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What Makes Fleet Vehicle Tracking So Important for Modern Businesses?


GPS Tracking: What Makes Fleet Vehicle Tracking So Important For Modern Businesses

The days of paper logs and misplaced keys are long gone. With new GPS tracking technology, modern businesses can stay updated on the locations and behaviors of their fleet vehicles at all times, allowing them to make better decisions about route efficiency and safety. When operating a fleet vehicle, there’s no replacement for up-to-date information about your drivers’ whereabouts, timeliness, and behavior in the field. If you want to take your fleet vehicle operations to the next level, consider integrating GPS tracking into your business practices.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Save Money, Time, And Fuel

Fleet management solutions can help you save money and time by providing a fleet management software program that integrates GPS tracking systems. GPS vehicle tracking can save fuel, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. Fleet management systems provide fleet management solutions for any business.

The Importance of Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Fleet vehicles are a business’s workhorses. Whether they’re used to transport goods across the country or to deliver mail, there’s a good chance that fleet vehicles are an integral part of your company’s day-to-day operations. That said, it doesn’t take much before you start losing track of your fleet. The average size of a company is between 10 and 50 vehicles, with many more just starting. In this case, they might not have the money necessary to invest in GPS fleet tracking systems – but as far as safety is concerned, it might be worth thinking about.

The 3 Most Important Parts of GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system can be invaluable in managing a company’s fleet of vehicles. This technology allows you to monitor every vehicle on your list’s location, speed, and direction. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll never have to wonder where one of your drivers is again!

  • Mapping out routes and setting up alerts ahead of time helps ensure drivers stick to their designated areas.
  • Locating stolen or missing vehicles has never been easier.
  • Being alerted when a driver exceeds the speed limit or stops unexpectedly will save you from paying fines, fuel surcharges, and unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles.

Ensuring You Get a System That Works for Your Business

It’s important to ensure you get a system that works for your business. You’ll want to do an in-depth assessment of the following factors when choosing a GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

    • Budget:

Starting at $399, there is a GPS solution for everyone. However, higher-priced systems offer advanced features and more robust analytics. It is worth noting that these are not one-time investments; they have the potential to save your company money over time by cutting down on expenses related to fuel, accidents, and maintenance costs.

    • Size:

The size of your fleet will be one of the primary considerations when selecting the best GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your business. Companies with 50 or fewer vehicles will generally require fewer hardware components than fleets with 500 or more vehicles.

How Are Fleet Tracking Systems Installed?

Most fleet tracking systems are installed and activated by a professional installer, who typically installs the hardware and sets up the in-car system. The installation process is relatively quick, usually taking an hour or two to complete. The installer will place the GPS tracker inside a car and connect it to the OBD II (On Board Diagnostic) port, which is located under the dashboard. The tracker and OBDII port are then linked through a wire that connects from under the dashboard and into your car’s glove compartment or console area, where it can be easily accessed. Once installed, whenever you want to view your driver’s location on a map, you can log into your mobile app or website account and see their location in real-time.

How Do GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Work?

Tracking a fleet of vehicles used to be the domain of larger companies with deep pockets. But as GPS technology has become more prevalent, prices have fallen, and any company can invest in its system. When it comes to business use, there are myriad reasons why you might want to track your fleet. Perhaps you’re a delivery service and want to keep tabs on where your drivers are at all times, or perhaps you’re an emergency response team that needs to know where every piece of equipment is when disaster strikes. In any case, GPS systems help business owners save time and money in the long run by letting them see exactly where their assets are anytime they want.

How Does Complete Fleet Management Benefit Companies

Fleet management is one of the most overlooked aspects of business today. Why? The answer can be summed up in three words: it’s not easy. But if you’re a company with a large fleet, managing that fleet can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Your vehicles likely spend most of their time outside your office, driving from job site to job site or from one customer to another – making them difficult to track. GPS tracking solves this problem by allowing you to monitor your vehicles remotely. Installing a GPS tracker into your vehicle gives you access to information such as current location. How fast they’re moving, the direction they’re traveling, and the duration at each location

How Employees Benefit from Tracking Systems

If your employees are using company-owned vehicles to drive their daily routes, GPS tracking may be the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce. Tracking systems allow you to track where your employees are and how much time they spend on each route. You can also monitor their speed and location and set up alerts for traffic violations or other irregularities. Additionally, some GPS systems will show a map of where all of your vehicles are in real time. This can be useful if an employee is late with a delivery or another customer expects a driver at a certain time.

Get Your GPS Tracking Software from Fleetr’s

In this day and age, it’s crucial to know where your vehicles are. This helps business owners make more informed decisions regarding expenses and utilization. Fleetr provides a GPS tracker that is easy to install, affordable, and gives you the information you need. The Fleetr GPS Tracker will provide you with real-time data about the location of your company’s vehicles in an app on any device. Contact us today at 1 (415) 651-7575

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