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Putting Systems in Place for Effective Fleet Management

It is the priority of every business operation to find the most efficient and convenient management system while at the same time being compliant with the statutory requirements and regulations. This requirement is crucial, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles. Keeping up with your fleet most efficiently and legally might be challenging; however, a fleet management program can work best in ensuring all business operations are in order and planned.

It can be the best idea to opt for a fleet tracking software – for those with experience in fleet tracking, no one beats the Fleetr fleet management program. It is a reliable fleet management service company with a good reputation in tracking fleet management services. Let’s find out more about them.

What is Fleet Management Software?

The fleet management system is the program put in place to get a fleet running within time bounds, on budget, and efficiently. It incorporates GPS tracking software and a device installed in your vehicles that communicate to provide data and all valuable fleet information. The fleet manager receives alerts, gets insight into the driver’s behavior, the vehicle’s performance, and historical data. With a fleet management system in place, you’ll ensure statutory compliance, efficiency, and cost-effective operations within your business operation.

The tracking element of fleet management uses GPS networks to track your vehicle’s navigation. This mechanism is how they work. GPS are the numerous satellites moving around the earth and communicating with receivers on the ground. When more than three satellites point at one receiver, the exact geographical position is known. This mechanism helps keep track of your fleet as it moves from one point to another, ensuring your business operation is efficient and successful.

What is Fleetr?

Fleetr is a reputable company in the tracking and management of fleet vehicles. With Fleetr, you can view all your vehicles on a live-view map, keep track of the driver’s behavior and performance, receive alerts on crucial moments, and manifest in the drivers’ and vehicles’ safety.

The program also lets you keep track of fuel usage and the historical report on the fleet performance weekly, monthly, and yearly. The tracking service solves the hefty workload of fleet managers attempting to keep track of their fleet. It does not lessen the time taken to get the job done but instead helps you choose the best fleet management system depending on your business structure.

Basically, Fleetr fits both large businesses and small fleet management. It incorporates a small affordable service fee that suits any business structure. The installation process is also effortless and takes a maximum of five minutes to get the job done. Get yours today.

What Vehicle Data Can You Get From Fleetr?

Fleetr offers several fleet management services, including vehicle tracking, all aimed at improving fleet services’ efficiency, compliance, and cost-effective operation.

Below is a list of what you should expect from Fleetr.

  • View your fleet vehicles on a live-view map.
  • Customize a geofence or several. You’ll get alerts when your fleets enter or exit these designated zones.
  • Get alerts on your drivers’ driving behaviors and performance. You’ll get alerts when drivers overspeed, apply harsh brakes, and when they enter or exit geofenced zones.
  • Get an insight into the drivers’ and vehicles’ efficiency and safety by monitoring what they do with the leaderboard.
  • Monitor all vehicles history by accessing their activities, routes followed, drivers’ locations, and trip reports.
  • Get up-to-date information about fleets’ performance and efficiency in their daily operations.
  • Get insight into the vehicle’s conditions to know when they require servicing or repair.

Fleetr is the right equipment you need to keep your fleet moving. It offloads the high paperwork needed for fleet managers by simplifying the task. The GPS tracker installed on your fleet’s vehicles communicates with the mobile application on your device. You receive alerts on the driver’s performance, routes taken, trip history, and driving behaviors.

These analytics and information are crucial in achieving a service-oriented mindset for your drivers. You can also use the data to get an insight into the individual performance of the drivers in abiding by the company’s rules and efficiency in delivering services. The general result is improved fleet management and performance, which can also improve the drivers’ performance.

Fleet management solutions also ensure the safety of all your vehicles and drivers. An effective fleet management solution will let you know when a driver speeds, applies brakes inappropriately, enters, or exists in geofenced areas. You’ll also cut on unnecessary costs incurred during fleet operations. This practice promotes a cost-effective business operation.

How Does Fleetr Work?

To get Fleetr fleet tracking and management services, you can call 1(415) 651-7575 to inquire and arrange for service installation. You only need to pay the $9.99 fee for every vehicle managed. There are no contracts or initiation fees. Besides free GPS tracking, you also get to enjoy free shipping coverage.

Once you’ve called the customer service number, they will arrange to visit your business locality. Their technicians will install OBD II Plug-in devices in all the vehicles you want to track. This installation process will take a maximum of five minutes. The GPS tracking service will be done online.

You’ll also need to download the Fleetr app from Google Play Store or Apple App store, where you’ll keep track of the vehicles. From this application in your fleet management devices, you’ll receive alerts on your drivers’ and fleet’s behavior and performance. The application is compatible with Android and iOS Operating Systems – and you can use it on phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

After installing the application and activating the service, you’ll be able to keep track of your fleet navigation. The GPS tracker will allow you to analyze the trip history of your fleet. You will get the real-time location of your vehicles, and the driving behaviors of your drivers as the program will update you every 60 seconds. You will also monitor the vehicles’ performance and condition to provide the services they need.

In addition, the company has friendly customer service that is always ready to respond to your inquiries. You can call the toll-free number (1 (415) 651-7575) to confirm anything if you are not sure. You can also visit their website at to learn more about their services.

Why Fleetr Management Software Is the Best Fleet Management Solution

There are several fleet management software established to manage the efficiency of fleets. None of the software is identical to another, and both operate differently. Some of these fleet management operations operate large fleets, while some manage small fleets for small businesses. However, due to experience, established reputation, and efficiency in their services, Fleetr has become one of the best fleet management software you’ll ever find.

The first benefit of working with this fleet management platform is that they have a low service fee. For every vehicle, you only need to pay $9.99. Secondly, you won’t pay the initiation fee when installing their GPS tracking software. Everything is done free of charge. You’re also free to enter and leave as they do not require any contract between the two parties.

Customer service is a very crucial factor in any business operation. Fleetr management has made this feature a top priority in their management activities. An online customer care service helps you instantly whenever you need help. Once you log in to the website, on the bottom right corner of the website’s interface, you’ll see a banner written: “We are online; how may I help you today?” This interface is where you should get your help while browsing their website. You can also call the management directly through mobile number 1 (415) 651-7575. The customer care service ensures everything is good and running.

The company also has an established reputation for serving its clients. The clients’ online reviews talk for themselves. They have enough knowledge of the locality and the specific needs of businesses within these zones. So, by choosing Fleetr management services, you rest assured that all your fleet management concerns are sorted effectively.

Nothing feels comfortable like seeing a business succeeding with all the activities going on as planned. Daily fleet management involves a lot of paperwork as fleet managers manage the fleet all day long. This condition may bring about fatigue, which may further reduce the production of the business. High fuel costs and frequent vehicle repair and servicing due to poor driving behaviors result in high expenses that deter the business. Those who have turned to Fleetr have experienced a dynamic change in their fleet management within their business and would any day recommend Fleetr as the right fleet management solution.

How to Reach Fleetr

You can contact Fleetr management by phone using the mobile number 1 (415) 651-7575 to inquire about their fleet management systems or schedule to implement fleet management. You can also visit their website by browsing

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