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Time Saving Tips for Service Routes

Your fleet is a part of your business’ infrastructure. You rely on your drivers to complete the services along the routes set without straying from the path. If you haven’t integrated a fleet tracking system, you can’t be sure where your fleet is at any given moment, and you are required to rely on the word of your drivers when they report back.

What if there was an easier way to manage your routes and drivers, monitoring everything from your smart device? You can use GPS tracking software, like Fleetr, to make your fleet more efficient and reduce the time it takes to handle each service route.

How Can GPS Tracking Software Help Service Routes?

GPS tracking software utilizes satellites that are orbiting the Earth. These satellites are constantly communicating with receivers, like smart devices, smartwatches, and even fleet tracking devices. When a receiver can be picked up on at least three satellites, it provides the receiver’s location with pinpoint accuracy.

How Fleet Owners and Managers Use GPS Data

The data that is collected from the tracking software provides the fleet owners and managers with information that can help them increase safety, increase fuel economy, keep up with routine maintenance, and make the fleet more efficient overall.

Part of being efficient in making sure that service routes are being handled the way they are intended. There are five ways that integrating GPS tracking software can help with service routes.

1. Reduces the Amount of Drive Time

Fleet owners and managers can use the historical data to look at the routes drivers have taken in the past. Periodically changing how the routes are driven can help save some much needed time when trying to get from job to job.

For example, suppose a roadway was closed for construction but recently reopened. In that case, it might make the time between stops if the driver takes the previously closed route. The shorter the distance, the less amount of fuel being wasted, and the less time your driver is not working.

2. Prioritize Tasks

You ask that your employees be flexible when it comes to their routes. When new clients enter the picture or an emergency call comes through, adding the stop to the closest driver will save time and money. You and your drivers should discuss their routes periodically to see if tasks can be reorganized to help them save time during their routes.

3. Plan Efficient Routes

Preplanning routes can help save some time while on the road. Preplanning doesn’t mean that something won’t come up. It just means that you can be prepared with a backup plan if it does. Preplanning the routes also presents the opportunity to remain aware of the ongoing road work that might cause delays. Planning these types of details ahead of time can allow the team to be more efficient and mindful of time management.

4. Backup Planning for Traffic

Planning a route to avoid traffic may seem like your fleet will be going out of their way. Still, the cost savings from a couple of blocks will be significantly more than sitting in traffic idling for an hour. Idling is one of the major contributors to poor fuel economy. Having a backup plan never hurts, especially when your fleet has multiple vehicles on the road at any given time.

5. Drivers and Customers End Up Happier

A service route that is planned and saves time is one that makes drivers and customers happier. Customers are being responded to promptly, and the drivers aren’t rushing around trying to figure out their next move. Using a properly planned service route can save time and money, making it possible to facilitate repeat customers.

Why is Saving Time Important?

For fleet owners and managers, the more efficient the business, the more money they are saving. Saving time equals saving money for them, which is why using GPS tracking software can help improve efficiency and reduce the amount of money being thrown away.

Fleets that reduce their times on the road and drive more efficiently can have a fuel savings of up to $200 per month per vehicle. But those aren’t the only benefits you can reap when you choose to use GPS tracking software within your fleet and their service routes.

Vehicle maintenance often determines the lifespan of a fleet vehicle. Fleet vehicles cover many miles, and depending on the type of service route, they may cover hundreds of miles in a day. These miles add up over time, and the need for maintenance becomes more frequent.

How to Choose a GPS Tracking Provider

There are a lot of GPS tracking companies out in the world catering to fleet companies. The logic behind the technology is the same for all of them, you put the device in the OBD II port, and you start driving. Most of the work is done behind the scenes by the provider’s software, but usually, any inputs are done by management.

Some of these companies charge monthly, where others require you to sign up for a subscription to get the best pricing deal. Those that offer subscriptions often require a minimum amount of vehicles in the fleet for tracking. Some may require that you have a minimum of 115 vehicles in your fleet to receive a specific rate. Many of the month-to-month companies require a flat rate per vehicle per month – with a cancel anytime sort of agreement.

Now you know that you want to invest in GPS tracking for your fleet, you know the type of payment you want to make, know the number of vehicles within your fleet, and now the last question is, who do you choose?

Fleetr Helps Owners and Managers Save Time and Money

Fleetr is a unique company offering owners and managers the time management services they want at prices they can afford. Fleetr offers a month-to-month GPS tracking software for your fleet that plugs into the OBD II port and connects with the app on any compatible smart device. Fleetr caters to small fleets, so no more than 100 devices can be requested.

Fleetr is Affordable and Provides Driver Insight

Do you ever wish that you had that angel on your shoulder telling you what to do? Fleetr is that angel for these business owners and managers. The company provides affordable rates to clients ($12.99 per month per vehicle) with the option to cancel at any time. The only catch to cancelation is that you send back the device from your vehicle.

With Fleetr, owners and managers have access to real-time data plus historical data all on their smart devices. Push notification alerts come through when a driver shows signs of risky driving behaviors, which allows for instant rectifying of the incidence. Weekly reports show the overall efficiency of the fleet with tips on how to improve and save money. Both efficiency and drivers have been assessed a score in these reports. Anything over 67 is considered good, but if the number falls below 33, then immediate attention needs to be paid to the area.

Purchasing Fleetr GPS Tracking Software

Deciding if Fleetr is the GPS tracking service you want is the hardest part of the entire process. Once you have decided, the steps going forward are fairly easy. On the main webpage, click ‘BUY NOW’ at the top. You will be navigated to a payment portal page where your process starts. Enter the number of devices you need, fill out the information, and submit your payment. From there, Fleetr sends you your devices through the mail.

Once you receive your devices, typically three to five days from purchase, you can download the Fleetr app. This app is the epicenter of the Fleetr devices. All information will be available to you for each device, vehicle, and driver, once you set it up.

Plug the Fleetr devices into the OBD II ports of your fleet and begin driving. Real-time data allows you to see where your fleet is and can even tell you if they are speeding. Weekly you get your comprehensive reports, including efficiency and driver ranking.

Why You Need Fleetr for GPS Tracking During Service Routes

It is impossible for you to physically be with every fleet driver at every moment during the day. Fleetr makes it possible for you to be there digitally. With the real-time data showing the vehicle’s speed, location, and current operating status, you can rest assured that your fleet is being monitored.

Using Fleetr reports and data, you can begin to make necessary changes within your fleet to save time and, in turn, save money. Your Fleetr app gives you all the tools you need to create an efficient service route layout for your drivers and provides the feedback you need to tell your drivers how they can improve when they are on the roadways.

Fleetr provides an affordable option to the biggest problem that owners and managers of fleet vehicles face, all for $12.99 per month per vehicle. When you think of the fuel savings you could see (up to $200 per vehicle per month) while using Fleetr, the units practically pay for themselves!

So what are you waiting for? You can get started with Fleetr today and possibly be ready to start tracking your fleet and making necessary changes within a week!

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