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What Is The Best Way To Track And Manage Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet managers know how data-specific fleet management is. There is a lot of information that goes into managing a fleet of vehicles, whether the business is composed of a few to several dozen automobiles.

To keep a shop running, company vehicles need constant maintenance and management to ensure the performance of each vehicle is where it needs to be. With that maintenance, the traditional fleet tracking method came from an endless supply of paperwork.

Luckily, there’s been a breakthrough in the fleet management system. Fleetr has come up with a solution to make tracking each company vehicle easier for you and beneficial for your business for multiple reasons with our fleet management software.

It’s the best way to track and manage your fleet vehicles, and here is how you can get started implementing the best technology today.

Why Fleet Management & Tracking Is Important

If you own a trucking shop with vehicles, then you’re likely aware of the necessity of fleet management and tracking. There is a lot that comes with both of these requirements since it’s all about business development.

Fleet management helps to track the overall efficiency of each vehicle the fleet is composed of and make sure the productivity of each vehicle is still up and running. The fleet manager is primarily responsible, but not limited to, the following:

  • Vehicle expense using
  • Preventative maintenance and scheduling necessary repairs
  • Logistics
  • Route scheduling
  • Fuel consumption and strategy to decrease sales on fuel
  • Insurance and accident protection
  • Safety of all drivers

Obviously, with a major fleet, there will be a lot to keep tabs on since each vehicle relies on the information of all of these items. Even with a smaller fleet, it can be difficult to remember which vehicle had what repair and when, how much each vehicle is costing the company, driver safety in all of the vehicles, and fuel consumption since this can be a significant cost.

Fleet tracking uses a management system, like GPS navigation, to monitor where the vehicle is at all times on the route and where the truck goes. Most fleet tracking software shows a lot of data of the real-time use of the trucks and how much fuel consumption there was, demonstrating the driving habits of your drivers, and more. It’s a great tool to see the logistics and performance of your company vehicles and show ways to improve performance.

The traditional fuel management method would have filing cabinets upon filing cabinets loaded with the paperwork of these records in a fleet manager’s office. But with newer fleet management software, all of the vehicle tracking and logistics paperwork can be left to the digital capacity for easier finding, scheduling, and tracking of all vehicles on your fleet.

Fleet management and tracking are vital for a company to find ways to reduce or monitor the costs of each vehicle and continue customer satisfaction. If you have a vehicle that’s down and not running, it can make an impact on your company. It’s also important to have documentation on the performance of each vehicle so you can make necessary repairs or replace the vehicles that are costing your business lots of money.

What Is Fleet Management Software

To help reduce the stress, time, money, and paperwork that fleet management can bring, allow us to introduce fleet management software! This software has come a long way for businesses to bring in-depth data at your fingertips on every vehicle and driver you have in the shop.

In short, these applications help fleet managers schedule repairs or preventative maintenance, organize their records, set up route planning, and see real-time data of each vehicle on the road. The data that these tracking systems can bring you to include:

  • Route planning
  • Repair scheduling (with picture documentation)
  • GPS tracking
  • Store insurance and vehicle information (like license plates/registration)
  • Fuel consumption and expense
  • Driver habits (speeding, accidents, and more)

The more extensive you decide to get with your fleet management software, the more features you can get to benefit your business. This software helps managers to get better oversight of business operations.

With modern fleet management software, you can keep all of the information in an easily accessible location and have options to share information with more than one user, especially for maintenance repairs and route planning. You can easily add drivers or mechanics to the software to be able to see upcoming routes or preventative maintenance coming up to keep everyone organized and up-to-date.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Software

Implementing a fleet management software tool can bring a lot of benefits to your business and job. Here’s what this system can do for your company.

Easier Organization

With everything going digital, it’s a no-brainer! Fleet management software is very in-depth by hosting every piece of information you have on file for all the vehicles in your fleet. Instead of having filing cabinets “organized” with tabs, manilla folders, and paperwork, you can store your information in one system that is easy to use and makes your information easy to find.

