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Welcome to Fleetr!

We are excited to partner in your journey towards efficient fleet tracking and driver safety. Please read the following to know what to expect while your devices are on the way!

Step 1:

Please check your email right away, as we have sent out a welcome email and an invoice email.  You will also be receiving an email in the next few days with the tracking number of your devices. Read the welcome email to activate your account and download our app so you are ready to start tracking once your devices arrive.

Step 2:

After a couple of days, you will receive an email with information on the status of your delivery from our support team with a tracking number to know where your devices are.

Step 3:

On the day your devices arrive you will receive one last onboarding email with a video and instructions on where to plug in the OBD II device as well as another onboarding video going over our features and how to get started.

Happy Tracking!

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