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The Most Cost-Effective Fleet Tracking Solutions for Small Businesses

You own or manage a small fleet of vehicles that support your business. We know that your fleet is important to you because it is the heart of your business. One way to maximize your business fleet’s potential is by investing in GPS tracking devices for your fleet. Through these tracking solutions, you can learn how to make your fleet more cost-efficient, promote safety, and better maintain your vehicles.

What Are Fleet Tracking Solutions for Small Businesses?

Fleet tracking solutions provide software and devices that perform as a management system through GPS, tracking business assets like fleet vehicles and their drivers. These solutions can determine the real-time location for these vehicles and provide owners and managers with additional information, including speed, driving habits, and the travel duration. All this can be used to help with the fleet’s overall efficiency.

How Fleet Tracking Solutions Work

Fleet tracking solutions use GPS to provide real-time locations for vehicles in a fleet. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which uses satellites that orbit the Earth and is owned by the United States government.

GPS satellites communicate with special receivers found in devices like cell phones and fleet tracking devices. When three or more satellites receive the device’s signal, it can pinpoint the receiver’s location with almost certain accuracy.

Fleet Tracking Platform

When you integrate a fleet tracking solution, you also receive the platform you will use to interpret all of the data collected. This platform provides an in-depth look at your fleet’s driving habits, the behaviors that may be unsafe, how to cut costs and increase fuel efficiency, and keeping track of fleet maintenance schedules. In most circumstances, this platform comes to you in a smart device compatible application. Letting you manage your fleet from wherever you are.

  • Fleet tracking promotes safety – Fleet tracking can help promote higher levels of safety within a fleet. Risky driving behavior can put your fleet drivers and other people on the road at risk. Incidents of speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and sharp turns create potential hazards, leading to dangerous situations.
  • Fleet tracking and routine maintenance – Using fleet tracking devices and software can help keep a routine maintenance schedule on track for your vehicles. Set reminders for oil changes, monitor battery life and watch the mileage being put on your vehicle, all from your smart device. Keeping up on maintenance can help extend the life of your fleet.
  • Fleet tracking facilitates fuel economy – One of the highest expenditures that a fleet manager faces is the fuel required to run a fleet. Using fleet tracking solutions has the potential to lower fuel costs by increasing efficiency. These tracking solutions can monitor bad fuel wasting habits like speeding, idling, and hard braking.

The data collected on all of these areas are often used to create reports for you to increase safety, schedule routine maintenance, and save money with a better fuel economy. These tracking devices and software platforms often require a subscription or monthly payment to use.

How To Determine A Tracking Solution is Cost-Effective

For the most part, paying monthly for these services is worth it, given the amount of savings available when you utilize the data you are provided. If you are unsure about the pricing you have been quoted for your fleet, you may want to take a step back and look at your current finances.

What can you afford extra per month right this second? Can you afford to pay two to three months worth of your monthly fee to the provider before seeing any significant savings? You have to think about the present before you can think about the future. Once you know you have enough excess funds to support starting your fleet tracking solution, you can start the process of determining the best candidates.

How To Choose a GPS Tracking Provider

When You are looking for the right GPS tracking provider for your fleet, you need to look at your business needs compared to what the provider can offer you. Start by making a list of the things you want from a fleet tracking provider:

  • Do they cater to small businesses?
  • Are they affordable?
  • Do they require an extended contract?
  • Is there a fee if I cancel?
  • What do their ratings look like?
  • How can they make my small business more efficient?

With these questions in front of you, begin looking at providers who may be able to provide you with these things. What is the most important thing you are looking for from these providers?

Part of picking a fleet tracking provider is their ability to make your fleet more efficient and be there for you when you have questions. Looking at how customer service is handled might be the tiebreaker you need to determine which is the better fit for your fleet.

Customer service can be a significant part of your choice, especially if you have never used software like this before. There is bound to be at least one thing that goes wrong, mainly because technology can be fickle at times, but you will want someone available to help you when you need it.

Why Small Businesses Need Fleet Tracking Solutions

Truthfully, small businesses are already the ones who have to work harder to show that they are meant to succeed in the big business world. If you own a small business fleet, you know the competitors from large franchises that you have to contend with just to keep customers coming to you – “small town Joe.”

