleet managers implement new strategies fast to continue increasing efficiency before receiving the weekly report to make any changes.

Keep Up With Vehicle Maintenance

Some fleet tracking systems have alerts to notify fleet managers when a vehicle needs certain work done or remind fleet managers of upcoming scheduled repairs. 

Vehicle maintenance is crucial to not have any vehicle face downtime and impact future deliveries. Plus, if your telematics indicates certain drivers are wearing out equipment, that can help you inform drivers of their habits to protect the vehicles from needing any repairs.

Most GPS tracking systems will send reminders out for certain repairs after there’s been a certain amount of hours logged or mileage reached. Constant alerts and staying on top of vehicle maintenance will increase efficiency and productivity by always having healthy vehicles.

How Fleetr Can Give You Fleet Tracking

Fleetr has created a system to give you the data you need to improve. Our GPS tracking device gives you more than the location of your drivers. 

Here’s what you get with a Fleetr GPS tracking device:

  • Driver locations (updated every 60-seconds for real-time data)
  • Saved vehicle trip history
  • Alerts for aggressive driver behavior (speeding, idling, harsh brake using)
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Fuel efficiency score and driver score
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly reports
  • App or desktop use

Fleetr’s goal is to give fleet managers the information about their business they need to make improvements and become more efficient. With our in-depth telematics, you will be able to scale your business to a new degree and see what’s currently working and what’s not. 

Fleet managers can appreciate how our system helps outsource your tasks and give you the time to focus on other areas of your company. Our ability to use your account on an app or desktop allows for more flexibility on the fleet manager’s part. Instead of staying cooped up in an office to do the paperwork to see the current standing, app-accessible features allow fleet managers to spend some time in the field to focus on other tasks they might not be able to get to often. 

The fuel efficiency and driver score will show how efficient your drivers are with company equipment. A score of 67 or higher means your drivers are safe and efficient, while a score of 33 or lower is not efficient and worrisome. 

Get Your GPS Tracker Today

You can have your GPS trackers shipped to you today and receive them in four to six days once you sign up for your subscription plan. A tracking number will be sent to you within one to two days, and login information for you to access your account on your smartphone app or desktop. 

Fleetr does not function with contracts. You will have a month-to-month subscription plan that you can cancel anytime. We will send you up to 100 GPS tracking devices that you will be responsible for sending back once you cancel your subscription. The GPS trackers can easily be plugged into the OBDII port, and a green dot will appear if installed correctly. 

Once your GPS tracker is installed correctly, you can start tracking your fleet! Unless you cancel your subscription, your monthly plan will automatically renew. 

If you still have questions, we would be happy to answer. Call Fleetr today at +1 (416) 651-7575. 

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