Increase Driver Safety

Fleet management systems can also show you real-time data of how your drivers use your vehicles daily en route. With the data such as speeding, safety alerts, and hard braking, you will be able to review data and consult with your drivers about ways to increase safety and improve the road. Since no company wants to deal with accidents on the road and the insurance claims that come with it, you can use the data to train your drivers about better road safety for everyone.

Monitor Fuel-Consumption

With the fluctuating fuel prices, it can be expensive to fill up your tanks constantly, especially if it is preventable from driving or certain repairs. The data that this software can tell you include how much fuel is being used per route. Being able to save money on fuel can make up for more profit for your business when you find ways to monitor the amount of fuel used per vehicle.

Gain Real-Time Insights

While you’re back at the shop, the real-time tracking and insights with fleet management software can benefit your business by showing you exactly where your vehicles are at all times on the road, estimated arrival times, and completion status. As a manager, this allows you to see how your drivers are operating out on the road and help boost customer satisfaction with quicker delivery through careful monitoring.

Schedule Necessary Repairs

Every vehicle will need its repairs and updates from time to time, but it’s important to keep tabs on recent repairs so you can see if any of your trucks are costing you money for consistent updates. The information can also tell you when the oil was changed, or other updates were made to the truck. This data can show you what mechanic performed the update and also have an option to post a picture. While you have the information stored in one place for your records, you can also use this feature for repair scheduling. If you need to schedule an upcoming repair, you can set it up in the app or desktop feature, assign it to a mechanic, and share the repair with other drivers or managers if needed.

What Comes With Fleet Management Software?

The service and plan you choose will depend on what you receive with your fleet management software, but the basic necessities contain scheduling, GPS tracking, and fuel consumption. Most of the time, you will be to use the system on your desktop at work or on your phone and tablet.

Businesses that use fleet management software have the ability to allow several workers to use the system and see notifications for a variety of items, like route planning or coming-up updates.

How To Find The Right Software For Your Fleet

Once you decide to let the benefits of modern technology help take time and stress off your hands, it’s time to start searching for the right software for your fleet. There are a lot of systems out there ready to help fleet management, but you need to find the one that is specific for your company.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the fleet management software you want to use.

One That Fits Your Budget

Every company has a budget. While these systems are out to help you save more money you aren’t aware you’re spending, the price to install and use the system should be considered. Think about the size of your fleet and goals for the future. Most fleet management platforms offer a plan that is priced per vehicle each month, while some offer packages for multiple vehicles.

Shows Real-Time Updates

The whole point of installing and using a fleet management software platform is to be able to see how your vehicles are operating in real-time, not after a while of running. The real-time updates on the right system should show how your drivers are using the vehicles en route and how the vehicle is performing. You should be able to see exactly how the driver is driving on the road and if there are any issues with fuel consumption or repairs that are keeping the truck from operating at its best.

Easy Scheduling & Use

One of the best features your fleet management software should have is easy scheduling and use. Easy compatibility is meant to take off the stress of endless paper filing and skimming through documents to find what you need. Fleet management software platforms make it easy to store all of your important documents in one place and make it easy to search and find the documents you need within seconds. If you need to schedule an upcoming repair or route, most platforms have features for you to set up a notification to send out to mechanics, drivers, or other managers to keep them in the loop.

Contains GPS Navigation & Data

Get ready to meet your next favorite feature. The right system for your company should definitely include GPS navigation and data. While you are in the shop keeping up with the numbers, GPS tracking can show you where your trucks are and the logistics of their performance. This helps you see which vehicles in your fleet operate the best on the road and which ones are costing your company more money and a lack of performance.

How Fleet Management Software Works

Convinced that you should implement a fleet management system? You should! While you may think installing new technology will take time to set up, it actually couldn’t be easier. When you decide to install fleet management software, here’s how it work.

You will receive two different parts for the system: the software and hardware. The hardware piece will be installed in each vehicle you put on your plan and be used for GPS tracking and transmitting information on the vehicle’s operation every time it is in use on the road.

The software will be installed on your computer or phone, and tablet. You will be sent an email containing your login instructions for you to create an account through the system that allows you to use all of the software features. You can add as many people to your plan as you want to be able to see the updates and information on the system.