Management in these businesses often work day and night trying to keep up with paperwork, customer requests, keeping track of fleet vehicle maintenance, and the list goes on. What if there was a way for the business to be cost-effective and efficient at the same time? That is where Fleetr comes to the rescue.

What is Fleetr?

Fleetr is your answer for affordable fleet tracking solutions. Fleetr caters to small business owners who are looking for a better way to manage their fleet. Using GPS satellites and wireless cellphone towers, Fleetr makes it possible to see real-time information for each vehicle it is installed on – 100 max.

How Does Fleetr Work?

Fleetr works through a GPS tracking software that is installed in each vehicle’s OBD II port. The device can collect information about the vehicle from this port and transfer the information back to you. Using the dedicated Fleetr application on your smart device, you can access real-time information such as speed, location, current drive status, and more.

Each week you receive a comprehensive report that will give you tips on how your fleet can be more efficient. You will also receive a driver ranking, letting you know who is the best driver and who you need to worry about. All scores are on a scale of 100, and anything above 67 is considered efficient. If there are any scores that are below 33, immediate attention is needed in that area.

For the driver score, the amount of time they spend driving, their driving habits, and other data go into compiling the score. The same applies to efficiency – drivers have a leading role in how the fuel economy reacts to situations like bad driving habits and other mishaps.

How Can Fleetr Be Purchased?

If you click the ‘BUY NOW’ link on the Fleetr webpage, you will be redirected to the payment portal. Once on this payment portal, you will be asked how many devices you need. You will then continue to your personal information and then submitting payment. Once the payment has been submitted, Fleetr boxes up the number of devices you need and ships them to you. You should receive them about three to five days after the payment has been submitted.

How Much Does Fleetr Cost?

Unlike other larger fleet tracking companies, Fleetr does not require an extended service contract to take part in fleet tracking benefits. We mentioned that Fleetr is affordable, right? What if I told you that your device would likely pay for itself with all the savings you are going to accrue?

Fleetr can be yours, the small business fleet owner or manager, for $12.99 per device per month. No strings are attached. You get real-time GPS tracking for one low monthly payment per vehicle. The only obligation you are under is if you cancel the service, you must ship back your devices. There are no penalties for canceling after you begin using Fleetr.

On the first of each month, you are charged for your Fleetr devices. You can add additional devices or remove existing ones by contacting customer service. Credits will not be reflected until your next billing cycle.

What Ways Can Fleetr Be Contacted?

Fleetr makes it possible for you to be connected with their knowledgeable staff. They offer email, live chat, and even phone number support options. You can even submit an inquiry through an online form within their webpage. Fleetr always looks forward to hearing from current or potential customers. Fleetr is proud to serve over 20,000 connected vehicles as of 2020. The team believes in data-driven, safe mobility that improves Fleetr clients’ operations.

Why Fleetr is The Best Choice For Small Business Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleetr is a leader in the industry of GPS tracking solutions for small business fleets. With Fleetr’s GPS tracking and fleet management services, you will be able to see a difference in just a short time. Fleetr wants to help make your fleet more efficient by giving you the tips you need to increase your savings by decreasing your fuel costs, prolonging your fleet’s life through maintenance scheduling, and keeping you and your assets safe. You can have all of this for only $12.99 per month per vehicle.

Choosing Fleet Tracking Solutions For Small Business Fleets

Now that you know what you need to look for to make your fleet more efficient, in a cost-efficient manner, choosing the right fleet tracking solution for your small business shouldn’t be too hard. If you are still not quite sure which provider you should choose, look at the facts:

  • Fleetr does not require a long-term contract and is $12.99 per month per vehicle
  • Fleetr provides exceptional customer service through email, phone, and live chat
  • Fleetr is easy to use and requires no special programming or knowledge about vehicles to use
  • Fleetr helps small businesses save money, drive safer, and prolongs the life of the fleet by ensuring maintenance schedules are followed
  • Fleetr provides comprehensive weekly reports that provide fleet efficiency tips

One of the most important things about Fleetr – they are specifically designed for you, the small business fleet owner, or manager. You can find all your cost-efficient fleet tracking solutions when you begin your journey with Fleetr.

If you find yourself with questions, you can reach out to the sales team at or by phone at (415) 651-7575. Representatives are always happy to help answer any questions you may have about the Fleetr product and their approach to fleet tracking solutions for small businesses.

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