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What Makes GPS Tracking Devices Valuable For Fleets

If your business has fleet vehicles, you already know what it takes to keep these vehicles in operational order – but did you know that there is an easier way? Implementing a fleet tracking solution into your management strategy can help to minimize the amount of paperwork and increase the amount of time managers spend out from behind the desk.

Not all fleet tracking solutions are made the same – some are made for large fleets, which are not beneficial to small business fleets. That is why solutions like Fleetr exist to make small fleet management possible without the large fleet tracking prices. Accompanied with an easy installation process, you can get started with Fleetr today and have your own GPS tracking devices for your fleet in as few as three business days.

What is a GPS Fleet Management System?

To understand what GPS fleet management systems are, you have to understand the global positioning system (GPS). GPS is a series of satellites that orbit the Earth, interacting with receivers on the ground. When communicating with the receivers on the ground, if three or more of these satellites focus on a receiver, then the receiver’s exact location can be pinpointed. That is the first component of the GPS tracking system and is necessary if you plan to follow your fleet in real-time.

The Vehicle Tracking Device

The vehicle tracking device is a piece of hardware that is inserted into the OBD-II port of the vehicle. This piece of hardware collects data from your car as it is driven – like mileage, fleet driver behaviors, and even when check engine lights come on. You don’t have to rely on the drivers to tell you when something isn’t right – you have that information in your own hands.

When you order your tracking service from Fleetr, you pay $9.99 per month/per vehicle, and we send the hardware to you, which you can expect to arrive within three to five days of successful payment. You can set up the Fleetr app while you wait for the hardware for your vehicles to arrive.

The App

Once your hardware is inserted into the OBD-II port, it will begin to accumulate data. With Fleetr, you will find that weekly reports will become available, including tips and tricks on how to use your fleet vehicle in more fuel-efficient ways.

The app that comes with your fleet tracking devices will have many different features, each of which will benefit your small business. Your app will be the dashboard for following your fleet vehicles in real-time and seeing just how efficiently your fleet actually runs. Your fleet will be one of the most efficiently running fleets when you use it to track the location and record the mileage of your vehicle.

Why Fleet Tracking is Valuable to a Small Business

Fleet tracking is valuable for your business – large or small. There are plenty of different options available for large fleets, but the truth is that these do not work the same way for small fleets. In fact, small fleets often won’t benefit from using the same solutions that a large fleet does. For that reason, using a solution that is tailor-made to small fleets is the best option for your small business.

The Hidden Value

When you use fleet tracking solutions the proper way, there is a hidden value that you may not know about. These values can result in a quick return, but some benefits take time to really shine. The instant benefits that you will experience are:

  • Being able to see your fleet in real-time on the map
  • Geofence areas with alerts when a vehicle crosses the area
  • Real-time alerts on if your drivers are engaging in risky driving behaviors (idling, hard braking, speeding, etc.)
  • Keep track of maintenance and record the mileage to ensure that maintenance is being done when required

The long-term benefits of using fleet tracking software, especially Fleetr, aren’t always seen right away. Fleetr offers you the benefit of seeing reports on various data collected from your fleet.

  • Historical Data – You can see historical data on your fleet routes, including speed and other information.
  • Driver Data – Some drivers are better than others. The best way to find out how good your drivers are is to track their driving behavior, which Fleetr does and gives you a list of those doing a great job and lets you know who needs improvement.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Who doesn’t want to have a more fuel-efficient fleet? With Fleetr, you can get tips and tricks on what changes to make to be better fuel-efficient. When your fleet is fuel-efficient, you save money – with Fleetr, up to $200 per month per vehicle is what you could be saving.

How Fleetr Adds Value

Fleetr is your small business fleet solution. These fleet tracking solutions only cost $9.99 per month/per fleet vehicle. Your hardware runs off of wireless networks at no added cost to you – making sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

If you need to have better accountability of your fleet, the best way to do so is by being able to see the real-time location of each vehicle, the speed, and the behavior of your drivers. This low-cost solution is easy to install, easy to set up, and practically operates itself.

When your hardware arrives, plug it into the OBD-II port and sync it to the Fleetr app. When you first pay for your subscription, set up your app while the hardware is in the mail (this will make the rest of the setup much easier). Then, when you do receive your hardware in the mail, all you have to do is plug and play (so to speak).

You will find that once you use the Fleetr app and hardware that you can become more involved in your business, not be tethered behind a desk looking at all the data from the day before. You can spend more time talking to customers, handling other business needs, and you may be able to cut down on the use of outside personnel.

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