Once everything is installed and you’re in the system, you can manually transfer the information you have now from your documents, or you can scan each document and upload the information that way. Then you will be able to create notifications, see real-time updates, and use the features that come with the platform.

View Your Drivers En Route

Building driver trust and safety is a must within this industry. How do you know your drivers take care of your equipment, ensure safety on the road, and go where they need to? With our tracking system, you eliminate all doubts.

You will be able to see all of your drivers on the road en route with our hardware tracking system. The data that refreshes every 60 seconds can pinpoint their location on the map, show you their driving speed, and give you a time to see how fast your drivers are making their deliveries.

The data that reports in the system will benefit your business by instilling more driver accountability and helping you promote safer driving on the road. If you find that your drivers are responsible for actions that are resulting in some of your vehicles costing your business more money, you can make adjustments.

Why Your Business Needs Vehicle Tracking

When you are trying to keep up the daily operations of your fleet business, you need to know all of the data surrounding every vehicle that’s a part of your fleet. Vehicle tracking gives you the information you need.

It’s always important to know what areas in your business you can cut corners on the most and what you are spending money on the most. With in-depth vehicle tracking like Fleetr offers, you can see every vehicle and driver operation logistics.

Our vehicle tracking can show you how much you spend per vehicle on repairs and fuel, even downtime. If you see that one driver is speeding or using the vehicle in a way that is costing more fill-ups, you can find a preventative step to take.

It’s our goal to help your business save money. With our colorful data charts and numbers, you’ll be able to see the logistics and make necessary decisions.

GPS Navigation

It can be difficult to know where all of your vehicles are during the day and how they’re performing, especially if you have a bigger shop. Luckily, the GPS tracking feature of your fleet management software can show you the current location of every vehicle you have out, even where they are on the map, and within the geofence, you set up.

When you use the Fleetr GPS navigation system, you will be given a hardware tracking device meant to be placed in each vehicle that works with the GPS software in the app or desktop feature. The hardware system will be installed in the on-board diagnostics port of the vehicle and use cellular networks to transmit the information as the vehicle is in use.

This feature helps to improve the efficiency of the daily operations of your vehicles and improve driver safety by watching how your drivers handle the equipment in real-time.

How The Fleetr Software Works

We promise you will love our integration system and all of its perks! We have designed a program to make tracking your fleet much easier than you’re typically used to.

When you install the Fleetr software, you will have the option of an app and desktop service to use at work or on the go. Have a tablet that you carry around at work? Our app is compatible with that too!

We offer real-time data for you to view that can be refreshed every 60 seconds. Meaning you get to watch your drivers as they travel on their routes daily. Here’s an overview of the great features you can get with our fleet management software:

  • A live-view map of your programmed routes
  • Vehicle activity
  • Trip reports
  • Route history
  • Driver locations
  • Updated fleet performance
  • Create geofences and get alerted when your drivers exit those areas
  • Alerts of driver behavior (speeding, braking, breaking geofence areas, more)
  • View vehicle health and needed repairs
  • Driver leaderboard for driver performance
  • Much, much more!

We make it easy to view your entire fleet’s weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. Our program is built with your business in mind and makes it easier for you to see how your fleet is operating. The great thing about Fleetr? We are out to save your business time and money. Our system only costs $9.99 per vehicle and has a free GPS tracking tool and zero contracts.

Implement Better Fleet Management Today

If you’re tired of having stuffed manilla folders all over your desk or spending hours trying to find one piece of paper telling you when your last oil change was, it’s time to install Fleetr’s fleet management software.

With our fleet software app, you can use this system on your desktop or phone. Our software helps to take the load off your job and make it easier for you to find the information you need in a digital space. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 500 vehicles in your fleet. Our software can manage them all.

The data that Fleetr’s fleet management software tool can show you include cost-saving solutions and colorful data in an easy-to-read layout. With our data, you’ll be able to see how your vehicles are acting daily in real-time and make necessary adjustments for your business.

You can start a free trial (that you will love) by visiting us online or calling us at +1 (415) 651-7575. Let our systems take a load off your job by showing you regularly the numbers and patterns you spend time searching for.

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