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Real-Time Driver & Vehicle Tracking

LiveView Map

Want to know where your drivers are during the day? Track your vehicles and monitor their activity with our easy-to-use LiveView map. 

  • With our LiveView map, you can see in Real-Time the location of every vehicle in your fleet
  • Check to see when your driver is on the move, stopped, idling, or has been disconnected and is off-network
  • You can set after-hour alerts and be alerted when one of your vehicles is moving when it shouldn’t be

Driver Alert Notifications

Fleetr has multiple driver alert notification settings to alert you on everything you need to know about your fleet. 

  • You will receive notifications when your driver is idling, speeding, or hitting the brakes too hard. 
  • Additional alerts for maintenance and after-hour driving alerts. 
  • Alerts are fully configurable
  • Missed some alerts? You can check the Notifications tab to view anything you missed
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